Pro-Al-Qaeda Media Outlet Incites French Protesters To Kill Authorities: 'Killing A French Soldier Or Police Officer Is Better For Us Than Sending You To The Land Of Jihad'

July 1, 2023

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On June 29, 2023, the pro-Al-Qaeda Al-Nusra Foundation for Media Productions released a poster inciting French protesters to kill police officers and soldiers during ongoing nationwide demonstrations. France has been roiled by days-long protests and riots over the death of a French teenager, who was shot at close range by a police officer during a traffic stop on June 27.[1]

"Killing A French Soldier Or Police Officer Is Better For Us Than Sending You To The Land Of Jihad"

The poster, released by the Al-Nusra Foundation on the Al-Qaeda-operated Rocket.Chat server, depicted a riotous scene and featured text that read: "Oh, free demonstrators in France... You must use hand grenades [or, handheld bombs], for killing a French soldier or police officer is better for us than sending you to the land of jihad."

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"Crusader France Is Burning From Demonstrations By Young Muslims"

The Al-Nusra Foundation has released several posters in response to French protests. Earlier on the same day, June 29, the pro-Al-Qaeda outlet released a poster heralding the violent nature of some demonstrations in the country.

The poster read: "Crusader France is burning, thanks be to Allah, from demonstrations by young Muslims in numerous cities and the demonstrators are burning and occupying the buildings of provinces and regions, police headquarters, and prisons. Allah increase and bless [them]."

"Thieving, Criminal" France Exploits African Resources

On June 30, the Al-Nusra Foundation published an infographic titled, "They Deceived You by Saying Great Powers," which disparaged France for being a "thieving and criminal country" that exploits African resources.

The infographic featured quotes attributed to former French Presidents François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac, which claimed that without Africa "France would have no history in the 21st century" and would "descend to the rank of a third world country."

The infographic then listed how a variety of French essential products are sourced – "stolen" or "exploited" – from African countries, such as Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, and others.

"They deceived you by saying [they are] great powers," the infographic's ending text read, continuing, "but in reality, they are thieving, criminal countries, which are built on theft, plunder, deception, treachery, and occupation."



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