Posters Calling To Target Christians, Give Them 'A Bloody Christmas' Released By Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Indonesian Media Outlet

December 23, 2021

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A pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet that publishes mainly Indonesian-language content released[1] seven posters depicting ISIS operatives perpetrating terror attacks in Western countries, specifically during the Christian holidays. The captions on the posters incite ISIS supporters in Western countries to attack and terrorize Christians, especially during the Christmas season. 

One poster shows a knife-wielding ISIS fighter inside a church with a dead Santa Claus figure lying next to him, and is titled, "You must fight them, o Muwaheed!!"[2] The words, "Bloody Christmas" appear at the bottom of the poster.

Another poster shows the shadowed figure of a fighter holding a rocket launcher on his shoulder against the backdrop of a church in flames. It is titled, "Die In Your Rage," with the words: "Very A Scary Christmas [sic]" appearing in the center of the poster. The text below reads, "O Crusaders, just as you burn the houses of the Muslims in the Islamic State, we will burn your houses and churches, we will make a scary Christmas. Indeed, the army of Allah will not forget to attack you and will create a blazing fire in your country. So wait, indeed we are waiting with you."

A third poster depicts a blurred image of a Christmas tree and an ISIS fighter brandishing a knife behind a Santa Claus figure. The text on the poster reads, "O Muwaheed, Kill Them Wherever You Find Them," and "Bloody Christmas."

The text on four additional posters is in Indonesian. One poster is Christmas-themed and shows Santa Claus in the crosshairs of a gun. The title reads, "Fight The Unbeliever," and the text is a quote from the Quran (9:29) which states that a Muslim should fight those who do not believe in Allah, the Hereafter, do not forbid what Allah and his Messenger have forbidden and do not practice the true religion. People of the Book [Christians and Jews] must remain in submission and pay the jizya [tax on non-Muslim subjects] obediently."

Another poster in Indonesian bears a quote from the second Caliph 'Umar Bin Al-Khattab encouraging Muslims to stay away from Jews and Christians, enemies of Allah, during their holidays, for the wrath of Allah will befall them, and it will also befall the Muslims who are with them.

The last two Indonesian-language posters recently released by the group are not related to Christmas. One shows the image of a fighter holding a rifle and is captioned with a hadith about the need to fight for Allah and the humiliation which awaits those who disobey Him.  

The final poster released in this batch portrays an ISIS operative wearing explosives, and images of targets in the crosshairs of a weapon, and is titled "FIGHT THEM – Target the Crusaders and their churches until they submit to Islam or pay jizya." The text reads, "How do you allow the infidels to sleep soundly in their homes while Muslim women and children tremble in fear from the roar of the crusaders over their heads day and night? How can you enjoy life and sleep while you do not help your brothers and do not cast fear into the hearts of the crusaders, and do not retaliate?"

The outlet responsible for these posters is one of several pro-ISIS media outlets that have been established in recent years to spread the group’s ideology across the world. It apparently began operations in late April 2021,[3] and since then has been publishing translations of jihadi news reports, infographics, and publications from official and unofficial ISIS media outlets. The media center also produces its own propaganda posters such as those which appear above. In November 2021, the group released six Indonesian-language posters praising recent ISIS operations in Afghanistan and Africa, which feature violent imagery and cite Quranic verses to justify and incite violence, encourage fighters, and honor martyrs.[4] Recent posters have also incited jihadis in Europe to carry out attacks in the countries which are members of the U.S.-led Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.[5]


[1], December 22, 2021.

[2] The word literally means "monotheist" but it is used in jihadi circles as a synonym for "Muslim believer."

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