Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine (PFLP) Calls For Escalating 'Struggle' By Targeting U.S. Embassies, Interests, And Military Bases In Region; Says U.S. 'Will One Day Pay Price' For Its 'Unqualified Support' Of Israel

December 6, 2023

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The Central Media Department of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) issued a series of press releases in Arabic on its Telegram channel, condemning the U.S. Administration's accusations of that Israeli hostages were mistreated, saying that such attacks aim to defame the Palestinian resistance factions and justify the ongoing "genocide" of the Palestinian people. The PFLP called for targeting U.S. interests, embassies, and military bases in the region, saying the U.S. is "spearhead of the aggression" in the Gaza Strip.

The PFLP, designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. State Department, is a secular Palestinian Marxist–Leninist and revolutionary socialist organization which belongs to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), although it considers both the Fatah-led government in the West Bank and the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip illegal since neither has held elections for years.[1]

President Biden's Claims That Israeli Hostages Were Mistreated Aim To Justify 'Genocide' Of Palestinians

In a December 6, 2023 press release, the PFLP argued that the "slanderous accusations" that Israeli hostages were mistreated in captivity, "propagated by war criminal Joseph Biden" against the Palestinian resistance factions, are an "attempt to justify the genocide of the Palestinian people." It stated that the Palestinian resistance has never brought to trial any Israeli prisoners "even for crimes they committed" against Palestinians, saying that prisoners have always been considered to be part of swap deals to liberate Palestinian prisoners.

It continued: "The U.S. Administration, its criminal army, and its Zionist war criminal allies, are well aware of their history and dark record, replete with these type of violations and crimes." The statement implored all international organizations to send delegations to the Gaza Strip to stand up to Israeli "crimes" and document them in order to later "prosecute" Israeli officials and U.S. President Biden.

The press release concluded by issuing clear threats to U.S. interests, calling for an escalation of the "struggle" and for targeting U.S. interests, besieging U.S. Embassies, and attacking bases housing U.S. forces.[2]

Palestinians Will Thwart Plans To Displace Them; Egypt Can Support Such Efforts By Breaking The Siege On Gaza

Also on December 6, the PFLP declared that the Palestinian people will confront Israel's "projects of displacement," claiming that Israel's "escalation of bombardment massacres," and its "war of extermination" are an attempt to push Palestinians toward southern Gaza Strip, as a step towards the implementation of a "dangerous plan."

It further stressed that Palestinians are aware of the "seriousness of the conspiracy" and are determined to confront and thwart Israel's "displacement conspiracies." It warned against coordinating or being open to Israel's alleged plans to displace the Palestinians. Noting Egypt's initial rejection of displacing Gazans, the PFLP called on the country to continue its effort to stop the war and break the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and allow the flow of aid to the Strip, saying that this will boost Gazans' "ability and steadfastness in thwarting displacement plans."[3]

The U.S. Administration Has Become Israel's Mouthpiece, Espouses Israeli "Fabrications" And Legitimizes "Imminent Crimes" In Southern Gaza Strip

Is a statement on December 5, the PFLP condemned U.S. State Department remarks , saying they are an attempt to "beautify the ugly face of the occupation and promote its fabrications," adding that the U.S. Administration has become Israel's "military spokesman."

"The criminal U.S. Administration has turned into a military spokesman for the Zionist entity, which reaffirms that it is an essential partner in the war of extermination and the horrific brutal massacres [Israel] is committing in the Gaza Strip."

The statement further stressed that U.S. State Department's claims that the evacuation of Gazans aims to prevent civilian casualties is a "blatant" attempt to legitimize the "imminent massacres" in the southern Gaza Strip, noting that the U.S. State Department contradicted itself by saying that it also anticipates more civilian casualties.

The PFLP concluded its statement by stressing that the U.S. will remain the peoples' "number one enemy" and the "most criminal face of evil in the world," adding: "One day, it will pay the price for its crimes against the people and for its unqualified support for the Zionist entity. The time of reckoning will inevitably come."[4]

In early November 2023, the PFLP issued similar releases, making overt threats to U.S. interests in retaliation for the U.S. Administration's perceived "complete partnership and full coordination" with Israel to commit "heinous crimes" in the Gaza Strip.[5]


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