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Pakistani Cleric Khabeebur Rehman Qazi Says: 'Allah Has Ordered Muslims To Take Up Weapons And Has Ordered The Use Of Weapons Against Unbelievers'

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Maulana Mufti Khabeebur Rehman Qazi, preacher in the Department of Preaching of Pakistani jihadi organization Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM), addressed a series of religious gatherings in the city of Sahiwal in Pakistan's Punjab province.

According to a report in the JeM's weekly Haftroza Al-Qalam, Qazi delivered four speeches over a three-day trip to the city where he urged Muslims to offer daily prayers and join jihad. The radical cleric rued the fact that not many Muslims are taking up arms.

"Muslims! We see a large mass of Muslims in the world today, rather an ocean full of waves. But everyone desists from taking up the sword. Rather, some Muslims consider it below their dignity to hold weapons in [their] hands," the preacher told his audiences.

"Allah has ordered Muslims to take up weapons and has ordered the use of weapons against unbelievers. However, only that Muslim whose heart has the strength of faith can raise a weapon against an unbeliever," he said, adding: "The sword is raised due to the strength of faith."

Qazi said: "Our Prophet [Muhammad] has taught us that the sword should be raised against kafirs, for the defense of Muslims, for the defense of our religion, and for the enforcement of the religion of Islam on this earth. All praise be to Allah, the mujahideen are fully performing this duty."

Source: Haftroza Al-Qalam, March 1-7, 2019.