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In New Video Released Via Twitter And Posted On YouTube,, And Other Platforms, French-Speaking ISIS Fighter Threatens ISIS Attacks On Western Countries, Especially France

On February 3, 2015, the Islamic State's (ISIS) Barakah province, in the northeastern Syria governorate of Hasakah, released a video titled "A Message to the Sons of My People – Make France Explode 2" (Faites Exploser la France). The video, posted on YouTube and distributed via Twitter by Nineveh Media (@i1s1l1a1m), is the second video of a series; the first was released December 20, 2014.[1]

The video features a French-speaking ISIS fighter issuing threats in French against France and Western countries. He delivers the message while standing in open field with six other fighters in front of an ISIS flag. Praising the January attacks in Paris by jihadi fighters linked to Al-Qaeda and ISIS, he urges Muslims living in France to emigrate to "the Caliphate," saying that this is their land. If they cannot do that, he says, they should carry out attacks in France itself by any means possible; he suggests, for example, stabbing a police officer, stealing his weapon, and using it to kill a soldier and take his weapon as well. At the end of his message, the fighter issues threats against France and other Western countries, saying that ISIS soldiers are ready to confront "the infidels" in their own countries. Brandishing a sword, he vows that ISIS soldiers will cut off the heads of those who insult Islam.

The message is preceded by images of newspaper reports on the first video of the series, which went by the same title, as well as by media footage of the Paris attacks, in order to show that the desired effect of instilling fear was achieved.

ISIS supporters are intensively circulating this video via Twitter, using popular hashtags now trending in France such as #JeSuisCharlie, #StopDjihadisme, and others. They linked to the video posted on YouTube and other platforms, where it was deleted several times as soon as it was posted, and now ISIS sympathizers are distributing it by sharing links to it on[2] and Mediafire, where, as of this writing, it is still online.

Following are excerpts from the message:

"Come and join the Islamic State. Come and join the Caliphate... Know that this country is your country… Join us brothers...

"Special message to our soldiers who are still on the ground [in Europe]... Now you must take action, it is your duty, it's an order of the Prophet...  They have once again drawn a cartoon of our Prophet... Will you let this happen? Do not give up, and above all do not lay down your weapons. Do not turn yourself in. Kill. Today this is our da'wa [call]: kill, kill. You now have over four million targets [i.e. participants in the January 11 solidarity march following the attacks] … So kill a policeman with a knife, take his gun, and kill a soldier, take his rifle and throw yourself in the way of your Lord..

"Message to [French President François] Hollande, doormat of the Jews and of [reformist French Imam of Drancy Hassan Al-]Chalghoumi[3] and [Mufti, Great Mosque of Paris rector, and French Council of the Muslim Faith president Dalil] Boubakeur, the leaders of hypocrisy… These operations will not stop, by Allah, I swear they will not cease. And our soldiers number in the thousands on the land you govern…

"These operations will continue until the day when you, exhausted and humiliated, will release our brothers and sisters from prison, and will give them new passports and send them on to the lands of the hijra and jihad. You people of France, how long you will risk your skin to defend values which are not [real]?… Where are these pseudo-values, such as human rights, when Muslims' rights are violated in Central Africa, Somalia, and Chechnya?...

"Be ready, for our soldiers are ready, and you will end up facing them... Your blood will continue to flow... You dare to defy us. Know that these operations will not be the last, and that this is not the last you will see of the Muslim people as long as your heads are still on your bodies."

He punctuates these last words by brandishing a sword.


[2] For more on jihadis' use of, read MEMRI reports here.

[3] For more on Chalghoumi, read MEMRI reports here.