Message From ISIS Spokesman Shaykh Abu Umar Al-Muhajir In Issue 27 Of ISIS Magazine 'Sawt Al-Hind': 'Bayt Al-Maqdis [Jerusalem] Will Only Be Freed By The Hands Of The Muwahideen And The Worshipers Of Allah, The Mujahideen'

May 16, 2022

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The latest issue of the pro-Islamic State (ISIS) English-language monthly magazine Sawt Al-Hind ("The Voice of India") included an English translation of a message from ISIS spokesman Shaykh Abu Umar Al-Muhajir calling on jihadi fighters to "bring back the killings, the stabbings, and the running over" of the unbelievers, and warns that Jerusalem "will only be freed by the hands of the muwahideen [Islamic monotheists] and the worshipers of Allah, the mujahideen, not by the hands of the Tawagheet [tyrants]."

Ansarul Khilafah in Hind ("The Aiders of the Caliphate in India") publishes Sawt Al-Hind, whose latest issue, Issue 27, was released via social media on Eid-ul-Fitr, which in 2022 was on May 2 and which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

The inclusion of the translation of Shaykh Abu Umar Al-Muhajir's message is an example of how the message was translated into various languages, including Urdu, Hindi, and Bengali languages spoken in "Hind," a term jihadis use to refer to a region that includes Pakistan, Kashmir, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.

Following is the text of Al-Muhajir's message:

"The Men Of The Islamic State... Have Revealed... That [Tyrant Muslim Regimes] Are Mere Puppets Controlled By The Crusaders And The Jews"

"To the lions and the best of the best, the soldiers and leaders, the mujahideen of the State of Islam, we deliver to you the greetings of Emir-ul-Momineen and the Khalifah [caliph] of the Muslims, Shaykh Mujahid Abul Hasan Al-Hashimi Al-Qurayshi, may Allah protect him. We say to you, may Allah bless you and your jihad and your obedience, your unity and your rushing to give bay'a [oath of allegiance] to the Emir-ul-Momineen warmed our hearts and angered the hearts of the enemies and shamed them. May Allah be pleased with you and reward you the best of rewards. Go on as Allah as ordered you, defend his supporters and fight his enemies.

"Let everyone know that Bayt Al-Maqdis [i.e., Jerusalem] will only be freed by the hands of the muwahideen [Islamic monotheists] and the worshipers of Allah, the mujahideen, not by the hands of the Tawagheet [tyrants] and their followers, the slaves of politics, benefits, and desires who change their principles according to what their masters tell them.

"The only principle they never change is their enmity toward Islam and Muslims and their war against the worshipers of Allah the muwahideen. The men of the Islamic State, may Allah glorify it, have revealed their nakedness and their lies, and showed the people their agency and kufr [unbelief], that they are mere puppets controlled by the Crusaders and the Jews.

"To every brave lion and zealous man, we advise you and invite you and ask you, by Allah the highest, not to tire or bore from continuously working to free your brothers and sisters, wherever they are [in prisons], and not to let a day pass without planning and preparing to free them, either by force or by ransom. Do not feel hopeless and do not spare any effort. Seek out those who hurt them, and torment them to be made an example."

"Stand Up, O Zealous Men... [Go] To The Fields Which Your Predecessors Filled With Terror; Bring Back The Killings, The Stabbings, And The Running Over"

"To the kuffar [unbelievers] and mushrikeen [polytheists], to the atheists and murtadeen [apostates], and to everyone who fought Allah and his Messenger and made enmity with his worshipers the muwahideen and fought the State of Muslimeen [Muslims]. To any of you who have some hearing or some brains left, revise your position before you dig your own grave.

The magazine's coverpage

"If you forgot, we will remind you, that we are not fighting you for money or control or authority or a piece of dirt or nationality or mortal life. We are fighting you for 'La Ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah' [There is no deity but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah], the word of tawheed [Islamic monotheism], which for it the earth and the skies became. We fight you for the word of Allah to be the highest, and the word of the Kuffar to be the lowest.

"To those who left the battlefield empty for a while, the people of might and courage and every war torch, who made Europe, America, and many Crusader countries dizzy with their blessed operations, and made them stand on one foot in a constant state of emergency, where as soon as the Kuffar know of the trail of a hero or a mujahid over there, they announce a curfew.

"Has the field become empty from those men, or could wombs not give birth to any more heroes like them? Stand up, O zealous men, may Allah have mercy on you, [go] to the fields which your predecessors filled with terror. Bring back the killings, the stabbings, and the running over."

Source: Telegram, May 2, 2022. The original English of the quoted text has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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