Lebanese Hizbullah Deputy Secretary-General: Our 'Institutional Structure' Makes It Easy To Substitute 'Martyred' Commanders

July 9, 2024

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On July 9, 2024, Al-Khanadiq, a news website linked to the Lebanese Hizbullah, published a video featuring an interview with Sheikh Naim Qassem, the Deputy Secretary-General of the group.[1]

In their conversation, Qassem discussed the recent military developments with Israel, confirming that the Lebanese Hizballah's military resources were not compromised by the intensity of the Israeli attacks, nor was the force weakened by casualties they have suffered.

He argued that the group, which has an "institutional" structure, can quickly cope with changes and find replacements for fighters that have been wounded or killed.

"Hizbullah Is Capable Of Injecting New Blood"

Asked if Israel's targeting of Hizbullah high-ranking commanders has negatively impacted the group's performance, Qassam said that Hizbullah has "an institutional structure capable of injecting new blood, and capable of giving alternatives."

He went on to stress that Hizbullah has more than 40 years of experience, during which its primary focus was, and continues to be, enhancing the resistance's capabilities, preparations, training, and qualification of cadres and courses. "Therefore, the substitutes are available and accessible," Qassam said.

"We Lost Commanders, But We Are Prepared For Such Losses" 

In his response, Qassem acknowledged that the death of Muhammad Nimah Nasser, aka Hajj Abu Nimah in Israeli attack, was painful. Yet, he noted, that what Hizbullah is doing in southern Lebanon is "a confrontation, a war, a fight, and support for Gaza. And this war has its price. We believe that whoever fights such a large and significant battle, and achieves such accomplishments against the Israeli entity, must pay a price."

Furthermore, he emphasized that Hizbullah has no problem in finding replacements for those who were "martyred," saying: "We are prepared for what happens and we will continue."

"We Are Ready If Israel Expanded Its War To Lebanon"

In response to a question about his thoughts about Israel expanding its operation in Gaza to include Lebanon, Qassem said: "We are not afraid of it, and are prepared for the worst."

He added that over the past 4-6 months, Israeli threats about expanding the war to Lebanon proved to be empty.

"We do not want a war, but we will continue to extend support [for Hamas] until the war on Gaza stops. Therefore, any discussion of separating the Lebanese front from Gaza is not objective, and is out of the question for us. Whoever wants to address this situation in the region and in Palestine, must start from Gaza. Stop the war there, and everything will stop. Don't tire yourselves out. Therefore, we consider the threats to be out of place, and in any case, we are not afraid of them, and are prepared for the worst."


[1] Alkhanadeq, July 9, 2024.

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