Lead Article In Issue 16 Of ISIS-K Magazine 'Voice Of Khurasan' Says Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Hizbullah, And Taliban Are 'Scapegoats Of America Or That Of Iran'; Muslim Brotherhood Claims That They 'Are Trying To Implement The Rule Of Shari'a And Renew Jihad, But In Reality, They Are Engaged In A Fierce War Against Islam'

November 3, 2022

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A lead article in the latest issue of "Voice of Khurasan" – the jihadi magazine published by Al-Azaim Foundation, the media arm of the Islamic State's Khurasan Province (ISIS-K) – describes Hamas in Palestine, Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood) of Egypt, Hezbollah of Lebanon, and the Taliban in Afghanistan as "scapegoats" of either America or Iran. It especially attacks the Muslim Brotherhood for its long-standing endorsement of the 1979 Islamic Revolution led by the Shi'ite theocrat Ayatollah Khomeini, which, it says, unleashed a war against Sunni groups worldwide.

The article, titled "Hamas In Sham [Syria] And Taliban In Khurasan," appears in Issue 16 of the magazine, dated Rabi-ul-Awwal 1444 Hijri, corresponding to the month beginning September 28, 2022.

A screenshot of the article

The lead article, which is the first part of a series of articles expected to appear in later issues of the magazine, is notable for its scathing attack on the Muslim Brotherhood as well as on Al-Qaeda. It also notes that: "Hamas [in Gaza] was originally founded as an organization of the 'Muslim Brotherhood' under the name of 'the Movement of Islamic Resistance' which was an active group in Palestine that later became 'Hamas.'"

Of Muslim Brotherhood, the article says: "This murtad [apostate] group appeared in most of the so-called Islamic countries and even in the western countries. It also spread to Europe, Australia, and America, especially in the Muslim communities." It says that Muslim Brotherhood's attempt to unite all sects, especially Shi'ites, undermines Islam: "The main goal of the Brotherhood is that [...] all madhabs and their followers shall gather under the same thought and belief in the name of Islam – a belief that will be conflicting with the true Islam."

Following is the text of the article:[1]

"Hizb Baath In Syria, Hamas In Palestine, Hezbollah In Lebanon, Taliban In Khurasan, And Other Groups In Egypt And Turkey... All Of Them Have One Thing In Common – Either They Are The Scapegoats Of America Or That Of Iran"

"To this day, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Cyprus, as well as the southern parts of Turkey, eastern Egypt, and western parts of Iraq, all come under the Wilayah of Sham [Syria province of ISIS]. In each of these mentioned countries, different factions [armed organizations], led by Iran and the United States, are active against the Islamic Khilafah [caliphate].

"Some factions are led and supported by the United States and others by Iran. Iranian interests have recently been implemented by different groups in this region with the manifestation of blatant kufr [unbelief]. Among these groups are: Hizb Baath [the Baath party] in Syria, Hamas in Palestine, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Taliban in Khurasan, and other groups in Egypt and Turkey, but all of them have one thing in common: either they are the scapegoats of America or that of Iran.

"Among such groups, which care for the interests of the infidels on the territory of Damascus and on areas of Palestine, is the Hamas group. In this article, we would like to provide information about the goals, thoughts, and beliefs of this group, and the way they work for the objectives of the polytheists and infidels; and we would like to elaborate [on] their religious and political affiliation with the Rawafidh [rejectionist, pejorative for Shi'ites].

"Hamas was originally founded as an organization of the 'Muslim Brotherhood' under the name of 'the Movement of Islamic Resistance' which was an active group in Palestine that later became 'Hamas.' It is a complete democratic and [territorially] nationalistic organization, which is currently working as a military group of Iran, and its members collaborate with Rawafidh (Shi'ites), and they claim such an Islam which has no enmity with other polytheists and infidels of the world, including the Rawafidh.

"And they have no issues with slanderers [Shi'ites] of the Companions of Prophet [Muhammad], as this organization was designed and planned by the Brotherhood, and it is Hamas that is the lifeblood of the Brotherhood; so, it is necessary to shed some light on the history of the Brotherhood first and then on the relationship between the so-called Muslim Brotherhood and the Rawafidh."

"[Muslim Brotherhood] Members Have Been Actually Working To Promote Democracy In The Muslim Lands, As They Want To Diminish The Gap Between The Infidels And The Muslims, To Eliminate The Hatred Of The Jews And The Christians From Hearts Of The Muslims"

"What is 'Muslim Brotherhood?' In the past decades, a cancer appeared on the body of the Islamic Ummah, which in a very short time spread to all the organs and parts of the body. This cancer, named as the 'Muslim Brotherhood,' has been trying to make Muslims fall into apostasy in the name of Islam, and its goal is to turn Muslims away from the fold of Islam in the name of Islam.

"Its members have been actually working to promote democracy in the Muslim lands, as they want to diminish the gap between the infidels and the Muslims, to eliminate the hatred of the Jews and the Christians from hearts of the Muslims and turn it into love and brotherhood, and to promote so-called peaceful values and human life. The goal is to misguide Muslims, Rafidha polytheists [rejectionist, pejorative for Shi'ites], and other infidels with different standards and names of falsehood and gather them on a common platform.

"They chant jihad slogans, but they do not believe in it. They seek to bring democratic systems in the name of shari'a through deceptive peaceful means such as elections and other democratic processes. Their actions have no similarity or connection with the real thought and belief of this organization at its very beginning. The dead ideology of Brotherhood appeared in the form of an organization in 1982 in a town of Egypt, and in a short time, the roots of the disease spread to the whole of Egypt.

"In a very short time, the ideology – having no match with the Islamic creed – spread throughout Egypt, and after that the disease spread to Syria and Iraq, after that this murtad [apostate] group appeared in most of the so-called Islamic countries and even in the western countries. It also spread to Europe, Australia, and America, especially in the Muslim communities.

"So, this cancer spread among the Islamic societies and spread in their veins, and its rapid expansion was due to the fact that the eastern and the western infidels and sectarians were indirectly and directly supporting it. They deceived the Ummah that they should join this organization for the interest of the Ummah. As we mentioned before, these miscreants introduced another religion in the name of Islam."

"The Beliefs And Thoughts Of This Brotherhood (Of Devils) Consisted Of The Heresies That Were Inherited From The Ottomans [Rulers Of Turkey-Led Ottoman Caliphate]"

"The Jahmites, the Matardites, the Mu'tazilas, and the Ash'aris [sects in early Islam] also went astray. In every country Brotherhood reached, people of every type of shirk [idolatry] and kufr [unbelief] paved the way for their establishment in that country. Through their adaptation with the kufr of every kind, they did not have to face any opposition, and they were welcomed everywhere, just like, the Islamic world witnessed the spread of Sufism, theology, bid'a [innovation], and other heresies at the hands of the misguided Ottomans with the passing away of the righteous scholars of this Ummah and the Khilafah.

"Similarly, the Brotherhood created the ground for the spread of their erroneous thought and belief. The beliefs and thoughts of this Brotherhood (of devils) consisted of the heresies that were inherited from the Ottomans [the rulers of the Turkey-led Ottoman Caliphate]. The same old color did not remain, but in recent times, other types of ignorance, deviant thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and slogans were added to the creed of Brotherhood in the name of democracy, liberalism, communalism, socialism, and tolerance.

"They turned themselves into the slaves of the west. One of their goals was to fight for the personal goals, desires, and interests of their misguided leaders. They claim: 'We are trying to implement the rule of Shari'a and renew jihad' but in reality, they are engaged in a fierce war against Islam and Muslims. They support their militias in Libya, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, and other countries to protect their interests.

"They exercise a lot of freedom in the West, where they carry out their activities easily, and they have brought the subjugation to the Crusaders to such an extent that in the West, they invited western intelligence officers to their Islamic (!) centers for no cause other than taking their assistance in their war on Islam and jihad.

"Since, their guidance and support come solely from the infidel west, so you can presume what kind of Islam they want to bring. Hassan al-Banna is the founder of this heretical organization, and if you want to learn more about the murtad Brotherhood, then read the detailed article on them published in the Rumiya magazine of the Islamic State."

"[Shi'ites] Are The Deviants Who Worship Graves, Make Takfir Against The Best Of The Muslims, And Criticize And Slander The Mother Of The Believers, Disbelieve In The Koran By Saying That The Verses Have Not Been Fully Revealed"

"Now let's shed some light on the religious and intellectual connection, relations, and common interests between the murtad Brotherhood and the Rawafidh. Ever since the Jew, Abdullah ibn Saba, created the religion of the Rawafidh, they have been fighting with Ahlus Sunnah [Sunni Muslims] in every field and in every chapter of the history.

"They have been stabbing the Ahlus Sunnah in their back, on behalf of the infidels. Hence it is to be noted that the Rawafidh are the deviants who worship graves, make takfir [the practice of declaring a particular Muslim to be an unbeliever] against the best of the Muslims, and criticize and slander the mother of the believers, disbelieve in the Koran by saying that the verses have not been fully revealed.

"In accepting every type of kufr of the Rawafidh, Hasan al-Banna made Muhammad Abduh and Jamal Uddin al-Afghani (Rafidha) his partners in his path of Masonic heretics (modernists). These two murtadeen [apostates] had drawn a large part of their dawah to the friendship of the Muslims with the Rawafidh!

"Umar at-Talmsani, the third leader (Murshid al-Aam) of the Brotherhood, said: 'Hasan al-Banna was very eager and passionate to unite all the Muslims, to call all the madhabs [theological sects] to unity, and to organize a conference in which the followers of all the madhabs would gather, hoping the Allah will guide them and they will become united, so that they will not make takfir of each other, because our Koran is one, our religion is one, the Messenger is one and Allah is One. For this purpose, Hasan al-Banna invited Al-Qami, a great scholar and leader of the Shi'ites, as a guest at the general center of the Brotherhood' – (Al-Malham al-Mohoob).

"The main goal of the Brotherhood is that [...] all madhabs and their followers shall gather under the same thought and belief in the name of Islam – a belief that will be conflicting with the true Islam. In another place [Umar at-Talmsani wrote]: 'In the 1940s, I remember very well that one of the leaders of the Shi'ites, As-Sayyid al-Qami, visited the headquarters of the Brotherhood. At that time, the martyr Imam Hasan al-Banna was working to unite different madhabs within this Ummah, so that the enemies of Islam may not harm the unity of Muslims.

The cover of Issue 16 of the magazine is focused on CIA's ties with the Taliban.

"'We asked him one day about the level of disagreement between Shi'ites and Sunnis, but he forbade us from discussing such issues, because being Muslim, none should concern oneself with such issues; if the Muslims slander each other, the enemies of Islam will make the fire between them even hotter. We told our honorable leader (Al-Banna) that we were not intended at escalating the disputes between Sunni and Shia, rather we sought to increase our knowledge, because the difference between the Shi'ites and the Sunnis is mentioned in many books and we do not have enough time to search these sources.

"'So, he told me to understand that both the Shi'ites and the Sunnis are Muslims, they combine the words La ilaha ill Allah [There is no deity but Allah] and Muhammad Rasulullah [Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah]. And this is the basis of the belief that the Shi'ites and the Sunnis share with each other very clearly, and the differences between them are in such matters that there exists the possibility for them to get closer to each other' – (Zakariat La Muzakkarat).

"At-Talmsani then said: 'He (Al-Banna) always had a lively relationship with the Shi'ite leaders of the Brotherhood party: for example – contacting Ayatollah al-Kashani, inviting Nawab Safawi to Egypt, and so on... All these things were not done by the Brotherhood to turn Shi'ite away from their religion, but for another great purpose that the Brotherhood forced their Islam on them, and they should try their best to bring the Islamic madhabs (Shia and Sunni) as close as possible.'"

"The [Muslim] Brotherhood Terms The [1979] Revolution Of The Rawafidh As An Islamic Revolution – The Revolution Which Lit The Flames Of War Against The Ahlus Sunnah In Syria, Iraq, The Arabian Peninsula, And The Rest Of The World"

"So, now you can see that the Brotherhood never tries to make Rawafidh leave their apostasy and revert to Islam! Rather, the Brotherhood issued an official statement in which they supported Khomeini's government: The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and the Philippines, as well as the leaders of the Islamic communities in Europe and the United States, and of the Arab world, have been invited in a meeting in which it was decided that a delegation of the Islamic movements (!) (Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb al-Salami of Turkey, Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan, Jamaat-e-Islami of India, Indonesia's Children, Shabab-al-Islam of Malaysia, Jamaat-e-Islami of the Philippines) will be sent to Tehran on a special plane to meet with Ayatollah Khomeini for greeting him on their victory and expressing their support for them.

"This meeting [where leaders of Islamic organizations and their youth wings from across the world came to meet Imam Khomeini after the 1979 Revolution] was one of the greatest celebrations of Islam and at the same time this meeting looked forward to eliminating the elemental, ethnic, and religious differences between Muslims. Imam Khomeini had the same perception as he said that when he was in exile [in France before the 1979 Revolution], he used to say to himself that his only strength in the world is the Islamic revolution, and this revolution will take over every Muslim who says the words, La Ilaha ill Allah [There is no deity but Allah].

"And this revolution will not only happen in Iran, but also in every Islamic country whose ruler doesn't believe in Islam, does oppression, and prevents movement, until every Khomeini will be triumphant over every Shah by the grace of Allah, just like the Khomeini of Iran overthrew the Shah of Iran. Then, this delegation [meeting of Islamic leaders from around the world] also assured Imam Khomeini that their Islamic movements will always be at the service of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, whether it is in Iran or anywhere in the world. And at the service of this revolution, we are prepared regarding the deployment of personnel and material assets.

"The meeting of the delegation followed by an absentee funeral for those who were killed for the cause of the Iranian Revolution, and then they participated in a number of meetings... In those meetings, they discussed about coordination and cooperation among themselves... Then, in a televised interview, they invited Muslims, in the Islamic world and beyond, to declare their solidarity and sympathy with the Islamic Revolution of Iran and perform absentee funeral on the 16th of March 1997 [1979] after the Friday prayer, all over the world for the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. We should always remember that this absentee funeral is a symbol for the unity of the Islamic Ummah."

"The Resistance Movement Calls All Muslims To Leave The Internal War – The War Utilized By The Aggressive Infidels For Their Own Interests"

"The Brotherhood terms the revolution of the Rawafidh as an Islamic revolution – the revolution which lit the flames of war against the Ahlus Sunnah in Syria, Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, and the rest of the world. Abu Mus'ab as-Suri – who has been praised by al-Zawahiri (former chief of Al-Qaeda) and is a friend of one of the dead leaders of Sahawat (murtad uprising against the Muslims) Abu Khalid – has the same position about Rawafidh, saying: 'I briefly mention that the Shia groups, the Murjiah,[2] the Khawarij,[3] and many other groups who utter 'La Ilaha Ill Allah' are all Muslims and are attributed to Ahl al-Qibla [people who turn in prayer toward Mecca, previously Jerusalem].

"'None can make takfir of them generally, but according to the rules and regulations mentioned by the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah, even if the conditions of disbelief exist and its obstacles are negated, this is still the work of the great scholars of takfir scholars who have reached the level of justice in religion and beliefs. And this is not the work of one or two ignorant people among Muslims, and it is also not the work of someone who is self-employed in jihad and defending the enemy who enters his home' – (Dawah al-Muqaoma).

The magazine's table of contents

"Then, as-Suri falsely attributed his position regarding Rawafidh to the Ahlus Sunnah, and he claimed that this was also the position of the 'majority of the jihadists', as he said: 'Regarding Shia and other groups besides Ahlus Sunnah, the belief of the jihadists is that they will be considered as part of the Islamic Ummah or in other words, the People of the Qibla [the direction toward which a Muslim turns to pray in Islam]... even if they are the Jafari Shi'ites (Imamiyah), who constitute the majority of Shi'ites in Iran and in Lebanon, and Pakistan and the minorities in Afghanistan and the Middle East... They are counted among the people of the Qibla, by the majority of the jihadists. Rather, they will be called the (simply) misguided ones and the beginners.'

"Then as-Suri drew his delusions to this point under the title of 'Jihadi Faith and the Constitution of the World Islamic Resistance,' as announced in the following statement: 'The decisionmakers over the religious and organizational differences between different factions of the Muslims are only the Ahl al-Ilm (scholars). The only way of addressing such differences are the idioms of the truth manifested by the statement with wisdom and the best sermons; the Islamic Resistance prohibits temptations and war between the Muslims, since the Ahl al-Qibla are all Muslims. All of them, individual or madhab, should cooperate with each other and stand in the way of the infiltrating infidels into the house of the Muslims. The resistance movement calls all Muslims to leave the internal war – the war utilized by the aggressive infidels for their own interests.'"


[1] October 17, 2022. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

[2] The Murjites (literally, "those who delay") was a school of Islamic thought that views anyone who has pronounced the shahada to be Muslim, that even if a Muslim commits a major sin, they are not to be considered a kafir, and that the judgment over such a sin is for Allah to determine after the person's death.

[3] The Kharijites (literally, "those who come out"), were an early Islamic sect that advocated excommunicating Muslims for even minor sins and was proclaimed heretical by the mainstream Sunna. Today, the term is used to brand Muslim groups as extremist and is often applied to ISIS and to other Salafi-jihadi groups by their critics in the Muslim world.

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