Lead Article In Issue 13 Of ISIS-K Magazine 'Voice Of Khurasan' Says U.S.-China Conflict Will Benefit Islamic State And Muslims: 'The Tatar Savages Failed In Dominating The Muslims, And The Chinese Thugs Will Also Fail In The Same Way, By The Will Of Allah'

September 15, 2022

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A lead article in the latest issue of "Voice of Khurasan," an English-language monthly magazine published by Al-Azaim Foundation, the media arm of Islamic State's Khurasan Province (ISIS-K), argues that the Western countries has used companies with which to spy on and colonize nations of the world, and that China is pursuing the same methodology to advance its global military and strategic domination through economic policies.

"The British East India Company was such a secret agency which created the background for British intervention of the Indian subcontinent, and there are many more examples of it," notes the article, titled as "China's Daydream Of Imperialism."

A screenshot of the article under review

The article argues that the West and China are entering a global conflict in which the Islamic world, especially the Islamic State (ISIS) will emerge as the winner. It vows that the Islamic State's mujahideen will fight China to avenge its suppression of the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province.

The article appears in Issue 13 of Voice of Khurasan, which is dated Safar 1444 Hijri, the Islamic month beginning August 28, 2022.

Following is the text of the article:[1]

"[China Has] Been Trying To Enter The International Market With A View To Dominating That And Gather Necessary Intel As Part Of Their Future Plan Of Military Intervention"

"[The] Chinese booming economy has become a global concern for many international players. Such an economic shift is a real challenge for the U.S. hegemony in the world economy – a materialistic economy which was shaped by the fascist West through the infusion of capitalistic concepts and ruthless usury-based monetary systems which only added to their strength and fainted others, while the Western powers used that economy as an effective weapon for meeting their imperialistic ambitions.

"They ruled the whole world, leaving hardly an inch... [of] area upon the surface of the earth untamed. They subjugated human races and left numerous examples of brutality and genocide. Yet, they have been purporting themselves as the flag bearers of humanity and enjoying the unipolar world order until recently when the weapon of mass domination, invented by them, is about to fall into the wrong hands who want to turn the unipolar world into a bipolar one, claiming their own shares in the dirty job of mass domination.

"The rise of the left socialist China, both economically and militarily, is one of such concerns, which has been forcing the Western bureaucrats to take heavy dose of sleeping pills for maintaining their sound (!) sleep.

"Their Chinese counterparts have learned the important lessons from the West regarding their secret formula of colonialization. Chinese atheists seem to be fostering high ambition of joining the notorious club of global power elites. Accordingly, they have been trying to enter the international market with a view to dominating that and gather necessary intel as part of their future plan of military intervention."

"The American, British, French, Portuguese, Spanish, And European Colonizers Invaded The World Stretching Their Foothold From The Farthest East To The Farthest West"

"They [the Chinese] seem to be advancing very tactfully keeping that long-term goal ahead. They have been choosing their steps very tactfully. The neo-communists of China continue to mobilize their state power to promote specifically Chinese interests against other major powers. They have been using their economic surplus for strengthening themselves militarily.

"Their preparation is a witness to their future ambition of conquering the world and establishing their own power sphere. Apparently, they seem to be successful in this regard if someone overlooks the other side of the coin, which will be explained later.

"Before having a close look on how China is exploiting their booming economy as a weapon for gaining global foothold, let us recap the modern history of the Western colonizers who conquered the world and established a system of psychological slavery through which they are still dominating the world. The American, British, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and European colonizers invaded the world stretching their foothold from the farthest east to the farthest west.

"Prior to invasion, they ensured their global reach through commercial companies who served their interests for gathering intel and preparing ground for future invasions. Initially, those companies, comprising of mainly their spies, entered Asia and other parts of the world, purporting themselves to be mere businessmen. They collected necessary intel and set up a wide network of traitors in those countries, which helped them conquer those lands."

"The Western Powers Learnt How To Manoeuvre Economic Power As An Effective Tool For Military Intervention; Similarly, China Is Walking On The Same Path Shown To Them By The West"

"The British East India Company was such a secret agency which created the background for British intervention of the Indian subcontinent, and there are many more examples of it. Those classical secret service agencies manipulated the free trade policy of medieval period for attaining their military goals, just like the Jews entered into the European market and introduced the modern usury-based banking system into the society which ultimately ended up making their strong positions in the medieval European governments.

The magazine's table of contents.

"This is how the Western powers learnt how to manoeuvre economic power as an effective tool for military intervention. Similarly, China is walking on the same path shown to them by the West, although military and economic influence of China, compared to the global reach of the America, is more concentrated in its neighboring states.

"Nevertheless, China inhabits a system of rivalry in her neighborhood – a rival system that prevents China from acting as an imperialist power to establish the Chinese interests globally like U.S. does. Initially, China was nothing more than a cheap labor market where extremely cheap rated solution for commodities was found. That is why people preferred Chinese products which were also popular as the 'products for the poor.'

"And the former Chinese socialist governments could not consider Chinese people anything beyond 'cheap international labor force' struggling for overcoming economic crisis and poverty until 21st century. After the year 2000, the world witnessed a significant boost in Chinese economy as well her defense expenditure.

"China started investing the surplus from her revenue in defense sectors. Unlike the Western governments backed by capitalistic economy, China enjoyed a single-handedly controlled socialist government holding major share of GDP."

"U.S. Led Western Powers Welcomed China In 2001 In The Global Marketplace When She Joined World Trade Organization (WTO); Western Counterparts Considered That Event As The Victory Of Their 'Capitalism' Over Chinese 'Communism'"

"In U.S.A. and other Western countries, individual business tycoons might become financially so powerful that they can even dictate government policies, to the extent that they can even buy a complete state, while Chinese nationals, being noting more than industrial robots, cannot get hold on to much of wealth, and because of this, their government is getting financially stronger day by day, as if China's rulers are extracting the whole of the juices from their countrymen by squeezing them for materializing their evil foreign policies.

"However, U.S.-led Western powers welcomed China in 2001 in the global marketplace when she joined World Trade Organization (WTO). Western counterparts considered that event as the victory of their 'Capitalism' over Chinese 'Communism,' thinking that the post-Mao economic liberalization would open the door for Western capitals.

"This huge influx of Western capitals might be aimed at exploiting Chinese population by addressing the economic crisis that had afflicted China since the 1970s. Accordingly, the wild West got access to a gigantic labor force of 200 million who moved into the key industrial cities of China. But in the end, such Western supports for Chinese economy ultimately ended up strengthening Chinese neo-socialist government which has been dreaming of cutting the share of Western influence on geo-political arena.

"The atheist state of China indeed turned into a global power after overcoming its economic crisis. Now, China seems to be standing on her own feet. Accordingly, China has been preparing for a global military campaign almost silently while the U.S.-led Western powers have been policing the Middle East and other conflict zones.

"China has been offering lucrative loan schemes for the developing countries for countering IMF, World Bank, and other West-based financing systems which lend loan at very higher interest rates in the name of economic reform and development. China allegedly lends for specific projects for infrastructure development only by Chinese companies."

"Western Powers Colonized The World And Changed Their Culture By Imposing Their Language On Them. But China Hardly Seems To Be Possessing The Linguistic Advantage For Global Domination"

"Western think-tanks express their concern that such Chinese loan might doom those third world countries to another vicious cycle of debt and default. However, the future of those poor countries is not the real concern for those materialistic western think-tanks. Rather they are worried of the fact that China might be using such loan schemes for weakening those third world countries and bolster their influence in those areas for establishing a neo-Chinese colony.

"To be more obvious, they are actually worried of the end of western monopoly in those areas. However, China's move towards Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has also been increasing the fear of the West.

"Now, question is to what extent China might be successful in their imperialistic ambitions. Unlike the wild west, these barbaric Chinese infidels don't have an enriched history in terms of literacy and culture, except for the notorious history of unprecedented barbarism of their neighbors (Mongols).

"Such cultural and methodical vacuums make the outcome of a probable Chinese imperialism skeptical. Western powers colonized the world and changed their culture by imposing their language on them. But China hardly seems to be possessing the linguistic advantage for global domination."

"For The Islamic Ummah, The Ongoing Process Of Shifting Of This World Into A Bipolar One Obviously Opens Some Doors Of Enormous Opportunities; China May Engage In A Conflict With U.S. Over Taiwan Issues; Russia... [Is] Increasing Her Grip In The Eastern Europe; But Such Development Will Weaken The Enemies Of Islam"

"History repeats itself. Genghiz Khan, the notorious Mongol oppressor, also dominated the world. But he couldn't continue that for long. When Tatars invaded the Muslim lands, they couldn't exploit the 'forceful imposing of culture' as a tool for dominating the Muslims. Tatars also used the economic warfare tactic for colonialization. They launched 'Silk Road' project, just like the Chinese atheists launched their BRI [Border and Road Initiative] project.

"The Tatar savages failed in dominating the Muslims, and the Chinese thugs will also fail in the same way, by the will of Allah. Just like the global military expedition of Tatars ended after confronting the Muslims, the Chinese socialist disbelievers will not face any different fate than that of the brutal Tatars, by the will of Allah.

"Allah says: 'Indeed, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to avert (people) from the way of Allah. So they will spend it; then it will be for them a (source of) regret; then they will be overcome. And those who have disbelieved – unto hell they will be gathered' – (Anfal: 36).

"For the Islamic Ummah, the ongoing process of shifting of this world into a bipolar one obviously opens some doors of enormous opportunities. China may engage in a conflict with U.S. over Taiwan issues. Russia might be looking forward to increasing her grip in the Eastern Europe. But such development will weaken the enemies of Islam significantly."

"Such A Conflict [Involving U.S. And China And Russia] Will Definitely Engage The Enemies Of Islam Into A Full-Fledged War, Can Be The WW3, Even Though They Have Been Trying To Avoid It"

"The conflict of interests between America and Russia or China is something that fuelled the decades-long Cold War, and there is literally no possibility of a consensus between them. Such a conflict will definitely engage the enemies of Islam into a full-fledged war, can be the WW3 [World War 3], even though they have been trying to avoid it.

"But no matter whatever they try to retain themselves from such a war, it is inevitable. Unlike belligerent Russians, the coward Chinese atheists don't have the guts to challenge the West by invading Taiwan and face the brand, new package of Western sanctions. But without any doubt, China has been working really hard to strengthen her economic grip on the global market so as to minimize the effect of probable Western sanctions.

The magazine's cover

"And if that keeps going on, China might end up becoming economic giant challenging her Western rivalries, which may turn out to be the Armageddon. America can't stop China from its economic invasion into other countries. On the other hand, Russia is not going to compromise over the Ukraine issue provided that U.S. sanction didn't affect Russia much, but actually closed the door of any permanent ceasefire.

"So, for global spectators, the game of Third World War is inevitable, in which no party, decisively, enjoys superiority over others. So, forecast of casualties and equipment losses will suffice as a horror movie for the global power players. Such a war possesses all contingencies of bringing modern super powers into medieval time."

"In The Meantime The Oppressed Muslims Will Witness A Brand New Wind Of Change – The Establishment Of A Global Khilafah [Caliphate], By The Will Allah"

"Nevertheless, they have to accept the inevitable. And in the meantime the oppressed Muslims will witness a brand new wind of change – the establishment of a global Khilafah [caliphate], by the will Allah. Such a wind of change was hardly thwarted by the years of so-called war on terror in which the tawagheet [tyrants] of the West and that of the East participated equally, yet they couldn't eliminate the Islamic State.

"Rather, the Islamic State is getting stronger day by day. So, how is it possible to defeat and destroy a force (the mujahideen of the Islamic State) that doesn't fear death, rather consider death in the noble path of their Glorious Lord as a great achievement?

"Can such a mountain-high faith be destroyed by even nuclear weapons? Such a bullet-proof faith can't be destroyed. So, how can the Chinese kuffar [unbelievers] expect to achieve total victory over the Muslims?

"Therefore, this is the other side of the coin that Chinese tyrants as well as Western tyrants overlooked. However, returning to the topic of imperialistic daydream of China, we want to remind those Red atheists whose hands are soaked with the blood of innocent Uyghur Muslims that how will they feel if their multi-trillion Dollar BRI and other projects face nothing but huge loss due to the lack of proper business environment in foreign countries?"

"Neither... [The Chinese] Will Be Successful In Their Imperialistic Ambitions Nor They Will Be Able To Protect Themselves From The Sharp Knives Of The Khilafah Soldiers"

"Or should we explain more elaborately about what happened to the Crusader companies in mineral-rich Mozambique when those companies had to shut down their operations amid fear of the attacks of the mujahideen of the Khilafah?

"Do the coward Chinese atheists possess guts to counter both the West and the Islamic State simultaneously? I'm afraid that will become nothing more than suicidal for them. So, how shall they be able to tackle the advancement of the Islamic Khilafah?

"By spending money and remotely setting up four-footed cattle like the Taliban murtadeen [apostates] for this purpose. Undoubtedly, those Maoist cowards have not mastered remote-controlled warfare like the Western powers did, and nor they will, given that the Western kuffar used every kind of remote-controlled technology including remote-controlled militia like Taliban murtadeen for stopping the advancement of the Khilafah, but they failed in the end. So, how may those Chinese atheists be successful in thwarting the Khilafah?

"Therefore, it is better for the coward Chinese infidels to learn lessons from the past and accept the obvious reality: neither they will be successful in their imperialistic ambitions, nor they will be able to protect themselves from the sharp knives of the Khilafah soldiers. By Allah, we have not forgotten the innocent Uyghur Muslims whom you subjected to the stream roller of oppression."


[1] September 02, 2022. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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