Jihadis Eulogize Egyptian Policeman Who Killed Three Israeli Soldiers, Pray That Others Are Inspired To Attack Jews

June 6, 2023

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On June 3, 2023, the military spokesman of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez, announced that a member of Egypt's forces securing the border with Israel was killed while chasing drug smugglers. The spokesman explained that during the chase, the man breached the security barrier with Israel, killing three Israeli soldiers, and wounding two. The Egyptian, who was not named, was also killed during the fire exchange, said the spokesman, extending condolences to the families of the Israeli victims and wishing a speedy recovery to those who were wounded.[1]

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Egyptian Security Member Identified

The next day, local media reports identified the Egyptian security member as 22-year-old Mohammad Salah, a policeman from Cairo. Reports published photos from Salah's Facebook account.[2]

Reacting to the news, jihadi Telegram channels glorified Salah as a hero, sharing posts eulogizing him and expressing hope that his actions will inspire Egyptian soldiers and policemen to follow in his footsteps.

Egyptian Jihadi Preacher: Salah Proves That Egypt Is The Cradle Of Heroes

Ahmad Al-Qa'qa', a Syria-based Egyptian jihadi preacher published a post on his Telegram channel calling Salah a "martyr."[3] He wrote:

"The martyr, as we consider him, is with Allah[.] Mohammad Salah, the killer of the occupiers invigorates the spirit of heroism and pride in the hearts of Muslim youth. He turned the tables on the Arab criminals who normalize [relations with Israel] and those in their orbit. One of the things we thank Allah for is that in Egypt, which is on the outskirts of Jerusalem, they instill manhood deeply in the soul, and Mohammad Salah is the fruit of this kind of manhood and an [embodiment] of its people. [...] With one Kalashnikov weapon and a knife, he broke all lines and made us realize the power of faith when it is combined with spirit. May Allah accept him in the highest paradise."

Egyptian Jihadi Cleric: Salah's Action Will Usher Series Of Attacks Against Jews

Talhah Al-Musayyar, a.k.a. Abu Shu'ayb Al-Masri, an Egyptian-born independent jihadi cleric, published a Telegram post in which he prayed to Allah to consider Salah a martyr, arguing that his actions will usher a new series of attacks against "the Jews."[4]

"Jews, look forwards to death, which will attack you unexpectedly. No fortresses will help you, nor will there be agents to protect you. One shout will be followed by bullets, bombs, vehicle ramming, knives, [and] the screams of killed Jews."

Saudi Jihadi Cleric: Salah's Actions Reminiscent Of 1985 Attack On Israeli Tourists By Egyptian Soldier

Saudi pro-Al-Qaeda cleric Majid Al-Rashid, a.k.a. Abu Sayaf, published a post on Telegram in which he argued that Salah demonstrated an exceptional "bravery," similar to that of Suleiman Khater, an Egyptian soldier who killed Israeli tourists in Sinai on October 5, 1985.[5]

"He walked five kilometers until he reached the fence, then he walked a kilometer and a half until he got close to the enemy soldiers, where he clashed with them three times, from dawn to noon. He killed three of them before he was killed. He was hiding behind a rock. The Israeli occupier revealed the name of Egyptian soldier Mohammad Salah, who brought back the memory of Suleiman Khater."

Syrian Jihadi: Salah Carried The Quran In His Pocket

Syrian jihadi military trainer Al-Asif 'Abd Al-Rahman published a poster depicting Salah as a martyr, claiming that Salah was religiously motivated to carry the attack. Salah's actions, he wrote, will have more lasting glory than those of a famous Egyptian soccer player who shares the same name.[6]

"Mohammad Salah, who was drafted [to the security forces] forcibly, according to reports, was carrying a Quran in his pocket when he carried out the operation after the dawn prayer time. And Mohammed Salah, the famous [soccer] player, carries a ball and shoes in his mind. Both of them are famous today, one brought pride as he entered through the door of honor and glory, and the second is insignificant, and his legacy will die by the time he retires."

Gaza Jihadi: Jerusalem Is Waiting For Men Like Salah

Gaza-based jihadi Ahmad Qanitah eulogized Salah, saying he was "hero" and asking Allah for others to be inspired by his actions.

"May Allah except you [as a martyr] in His highest paradise, you the lion of Egypt. May Allah grant you the highest status in the hereafter and inspire many of your brothers to be soldiers and policemen for Islam and to follow your path. Al-Quds [Jerusalem] is waiting for you men."


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