Jihadis Celebrate Killing Of Americans In Jordan, Call Upon 'Lone-Wolves' To Emulate It

November 9, 2015

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In the aftermath of the deadly shooting at the police training center in Al-Muwaqqar, east of Amman, yesterday, in which a Jordanian police officer opened fire and killed at least five people, including two American government contractors, jihadis have been celebrating the attack and calling upon "lone-wolves" to emulate it.

The motives behind the attack, which fell on the 10th anniversary of a deadly bombing attacks in Amman by Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), remain unclear. The Islamic State (ISIS) has yet to respond to the attack, although jihadis supportive of it say that the attack is a continuation of Abu Musa'b Al-Zarqawi's jihadi path in the country.

Jihadis praised the attack and referred to Anwar Bani Abdu, the attacker, as a martyr. They also called upon lone-wolves to carry out similar attacks, in Jordan and elsewhere, against Americans. The attack is also fueling calls by jihadis to Jordanian security personnel to repent before it is too late, and to disavow their "oppressive" rulers. Others are using the opportunity to renew ISIS's call to target Jordanian pilots who are connected to military campaign against it.

Jihadis' reactions are being promoted by the Arabic-language hashtags #Jordanian_Kills_American_Trainers and #Killing_Americans_In_Amman.

Twitter member @riqraq1 prayed for Allah to accept the attacker as a martyr, and wrote: "We ask Allah to accept whoever killed them [among His] martyrs."

Member @X41i1ng called upon other Jordanian soldiers to renounce their "oppressive" rulers and to attack them as well: "Come on O soldiers of the tawaghit [oppressors]. Anyone [among you] with a grain of goodness should renounce the tawaghit and weaken them [to the point of submission]."

@Dolawi28 rallied others to carry out similar attacks, and tweeted: "Anyone who wishes to carry out the same operation must repent and dissociate from the kuffar… Then [he or she should] declare [that] by them killing the kuffar, that [would be] the greatest [manifestation of that] dissociation."

In another tweet by the same member, @Dolawi28 expresses jubilation at the reported number of American causalities, and writes: "I went to sleep hearing the beautiful news [about the attack], and woke up to find it even more beautiful. Seven American pigs and a Jordanian apostate infidel [killed]…" 

Twitter member Al-Tamimi (@k1tamimik1) said that the attack was in fact a never-ending nightmare for the Jews and Christians, and wondered when the next strike would come. He wrote: "[The Jordan attack is] a bothersome nightmare for the Jews and Christians, and a road with no end unless the nation of filth vanishes." In the same tweet, Al-Tamimi further wrote: "The killing shall continue and will not stop. Where will the next strike happen?"

Member @killscreativit0 cited a famous quote from Al-Qaeda's former leader Osama bin Laden pertaining to targeting Americans: "Do not consult anyone in killing Americans!"

@Zu3ho1c expressed satisfaction at images showing the bloody attack scene: "Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, a sight that brings healing to the chest."

Another member @Ha3F987ra2 praised the attack as being an affirmation of Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi's jihadi work in the country. He wrote: "Praised He who does not waste the journey of a mujahid [a reference to Al-Zarqawi]…[O] Abu Musa'b [Al-Zarqawi], Allah shall not waste your reward and jihad. Your journey is reaping heads."

Other individuals hoped that similar attacks will be carried out in other Arab countries. Twitter user @bbbnnn1437, for example, shared a picture of an insignia allegedly belonging to an officer from the Saudi interior security department, which was placed over a paper written with pro-ISIS references, and wrote: "When this picture was presented to me, I thought it was a joke. I suspect we will be hearing about similar operations."

There were those who used the attack to renew ISIS's call to target Jordanian pilots in the Jordan. Member @QI77IQ published an ISIS wanted list naming Jordanian pilots, along with the hashtag #Lone_wolves.

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