Jihadis Celebrate Death Of Former U.S. Secretary Of State Colin Powell, Accuse Him Of Destroying Iraq, Killing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Muslims

October 20, 2021

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On October 18, 2021, General Colin Powell (84), who was undergoing treatment for blood cancer, died from complications of COVID-19. Powell served as chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff during the First Iraq War in the 1990s and was Secretary of State under President George W. Bush during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In an address to the United Nations Security Council in 2003 to garner international support for the Second Iraq War he claimed that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, an assertion which he later admitted was based on substantial inaccuracies.

Powell's death was celebrated by jihadis, including supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) and Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS), who noted his role in promoting the Second Iraq War and the suffering it brought to Iraqi Muslims, and also the part he played in advancing the U.S. war on terror and jihad.

In a Telegram post published on October 19, Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani (Maysarah Al-Jubouri), an Iraqi-born religious official in the Syrian jihadi group HTS, reported the death of the "former American Foreign Minister," claiming that Powell "had a part in destroying Iraq and delivering it to Iran."[1]

Another supporter of the Syrian jihad, U.S.-born reporter Bilal Abdul Kareem, posted an image of himself on Telegram making a face expressing mock confusion, with the comment: "Colin Powell kills hundreds of thousands in Iraq, pushing some bogus info of WMD at the UN & I'm supposed to call him a hero for it?!"[2]

Supporters of ISIS also celebrated Powell's death. Australian pro-ISIS preacher Wissam (Abu Ousayd) Haddad[3] posted on Telegram (lightly edited for clarity): "We praise and thank Allah (swt) on hearing about the death of this evil individual. The amount of deaths, abuse, rape, torture and oppression at the hands of the U.S. is forever embedded in the hearts and minds of all Muslims across the globe. Many Muslims from our ummah [Islamic nation] in Iraq have tasted all the above because of people like this. May Allah (swt) intensify this individual's punishment in the grave and in the Hellfire by 84-fold. No remorse for mass murderers and killers. My brothers and sisters, make prostration of thankfulness that this enemy will now get what he deserves from the Creator of the heavens and earth. There is no escape from Allah!!! #alhumdullilah."[4]        

Pro-ISIS Telegram channel Tafa'ul Mustamirr (Constant Reaction) commented on Powell's death: "He has gone, like the other taghouts [literally false deities, a reference to politicians who implement manmade law] of the Cross who invaded Iraq, while jihad has remained standing on its own feet, expanding and expanding. Will anyone learn the lesson?"[5]

Another pro-ISIS Telegram channel, Global News, commented laconically: "Good riddance!!!"[6]   


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