In Issue Five Of Its Pashtu-Language Magazine, ISIS-K Says CIA And Pakistani ISI Brought Afghan Taliban Leaders In Plane From Qatar To Rule Afghanistan Just As U.S. Brought Hamid Karzai Before Them

July 27, 2022

An article in the fifth issue of the "Khurasan Ghag [Voice Of Khurasan]," a Pashtu-language magazine published by the Al-Azaim Foundation, which is the media arm of the Islamic State's Khurasan Province (ISIS-K), urges Muslims to join jihad, but the main focus of the magazine is to criticize the Afghan Taliban rulers.[1]

The jihadi group also publishes an English-language monthly magazine called "Voice of Khurasan," which features content distinct from this magazine. The 39-page Pashtu-language magazine is divided into four sections: "Religious Part, Political Part, Literature Part and History Part."

The religious part carries four articles with two of them – "Issues Of Jihad" and "Shunning Jihad Is The Major Cause Of Torment" – dedicated to promoting jihad against unbelievers. The political section includes two articles while the literature and history sections have four and two articles respectively. Most of these articles continue series started by previous articles.

"Oh Muslims! The situation of most of the ulema [religious scholars] and spiritualists is that they usurp the wealth of people through illegal means and bar them from Allah's path. And the people who accumulate gold and silver and do not spend it in Allah's way, give them the news of painful torment," declares a Koranic verse on the coverpage of the magazine.

Citing different verses and hadiths, the article, titled "Shunning jihad is the major cause of torment," says: "Allah is the Almighty and could eliminate the enemies of faith in an instant, but Allah Almighty did not do this and ordered jihad. It has many benefits, i.e., Allah Almighty wants to punish the idolaters by the hands of his believer servants, wants to disgrace them and support the believers against them, and wants to show the unbelievers that Allah Almighty is with the believers."

According to the article, "Allah Almighty destroys these disbelievers at the hands of His Muslim servants and wants to cool their hearts, and wants to end the anger of their hearts, because they have suffered a lot at the hands of these idolaters, and they have caused them great sorrows. When they kill them with their own hands, their hearts will be lightened."

The article says those who love their wealth, luxuries, and families more than Allah, his prophet, and jihad are transgressors and commit cruelty to themselves.

"I swear by Allah Almighty, if you do not conduct jihad, do not support believers, do not say yes to the cry of your imprisoned believer brothers and believer sisters, do not take revenge on the unbelievers, apostates, and idolaters for burning your elders, youths, and women in the flames of gunpowder and turning them into pieces, and if you prefer worldly life over hereafter and do not jump into the battle for the supremacy of jihad, then remember: Allah will punish you severely," the article says, urging Muslims to wage jihad against the unbelievers, the Taliban government and their supporters.

A photo, included in the magazine, of children undergoing training.

"Oh Muslims, associate with jihad in the name of Allah! We will wait for you. We will wait for you to join the international Islamic Caliphate's successful convoy for jihad in the way of Allah. With the support of Allah, we wait for you so that you can support your faith and raise your banner – the banner of La Illaha Ilallah [There is no deity but Allah]. We will wait for you so that you repulse the enemy who entered [your] home," the article urges Muslims, adding: "If you survive, you will live a life of honor and respect, and if martyred, you will go to paradise which is very beautiful, and its water is very sweet."

In the political section of the magazine, one of the two articles, titled "Idolaters In The Assembly House Or Clerics In The Grand Jirga," criticizes the Taliban government-sponsored grand jirga ("assembly") of pro-Taliban religious scholars and tribal elders held recently in Kabul.

The article says such meetings and agreements were organized by the idolaters in the past against Prophet Muhammad and his companions and are still being repeated. "History is being repeated after several years when the courtier clerics, under the shadow of black, green, and red [abandoned tri-color Afghan] banner and portrait of [former Afghan President Hamid] Karzai declared the dirty democracy as the official system and strengthened the apostate forces who were defending the same democracy," it says.

The article continues: "Earlier, Karzai was brought in a U.S. plane from abroad, declared conqueror, and given the U.S.-tasked democracy for implementation as a formal government [in Afghanistan], today the Taliban puppet leaders were brought to Kandahar in a military plane from the U.S. intelligence base in Qatar, were declared conquerors, and a new democracy designed by CIA and ISI in Qatar was also formally endorsed [for the new Taliban rulers to implement]." ISI is the Inter-Services Intelligence of the Pakistani military, which is known for aiding the Afghan Taliban.

Grand jirga of clerics and tribal elders held recently in Kabul.

The article says that even children know how skillfully the ISI brought the U.S.-given project to this stage and that the directors and actors of this drama are the Taliban leaders trained in the CIA and ISI training centers.

In one of the several pictures carrying by the magazine Taliban leaders are seen sitting before a dining table decorated with a large variety of dishes while another picture shows women begging for bread outside a bakery shop in Kabul.


[1] July 17, 2022

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