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Issue 10 Of ISIS French-Language Magazine 'Dar Al-Islam' – Overview

On August 20, 2016, the Islamic state (ISIS) published the tenth issue of its French-language magazine Dar Al-Islam. The 58-page issue, titled "Game Over," celebrates the wave of recent terror attacks in the West and especially in France, depicting ISIS as victorious and France as fighting a losing battle. The following is an overview of the issue, which was released by ISIS's media wing Al-Hayat and was distributed through official ISIS outlets on several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.

The magazine's opening article presents the message recorded by the terrorist Larossi Abballa[1] after he murdered two French citizens on June 14, 2016 in Magnanville near Paris. In the message Abballa laid out doctrinal justifications for terror, and called on Muslims to follow his example and carry out the orders of ISIS spokesman, Abu Mohammad Al-Adnani, to  attack the infidels.

The main article, titled "Attacks on the Prophetic Methodology," a follow-up to an article in the magazine's eighth issue,[2] also justifies terror attacks in the West, claiming that Muslim law sanctions the killing of any non-Muslim French citizen.

A one-page infographic presents a fatwa against French Salafi preacher Rachid Abu Hudeyfa. The fatwa proclaims him an apostate for calling on Muslims to vote in the French elections, supporting the Moroccan government, and sanctioning man-made law. It proclaims that he is "wanted dead" and provides a photo of him and the address of his mosque .

The cover article, titled "Game Over," claims that "France has lost the war against Islam and its State [ISIS]," and promises that the terror attacks it has experienced are "only the beginning." It states that the attacks were successful not because of the number of people killed but because they impacted the Westerners' daily lives.  

An article titled "Where They Least Expect It" taunts the anti-ISIS coalition and claims that the organization will triumph against all odds because its members are fearless and are fighting for the sake of Allah.

Another article, titled "The Women Who Surrounded the Prophet", by a French women called Umm Summayah Al-Faransiya, discusses the importance and the role of women in Islam's early history, as ISIS sees it. She urges ISIS women to "devote themselves into building the walls of [ISIS's] fortress and raising the future generations that will expand [its territory]".

The issue also features a eulogy for French fighter Abu Sayf Al-Faransi, written by his widow, Umm Sayf Ad-Din Al-Faransiyah. Writing under the title "Believers among Men," she provides details about his life and about the suicide operation in which he was killed. She exhorts fellow ISIS wives to support and encourage their husbands who are fighting or planning to carry out suicide attacks.

A 9-page tutorial on "computer security" teaches how to send encrypted messages on Android devices.

Also featured in this issue of the magazine is a French translation of the last testament of ISIS military commander Abu Omar Al-Shishani , who was killed recently.

"In the Words of the Enemy" is a regular section presenting quotes from Western publications about ISIS. In this issue, it presents a translation of an article by Hassan Abu Haniyah, a Jordanian researcher of  Islamic movements, on ISIS strategy and methods.

Another regular section contains brief news reports from various regions of ISIS activity.