Islamic State Supporters Offer Branded Merchandise On Amazon And Facebook

September 17, 2014

Supporters of the Islamic State (IS) are now offering merchandise featuring the organization's symbols for sale online. The items offered for sale include hats, clothing, and jewelry, all bearing the familiar black flag associated with the IS organization and its slogan - baqiyah ("will remain forever").

One vendor, an Indonesian named Zirah Moslem, currently uses Twitter to sell his products after his Facebook page and website were shut down in June 2014.[1] Products bearing the IS logo had also been sighted this summer in alocal shop in Istanbul. [2]

On Facebook, several pages still advertise T-shirts, baseball caps, flags etc. with the IS black flag logo, such as the "Baqiyah creation" Facebook page, [3] which is run by a French IS supporter based in Toulouse, France. This French salafi is a jihadi sympathizer who enjoys paintball and boxing, according to his Facebook posts. He advertises his products as being high quality and made for the true believers. He warns against wearing the clothes bearing the sacred Muslim creed of the shahada in impure places such as bathrooms. He also posts pro-IS comments and messages on his page.

Another Indonesian vendor who runs the "Al-Faruq Islamic Store" sells his products through Facebook and Ebay. [4] One of the page's banners on Facebook advertises: "We sell Islamic Flags, Badges, Headbands and other stuff."

Recently, IS merchandise has also appeared on, [5] through various third-party Indonesian vendors using names such as ISIS Cap or Khilafahstuff. The black IS flag is increasingly used among IS supporters on products such as hats, shirts and other items. The khilafahstuff seller on offers flags and caps in large quantities. The prices are set for bundles of 100 to 400 pieces and are said to be deliverable worldwide from Indonesia. The items that are sold include non-IS related jihadi items as well, such as Al-Qaeda flags and caps.


The "Khilafahstuff" account featuring IS cap


IS flag advertised on


Products advertised on Facebook and, featuring the IS flag and the IS motto "Baqiyah"



Screenshots of the "Baqiyah Creation" Facebook page, advertising a sweatshirt designed after the IS flag

Baqiyah Creation Facebook post advertising a "tawhid" Ski Mask for 15 euros

"Baqiyah creation" Facebook post. The left side shows the production line: "All our products are made with professional materials, the quality of our clothing are either organic or 100% cotton, pure quality Allah be blessed." The right side advertises a set of a t-shirt together with a baby outfit featuring the IS flag: "Onesie and T-shirt 20 Euros for both, 10 per item"


"Baqya Creation" Facebook page administrator posing with some of his products including ski mask and t-shirt

The Twitter account of Indonesian vendor Zirah Moslem

Screenshot of the "Al-Faruq Islamic Store" Facebook page, showing a badge that can be sewed on clothing


[2], June 24, 2014.





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