Islamic State (ISIS) Weekly Editorial Praises Group's Operations In Democratic Republic Of The Congo (DRC), Warns Christians: Either Convert To Islam, Pay Jizyah Tax, Or Die

June 21, 2024

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On June 21, 2024, the Islamic State (ISIS) released issue 448 of its weekly newsletter, Al-Naba'. The issue featured an editorial titled "Jihad in Congo", praising ISIS's "military operations" targeting and killing Christians in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and presenting the locals of region with an ultimatum: "Either convert to Islam, give Jizyah, or die".[1]

Dismissing the efforts of the armed forces of Congo, Uganda, and the UN in their fight against terror, the article portrayed ISIS as the ultimate savior of Islam through promoting its operations in Africa.

"Christians Of Africa Do Not Receive Western Media Attention, Unlike The Christians Of The Crusader West"

The editorial started by accusing Western media of not covering escalating operation of ISIS in the DRC, claiming that the media blackout is due to "racial discrimination" and "white supremacy." It further suggested that Western media cares only about covering events related to Western Christians, but not African Christians.

It argued that the lack of Western coverage comes as an "attempt to cover up the escalating frequency of the African jihad under the banner of Caliphate, and to cover up the failure of major state powers in facing it."

Discussing ISIS's expanding jihad in Africa, the editorial claimed that ongoing wars in other regions are distracting the world, leading powers away from focusing on their fight against ISIS, noting this will help the group to continue its jihad to empower the shari'a and its people.

"The Christian Blood Shed So Far Is Just The Beginning"

The article then moves to highlight the DRC's efforts in fighting ISIS mujahideen, saying that the country's armed forces failed to counter ISIS, and therefore sought assistance from local militias, the Ugandan army, and recently from UN forces. It further mocked these military efforts, arguing that they failed to protect Christians, just as they failed to end ISIS's operations.

"The recent operations, in which the blood of dozens of Christians was shed, and where many fled, leaving behind their money to be seized as spoils or to be ruined by fire set by the mujahideen, are only the beginning for the failing new campaign [against ISIS]," it said.

Emphasizing ISIS's determination not to back down, the article stressed that every operation "against the infidels and their armies is a step forward in the process of empowering Islam in the Congo and its environs."

"Convert To Islam Or Pay Jizyah Tax"

Portraying ISIS as the ultimate savior, the editorial addressed Christians in the DRC, inviting them to convert to Islam as the only means to avoid death. Otherwise, it said, they will have to pay the jizyah tax, required of all non-Muslims, to avoid persecution.

"To the Christians, their institutions, and their community organizations search for long-term solutions that will rid them of a life surrounded by death in every direction[:] we give them the good news that the only solution is for them is to convert to Islam or to pay the jizyah and remain submissive. Otherwise, the invasions will continue against them, as will the killings, burning their homes and shops, and seizing their money."

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[1] June 21, 2024.

[2] June 13, 2024


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