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ISIS Supporters On Social Media Celebrate Imminent Destruction In Florida From Hurricane Irma: 'This Is The Reward Of Your Crimes Against Muslims'

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Just as ISIS supporters celebrated the destruction that Hurricane Harvey unleashed on Houston, pro-ISIS users on social media are engaging in similar rhetoric about Hurricane Irma and are eagerly awaiting the destruction that it is likely to cause. Weather models are predicting that Hurricane Irma, a fierce Category 5 hurricane that has already battered parts of the Caribbean, will make landfall in Florida on September 9, 2017. Several ISIS supporters suggested that the hurricane is divine retribution for U.S.-led airstrikes that target the Islamic State.

The pro-ISIS Facebook page The Monotheist Page shared the Media Studies Center page, which confirmed that Hurricane Irma will make landfall in the U.S. The caption reads: "May Allah drown the enemies of Islam and force them into their knees subdued, and humiliated, defeated, and scattered!"

Another post from the Media Studies Center shared by The Monotheist Page reads: "Made duaa [pray] tonight that Allah destroy them, and shake them, and restrain their might to heal the hearts of the Muslims bombed in Mosul, Raqqa, and elsewhere!"

User Usama Ajeeb wrote on Facebook: "Irma is very powerful and most destructive hurricane will hit USA in few Hours. This is Power of Allah." Ameril Ayunan commented: "it is more than a phosphorus bomb being throne [sic] to syria and iraq."

On Instagram, Stranger_Ghuruba38 wrote: "Yallah Irma Yallah Ya Allah make their cities destroyed the same as Mosul, Raqqa, Al Bab, Fallujah, Tikrit, Baji, Ramadi and others Ya Allah punish them."

On Telegram, the East Asia News Channel posted: "Hurricanes hit the US and the strongest of these hurricanes is Irma. We ask Allah to destroy America and destroy it so that it can not rise."

On Telegram, the Media Today channel wrote: "Due to the threat of storm millions of people from Florida are displaced from their homes. O Crusaders! This is the reward of your crimes against Muslims. Do not forget it."

In another post, the channel added: "America with all its security, its men, its power, its iron, and all its institutions and capabilities stand helpless before a storm, and Allah will avenge the Muslims of Mosul, Raqqa and others."

The Al-Tasni Telegram channel shared a link to an article from The Washington Post about Hurricane Irma and wrote: "Ya Allah they destroyed our cities Mosul & Raqqah Destroy them drown them annihilate them amin."

Syrian-based Saudi cleric Abdallah Al-Muhaisni said Hurricane Irma was punishment for the U.S. for its crimes against Muslims, saying: "Oh Allah the Almighty, take vengeance... for the millions of innocents who were killed by the airstrikes of their [i.e. the U.S.'s] airplanes in Syria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere." 

User Siham Al-Muwahideen wrote on Telegram: "Takbir, Oh brothers in creed, pray to Allah to destroy your enemy, its crops and children. A soldier [i.e. Hurricane Irma] from among the soldiers of Allah the Almighty is approaching the patron of war against Islam."


There were also celebratory posts about Hurricane Harvey similar to those made about Hurricane Irma. For example, on September 1, an ISIS supporter on Facebook named Joey Alsteel wrote: "Preliminary estimate losses of Hurricane Harvey, who beat the state of Texas #US rises to over $100 billion dollars. They spent 300 Billion to fight the Daesh [derogatory term for ISIS]. Now Allah the almighty is making them Rip what the sow....Ameen.."