ISIS Supporter Posts Excerpts From ISIS Textbook For Pre-School Children Glorifying 'Virtue Of Jihad'

May 24, 2022

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Between May 8-17, 2022, a user of the Islamic State (ISIS)-operated Rocket Chat server posted several images which appear to be pages from an ISIS textbook for pre-school children, teaching them about Islamic rituals and values, including jihad.

While the user listed no details regarding the print date or release of the textbook, MEMRI JTTM's review suggests that it may have been distributed when ISIS controlled territories in Iraq and Syria,[1] because pro-ISIS media outlets disseminated similar content on social media between 2015-2017.[2]

The recently-posted images show a preface page highlighting the objectives of the textbook:

"The Islamic State today has entered a new era by laying the foundation stone for an Islamic education based on teachings derived from the Book [Quran', the Prophet's guiding tradition, and the understanding of pious ancestors and pioneers. [An education] with a pure vision, not Eastern nor Western, but purely Quranic and from the Prophet, removed from the whims, falsehoods, and misguidance propagated by promoters of Eastern socialism and Western capitalism, and from [political] party agents and distorted curricula worldwide."

Image showing the preface of the textbook.

The preface further stated that the textbook is meant to counter the "clear impact" left on Muslim children by foreign curricula, stressing that ISIS views itself as responsible for correcting that path by introducing a purely Islamic educational vision.

"The State of the Caliphate has risen to take upon itself the substantial duty of bringing them [children] back to true monotheism, and the vastness of Islam under the banner of the rightly-guided all-embracing Caliphate," said the textbook preface.

Another page, titled "Introduction," highlighting the significance of an Islamic education for pre-school children:

"This important age in a child's life will not bring the fruitful results and desired outcomes without the presence of a solid pillar, presenting precise and comprehensive knowledge suitable for this period and the child's needs, by providing a rich educational environment, as well as a cadre of well-trained individuals [instructors] at all levels. Hence, the curriculum for kindergarten comes to take into consideration all these matters and develop children's skills, shape their level of preparedness, leanings, habits, orientations, and problems, and teach them religion-related topics as well as others, about language, life, environment, history, and mathematics to serve as solid resources for children during their educational journey."

Image showing the introduction of the textbook.

Other images shared by the user showed the textbook's table of contents, which indicates a total of 41 pages discussing 33 lessons on the basic tenets of Islam. Lesson 13 is dedicating to glorifying jihad, titled "The Virtues of Jihad." Similarly, lesson 21 is titled "Paradise Lies Under the Shadow of the Sword."

Image of the textbook's table of contents.

Other pages shared by the user teach children the basic pillars of Islam, such as the name of the Prophet and the direction of prayer, as well emphasize jihad as fundamental to Islam.

"My faith is Islam: Allah is my Lord, Islam is my religion, the Quran is my book, Muhammad is my Prophet, the Ka'bah is where I turn my face [in prayer], jihad is my path, and the Islamic Caliphate is my State," read the book.

Another page discussed the importance of reading Quran, teaching children that they are "cubs of the Islamic State."

Images of lessons discussing reading Quran and emphasizing jihad as a virtue.

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