ISIS Supporter On Facebook: The Pandemic Will Topple The U.S. And Europe, Enable ISIS To Conquer Rome

April 27, 2020

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In a series of Facebook posts about the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, Algerian ISIS supporter “Nouri Al-Jazairi” writes that the pandemic will lead to the collapse of the West and of capitalism, and to the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS), enabling it to gain a foothold in Europe and eventually to conquer Rome.

Al-Jazairi states that the pandemic has merely brought to the surface severe economic problems that the Western politicians have previously managed to hide from the public. Now, he contends, internal tensions in these states will increase, strengthening the extreme right, and prompting Muslims to join ISIS en masse. The economic crisis will also cause the U.S. and Russia to withdraw their forces from the Middle East, which in turn will lead to the downfall of its rulers and enable ISIS to spread.

The writer refers to ISIS as “the Black Hole”. This was inspired by a tweet posted by the NorsForStudies, a research center identified with the Syrian opposition. Reporting on clashes between the Syrian regime forces and ISIS in the Syrian desert, the tweet referred to this area as a ‘black hole’ due to the ongoing violence there. Nouri Al-Jazairi adopted the term, using it not as an insult but as a code-word for ISIS.

Background On Nouri Al-Jazairi

The writer uses several names, including Nour Al-Din Al-Jazairi, Nouri Al-Jazairi and Nour Al-Din Qadri (sometimes also spelled Nordine Kadri). His Facebook page (which currently has 2,680 followers)[1] seems to be the main platform on which he writes, but has also has a blog on Blogspot, a Twitter page (1,214 followers)[2] and a Telegram channel (1,025 followers).[3] He lists his current place of residence as Luxemburg, but there is no information to corroborate this. Based on the information on his Facebook account -- such as websites he has “liked” – he may be from Zeralda, a suburb of the Algerian capital. He claims to be “closely familiar” with the West, indicating that he perhaps currently lives there or lived there in the past. He is fluent in French, and uses it on some of the websites he writes on.

The profile image on the Nouri Al-Jazairi Facebook account

The following are translated excerpts from two of his Facebook posts about the aftermath of the pandemic:

We Will Soon See The Collapse Of Traditional Capitalism Led By America

In a post headed “A Quick Chat about the World after Corona,” Nouri Al-Jazairi wrote:

“The Western world, led by America, is entering a deep economic recession, crushed by debts that it has long hidden from its citizens under a guise of investment and economic development and with false election promises. The world will not be the same after the coronavirus. Moreover, the virus will expose the West’s coverup of its failure in handling its internal and external debts…

“In the past two weeks America lost 10 million jobs…

“Let me repeat, I am talking about numbers and a reality that the West will face in the future. How can a weeks-old virus be capable of devastating the economies of all those countries we thought as firm as mountains, with [their] science, foresight, expertise and progress[?] How can the virus cast the capitalist economies into a recession said to be the worst since 1945?”

Nouri Al-Jazairi's blog

The writer goes on to note that, even before the outbreak of the pandemic, there were calls in European states to leave the EU, and adds: “The West, led by America and the rich countries of the EU, was faced with hard choices [regarding] how to solve its financial problems (the internal debts to the governments) and how to deal with the economic recession it entered years ago and announced [only] with the outbreak of the coronavirus [pandemic]… We will soon see the collapse of traditional capitalism, led by America, and the beginning of an conflict with the extreme right in that country.

“The EU will collapse, as Germany and France will withdraw from it. OPEC will collapse, since the West will have no need for oil due to the economic recession. The protests in America and Europe will increase, with demands for right wing parties to lead those countries toward racism and fascism, whose first victims will be numerous migrant minorities. Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and several East European countries will announce bankruptcy, leading to an increase in chaos, feudalism and assassinations. Russia will withdraw into itself, and retreat from Syria and some of its [other] areas of influence. China’s star will rise, as it shall temporarily become the strong pole [in international relations]. There will be constructive anarchy in all Arab and Islamic states, without exception, beginning with the Middle East and the Arab Maghreb [North Africa].

“The ‘Black Hole’ [ISIS] will grow as people [begin] flocking to it.” [4]

Nouri Al-Jazairi's Twitter account

People Will Flock To ISIS, First In Bosnia, And Then In The Heart Of Western Europe

In another post, captioned “The Black Hole after Corona,” Nouri Al-Jazairi elaborated on his vision of the world after the pandemic: The economic crisis in Europe will lead to the rise of the extreme right. This, in turn, will lead to the oppression of Muslim minorities, prompting them to join ISIS and enabling this organization to grain strength and spread as the Western governments grow weaker. ISIS will thus gain a foothold in Europe, first in Bosnia and later in Western Europe, eventually leading to the conquest of Rome, the heart of Christendom.

Al-Jazairi wrote: “The world is now entering a terrifying economic recession. A severe financial crisis is about to rock people with limited income in the West, making families and individuals poorer and psychologically isolated. They will look for saviors among the current politicians, even at the price of blood[shed] and being cast into the lap of feudalism and of the extreme right… Protests will start, initially calling to sweep away the current Western rulers, especially in Europe, and to uproot their policies of governance and administration, [a task] that the European politicians have long been putting off, in favor of lying to their peoples in order to hide the reality, namely that the politicians and economists have become helpless in the face of the devastating divine [blow] they have sustained….

“The scope of the crisis has become a weight and a burden on the future of the [present] generations, which are bound by current debts and are facing the upcoming economic crisis. It will crush the West’s arrogance, reduce its power and curb its spread. The problems the West will experience very soon will [also] rock the thrones of the Arab and Muslim rulers, especially in the Middle East. America will decline, Russia will leave, NATO will retreat temporarily from Turkey due to the financial crisis, and numerous humanitarian organizations, whose task was [actually] entirely to spy on our Arab countries, will disappear.

“Being closely familiar with the West, I can see that [masses of people] will soon flock to swear allegiance [bay’ah] to the Black Hole. I think it will begin in Bosnia, and then spread to the heart of Western Europe, due to the chaos [that region] will soon experience and the oppression Muslims will suffer in many of those countries, which will declare the raising of the Cross by letting right-wing parties take over the European political scene. But this disaster will surely lead to good. Just as the people in some countries of the Arab region were hit by upheavals, so too will the Muslims in Europe. Events will soon grind them and bring them, too, back to their true religion.

“How else can Rome be conquered, when Allah permits it? The future [role] of the Muslims in the West is surely to reinforce the Black Hole and its policies of expansion. In truth, we see this day after day. By Allah, this is one of God’s promises to his righteous worshippers who elevated the word of tawhid [monotheism] since their days in the desert, until they transformed into a state and a power that fought all the nations of unbelief… The battles will shift to unexpected areas, and we shall see a generation of Muslims that, [initially], will believe in [using] power to establish their identity. [But] afterwards they will work to attain power in order to please Allah.

“Today we can say that the path of glory and elevation in this world, and of contentment in the afterlife, is paved with the blood and body parts of those who righteously [worshipped] Allah and were righteously [rewarded] by him with another life. The light of this path belongs to those who recognize the powerful appeal of the Black Hole and what it has done to ensure that the sons of the Islamic nation unite under one banner and one unified leadership.” [5]

Post by Nouri Al-Jazairi shared by a pro-ISIS distribution channel on Telegram



[1], launched in February 2020.

[2] This account, dormant since 2013, was apparently taken over from another user in March 2020.

[4], April 8, 2020.

[5], April 9, 2020.

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