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ISIS Spokesman Al-'Adnani Urges 'Caliphate Soldiers,' ISIS Supporters To Target Civilians In Europe, U.S. During Ramadan

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On May 21, 2016, Al-Furqan, one of the leading media arms of the Islamic State (ISIS), released an audio statement by the group's spokesman, Abu Muhammad Al-'Adnani, titled "That they live by proof." Al-'Adnani urged "Caliphate soldiers" and ISIS supporters to target civilians in the U.S. and Europe. He also downplayed losses recently suffered by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, stressed his determination to continue fighting, and assured ISIS fighters that victory will be theirs.

Addressing the mujahideen, Al-'Adnani said: "And here [the month of] Ramadan has come. The month of jihad, fighting, and conquests. Get ready and be prepared and let each of you make sure to spend it as a conqueror for the sake of Allah and seek what Allah has preserved for you, and make it a month of wrath against the kuffar [infidels] everywhere."

Al-'Adnani urged the soldiers of the "caliphate" and ISIS supporters in Europe and the U.S. to carry out attacks, even against civilian targets, during Ramadan: "[We specifically call] on the soldiers of the Caliphate in Europe and the U.S.: Oh servants of Allah, Oh monotheists, if the tyrants have shut the doors of hijra [immigration to ISIS territories] in your face, then open the gate of jihad in their faces and make them regret their action. The smallest bit of work that you can carry out in their countries is far better and beloved to us than any major work [i.e. operations] here. [These operations] would be of much success and more harmful to them. Though anyone of you may wish and diligently seek to come to the Islamic State, any one of us would love to be in your place to inflict harm on the crusaders day and night without [needing] to sleep and terrorize them until neighbors are terrified of each other." Al-'Adnani also suggested that those who cannot carry out operations instead throw rocks inside "crusaders' houses."

Al-'Adnani also encouraged ISIS supporter to attack civilian targets instead of focusing on military ones, saying: "We have been informed that some of you cannot carry out attacks because they are unable to attack military targets and they find it difficult to attack the so-called civilians. [A potential attacker] then would abort [his plan] since he was unsure of the permissibility and legitimacy [of attacking civilian targets]. Let it be known to you that [spilling] the blood [of people living] in the country of the crusaders and combatants is not forbidden. There is no such thing as innocents [there]."

Al-'Adnani also downplayed reports suggesting that ISIS is being defeated and their fighters are in retreat, saying: "Victory is when the enemy is defeated. Defeat is when [the fighters] lose their determination and desire to fight. The U.S would win and the mujahideen would be defeated only if you could remove the Koran from the hearts of Muslims."

Source:, May 21, 2016.