ISIS Editorial: Storming Of Capitol Signals The Beginning Of An Internal Conflict That Will Consume The U.S. For The Next Four Years; ISIS Will Fight Biden Just As It Fought Trump

January 7, 2021

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On January 7, 2021 the Islamic State (ISIS) released its weekly Al-Naba' newspaper. The issue contained an editorial commenting on the storming of the U.S. Capitol by supporters of President Trump on January 6.[1]

Titled "The War On America, Which Is Burdened By Crisis," the editorial rejoiced about the storming of "one of the most significant symbols of U.S. sovereignty," i.e. the Capitol Building, anticipating that these "protests" will not be the last of their kind.

It noted that the riot took place during a session to conclude the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, in which the "tyrants" [i.e. attendees] were preparing to ratify Joe Biden as a new American "tyrant" in office.

Reflecting on the history of the political system in the U.S., the editorial argued that "Over the past few decades, America the Crusader witnessed internal events that were increasingly dangerous and significant, and were all related to the general sense among some American communities that they are being manipulated by a certain social class. Therefore, these communities have been wanting to change the country's political system. 

"When communities are unable to bring about the change they desire through democratic means,  or when they are prevented from using those means, they resort to other means for putting pressure on their governments and on other communities, threatening to destroy the democratic system that does not serve them," it said.

The editorial argued the storming of the Capitol signals the beginning of an internal conflict that will plunge the U.S. into chaos  for the next four years and will pit communities on each side of the political spectrum against each other.

"The recent protests were an expression of the bitter defeat felt by supporters of the "tyrant" Trump – taking place after the protests of the previous year, which were staged by their opponents, supporters of the Democratic Party – And will ultimately push [Trump's supporters] to exert more efforts and provide more support for tyranny during the next four years, or for whomever stands with [Trump] to place him on the chair of the presidency, [with the goal of] avenging their [defeat] and once again achieve victory over their opponents."

The editorial further explained that the political polarization in the U.S. "means that the conflict between the two parties and their supporters at home will be very intense, and that the focus of the two parties' policies during this period will be on internal issues, to ensure more gains."

At this point, the editorial argued, U.S. policy makers will focus more on the nation's internal conflict, and less on their foreign agenda, suggesting that the U.S., has "already reduced its engagement in the war on ISIS." It further claimed that the U.S. never defeated ISIS, and made a "false" announcement of victory in order to cover up its "retreat."

"The American focus on the war against ISIS has greatly diminished, and the clearest evidence of this was their declaration of a false victory over [ISIS] to justify their retreat. Then they replaced their declaration of victory with a false declaration of success in containing or curbing [ISIS's] expansion."

The editorial also discussed the impact of the U.S. military "retreat" on Arab rulers and on Iran, saying: "This retreat in the American war against the Islamic State, and the withering of the international crusade against it, not only raises fear among pro-American tyrants in the region, but also frightens many parties that claim to be hostile to America [...] and who fear the Islamic State and its soldiers more than they fear American influence and hegemony, as is the case with Iran..."

The editorial concluded by calling on its supporters to renew their pledge to fight the U.S. and its new administration.

"Today we are renewing our slogan, which we raise after every advance or retreat. Now the fight has come. Our war with America, the Crusader, and its supporters of disbelievers, has just begun, and it will continue until there is no more polytheism throughout the land [...] This will not change, no matter who assumes the presidency of America, whether the tyrant is black or white, [no matter if he is] a Democrat or a Republican, a globalist or an isolationist. We are fighting them because of their disbelief and their aggression against Muslims, and no other reason. And God Almighty will support us in overcoming them, and the righteous will see the consequence, and praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds."


[1] Rocket.Chat, Islamic State Publisher, January 7 2021.

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