Iran-Backed Al-Nujaba Movement Releases Video Inciting Jordanians Against King, Threatens To Stop Oil Supply, Ban Economic Cooperation, Break Ties

June 1, 2023

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On June 1, 2023, Iran-backed Iraqi militia Al-Nujaba Movement released a video on Telegram condemning King Abdullah II of Jordan for allowing the former Iraqi ruling Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party resume its activities in Jordan and threatening at the same to take punitive measures against his country.[1] The video coincides with today's highly anticipated royal wedding of Jordan's Crown Prince Hussein and his Saudi bride Rajwa Alseif

The video comes few weeks after Jordan's Independent Election Commission renewed the license of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, which was previously revoked when the political party was outlawed in Iraq following the fall of the regime of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Jordan also hosts some of the remnants of the party, as well as Saddam's daughter, Raghad.

Inciting Jordanians Against King's Domestic, Foreign Policies

The three-minute video, which included subtitles in Farsi, began by praising the people of Jordan and their stances in support of the Palestinians, while inciting them against King Abdullah II, who was accused of "oppressing" Jordanian protesters and opposition.

Discussing the decision to renew the Ba'ath license, the narrator accused the Jordanian government of making decisions that insults the sacrifices of the Iraqi people and empowering Ba'ath high ranking members who were part of the Saddam Hussein regime and involved in murdering many Iraqis.

The video featured an archival clip of Saddam's daughter, Raghad, during a televised interview thanking the Jordanian king and authorities for hosting her and refusing to hand her over to Interpol.


'Jordan's King Implements U.S. Regional Agenda'

The narrator, addresses Jordanians further, saying that their King and government are constantly supportive of the United States and its policy in the region. This was paired with footage of the King meeting with U.S. Presidents Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump, as well as the King meeting with Israeli officials "in the aftermath of Israeli attacks on Jerusalem."

"What did the Jordanian governments do about the daily attacks and threats against the Aqsa Mosque? [...] Jordanian brothers, did King Abdullah's interventions in Syria and Iraq do you any good?" asked the narrator in an attempt to incite Jordanians against their King and government.

'Jordan Supports Jihadis, American Forces In Syria'

The video then showed the leader of Al-Nujaba Movement, Akram Al-Kaabi, accusing Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. of backing Naqshbandi (Sufi) groups that are fighting in Syria.

Discussing Jordan's relations with the U.S., the narrator claimed that Jordan provided logistic support to U.S. forces in its Syria-based Al-Tanf military base and in other parts of Syria, adding that this support was intended to advance the project of the Islamic State (ISIS) and "Al-Nusra" – in reference to Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS).

Punitive Measures, Final Warning To The King

Underling the militia's position towards the Jordanian authorities, the narrator stressed that Al-Nujaba' differentiate between the people of Jordan and its government.

"The Islamic Resistance Of Al-Nujaba' Movement, as well as the Iraqi people, consider you, the people of Jordan as brothers to them. However, your government's support of the Ba'ath Party and Saddam's remnants must stop. Iraqi oil is exported to Jordan, yet King Abdullah gives it to the Zionists. We have drawn a line between you and the King but the conspiracies plotted by Abdullah II against Iraq could lead to breaking ties, to halting oil supply through the Aqaba pipeline, and to the banning of importing Jordanian goods to our country" said the narrator.

The narrator went on to add that the above-mentioned punitive measures will only be the beginning. Closing, the narrator addressed King Abdullah, saying: "Forewarned is forearmed."



[1] Telegram, June 1, 2023.

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