On Instagram, Pro-ISIS Indonesian Shop Sells Apparel, Features Children Modeling Jihadi Camouflage Thobes And Islamic State-Inspired Merchandise; Orders Placed Through WhatsApp Business Account

September 30, 2021

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An Instagram account based in Indonesia sells ISIS-inspired apparel and custom jihadi-inspired items for children. Orders are placed via a WhatsApp business account, and a link to the account appears on the Instagram profile. The Instagram account says that another account that sells burqas and hijabs is a partner. Additionally, a private pro-ISIS Telegram group discussed this shop on September 2, 2021.

Screenshots And Excerpts:

In a September 2, 2021 post in a private pro-ISIS Telegram chat, a user shared a link to the pro-ISIS Instagram shop.

As of this writing, the Instagram shop has close to 2,000 followers. The shop's Instagram profile contains a link to a WhatsApp business account to place orders for items advertised in the shop.

The phone number has an Indonesian country code.


Several of the hats make reference to ISIS publications. For example, the Dabiq baseball hat uses the same font as the now-defunct ISIS e-magazine.

The store sells a t-shirt encouraging support for the mujahideen.

One t-shirt available for purchase has the emblem of a series of videos produced by ISIS's media arm, Al-Hayat.[1] Another reads: "Islam will dominate the world!" 

Screenshot from "Inside the Khilafa" 

On September 7, 2020, the account advertised a shirt which reads: "For Target Head of Thoghut [tyrant] Learn it-use it Fiisabilillah." The t-shirt design contains an image of an AK-47.

In a post on March 7, 2021, the account advertised a sweatshirt which has the name of a 2014 ISIS video[2] showing Syrian soldiers digging their own graves.

Banner of the "Flames of War" video, released and produced by the official ISIS media company Al-Hayat

On September 16, the account promoted a camouflage thobe for children.



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