Jihadis' Theological Perception Of The Coronavirus Pandemic: A Review Of Terror Organizations' Responses To COVID-19 And The Resulting Security Implications - Table of Contents

October 22, 2018

Table Of Contents

FOREWARD BY AMB. ALBERTO M. FERNANDEZ, MEMRI Vice President, Former President of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN), and Former State Department's Coordinator for the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications

Executive Summary: Wall Street Journal Op-Ed By MEMRI Executive Director Steven Stalinsky: What Jihadists Are Saying About The Coronavirus

I: Background

  • U.S. Government Addresses Possibility Of Increased Terrorist Threat During Pandemic

  • International Authorities Warn About Security Issues

  • Weaponizing The Coronavirus – A Growing Possibility

  • Themes In The Jihadi Discourse On The Coronavirus Pandemic, And Platforms Being Used

  • About This Report

II: Jihadis' Approaches To The Pandemic

  • The Coronavirus Is A Soldier Of Allah – For Punishing His Enemies And The Enemies Of The Muslims

  • The Coronavirus Benefits The Muslims

  • The Coronavirus Is A Message And An Opportunity For Muslims To Repent

  • The Coronavirus Is A Call For The World To Embrace Islam And Shows The West That It Should Imitate The Muslims It Once Ridiculed

  • The Coronavirus Is Revitalizing The Virtual Caliphate, Prompting A Resurgence Of Online Jihadi Activity

  • The Coronavirus Is A Cause For Celebration And Gloating

III: Jihadi Groups Deal With The Pandemic

  • ISIS:Official Statements Via Its Al-Naba' Weekly And By Official Spokesman, Upsurge In Attacks In Iraq And Africa, Arrests In Indonesia; Supporters Form New Media Organizations, Step Up Online Activity, Including Incitement

  • Al-Qaeda Central: Urges Non-Muslims To Embrace Islam; Leader Al-Zawahiri Neglects To Mention Pandemic In Video

  • Al-Qaeda Syria Affiliate Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS): Taking Preventive Measures On The Ground

  • Al-Qaeda Somalia Affiliate Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen: Publishing News On Coronavirus In Africa, Speeches By Al-Shabab Leaders

  • The Taliban: Assuring Cooperation With International Community, Enforcing Social Distancing And Closing Afghanistan-Iran Border

  • South Asia Jihadi Movements: Jihadi Magazine Calls It "Punishment Sent By Allah," Islamist Gatherings Held In Delhi In Defiance Of Government Regulations Identified As Coronavirus Vector

  • Hizbullah: Secretary-General Nasrallah Rumored To Be Infected, Hizbullah Sending Troops To Fight Disease In Iran

  • Shi'ite Militias In Iraq: U.S., West Created The Virus; We Are "Fully Ready To Crush All U.S. Bases Of Evil" That Are Fertile Ground For The Coronavirus; PMU Conducts "Curbing The Pandemic" Campaign

  • Ansar Allah (Houthis) In Yemen: Blaming The U.S. – Which Sends "Contaminated" Humanitarian Aid; Taxing Aid Organizations

  • Hamas: Operating Quarantine Centers, Arresting Peace Activists, Threatening Israel While Seeking Prisoner Exchange Deal With It

IV: Leveraging The Pandemic As A Form Of Jihad

  • Jihadis Leverage Pandemic As New Rallying Point For Energizing Global Jihad

  • As Authorities Lose Control, Threats, Attacks, And Prison Breaks Spike

  • Jihadis Use Mosque Closures In Muslim Countries To Incite Jihad

  • Possible Use Of Virus As A Weapon: Sneeze, Cough, And Spit On The Enemy 

V: The Pandemic's Impact On Jihadis' Operational Capabilities

  • Keeping The Disease From Spreading Within Jihadi Ranks – And Across Borders

  • Jihadi Health Concerns And Measures

Appendix I: Other Discussion In Al-Hol Camp On The Coronavirus

Appendix II: Infographic: Jihadi Sheikhs And Clerics On The Coronavirus



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