Hizbut Tahrir Pakistan Calls On Pakistani Military To Fight Israel: 'Why Are [Pakistan's] Ballistic Missiles Not Being Fired At Tel Aviv To Protect Our Mujahideen?'

November 20, 2023

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The Pakistani branch of the global Islamist organization Hizb-ut-Tahrir, which is known for trying to form cells among the officers in the militaries of Islamic countries to seize power and establish an Islamic caliphate, issued two statements recently seeking to incite Pakistani military officers to join the jihad against Israel in support of Palestine.

In both statements, Hizbut Tahrir Pakistan states: "It is the shari'a obligation of the [Pakistani] military leadership that instead of offering condolences and sympathy, it should root out the Jewish state and destroy this cancerous pimple."

A screenshot of the statement dated October 12, 2023

Following is the statement dated October 25, 2023, as translated from Pashtu:[1]

"Why Are The Special Service Group (SSG) Troops Not Being Sent To Egypt To Cross Into Gaza At The Rafah Border Crossing?"; "Why Can't The Pakistani Navy Establish Supply Lines In Lebanon Through The Port At Beirut? Why Can't The Pakistani Air Force Use The Incirlik Air Base In Turkey To Spoil The Enemy?"

"If The Army Of Muslims Comes Into The Field Of Resistance Against This Cruel Enemy, Then There Is No Need For Condolences

"In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

"On October 24, 2023, the chief of Pakistan's army [General Asim Munir], who is the head of the sixth strongest army in the world, shared his condolences with the Palestinian ambassador.

"It is the shari'a obligation of the military leadership that instead of condolences and sympathy, it should root out the Jewish state and destroy this cancerous pimple.

"Why are [Pakistan's] ballistic missiles not being fired at Tel Aviv to protect our mujahideen on the ground? Why are the Special Service Group (SSG) troops not being sent to Egypt to cross into Gaza at the Rafah Border Crossing? Why are the special forces not being sent to Jordan, to enter the West Bank from the Al-Karama bridge?

A screenshot of the statement dated October 25, 2023

"Why is the ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistani military] not being sent to Syria to lead the mujahideen? Why can't the Pakistani navy establish supply lines in Lebanon through the port at Beirut? Why can't the Pakistan Air Force use the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey to spoil the enemy?

"Oh sons of Saladin! If your current leaders are not able to lead you in this war, then hand over the power to someone who can establish the caliphate based on the Prophet and move the armies for Jihad against Jews.

"[Quran 8:72]: And when they asked for help in matters religion, then you must help them.


"10 Rabi al-Thani 1445 A.H.

"October 25, 2023"

Following is the October 12 statement as translated from the Dari version:[2]

"Let Our Military Officers Stand Next To Muslim People Of Palestine And Shout: 'O Allah! We Are Your Servants, And We Are At Your Service; Buy Our Lives And Property To Bring Us Into Your Paradise'"

"Let The Muslim Officers Be Inspired By The Muslim Civilians, Who Embraced Martyrdom With Dignity And Patience For The Liberation Of Al-Aqsa Mosque

"Considering that Pakistan's leadership is under a lot of pressure to send its armed forces to liberate Palestine, a new narrative is taking shape. Questions are raised as to what the benefit would be when Palestinian Muslim people are dying and everyone knows that they will ultimately be defeated. Considering this, we would like to reflect on a few things:

"A large number of Palestinian Muslim have been martyred. Nevertheless, the Muslims whose houses were destroyed, whose children were martyred and who bear all the losses of this war, do not complain. On the contrary, nothing else can be seen from them except courage, patience, and endurance. They themselves know that their blood is not wasted, but they go to receive martyrdom in order to achieve an eternal and happy life in the highest levels of heaven.

"The example of the Palestinian Muslims and fighters is an example for all of us who fear for ourselves on the Day of Judgment. The loss of their lives and property shakes our consciences. This issue causes all of us to think, speak and demand in this regard, which has never been the case before. Let our military officers stand next to Muslim people of Palestine and shout: 'Oh Allah! We are your servants, and we are at your service. Buy our lives and property to bring us into your paradise.'"

"Oh Sons Of Saladdin In The Pakistani Army! This Is Your Duty; Make A Good Deal For Yourself – With Blood, Iron And Fire Direct The Matter Toward Your Religion"

"The issue of Palestine is not a matter of analysis, a conspiracy theory, or any strategy, but rather a matter of the faith, virtue, and jihad of the armed forces in the name of Allah. The issue is freedom from delusion, love of the world, and fear of death. Let our military officers organize our fighters and arrest every traitor who stands in their way.

"Palestinian Muslims are not like the lowly and inferior arrogant rulers and their spokespersons who open their mouths to complain, so why should anyone else complain on their behalf, especially you? Stop making excuses and do not forget your obligations.

"Even now, the suffering of Muslims is not enough for you to stop being slaves to the colonialists. Even now, you have taken steps to normalize relations with Jews and recognize their government. Either you step away, or you will be forced to walk away.

"Oh sons of Saladin in the Pakistani army! This is your duty. Make a good deal for yourself. With blood, iron, and fire direct the matter toward your religion. Allah Almighty says: 'Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed.... (Quran 9: 111).

"Press Office of the Hizbut Tahrir Province of Pakistan"


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