Hizbut Tahrir Afghanistan: 'The Ukraine Crisis Has Given A Special Chance To Muslims To Make Efforts For The... Establishment Of Caliphate'

April 7, 2022

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Hizbut Tahrir Afghanistan, the Afghan branch of the global Islamist organization Hizbut Tahrir, which for years has sought to seize power in Muslim nations by sowing religious dissatisfaction within the armed forces, has urged Muslims to seize opportunities presented by the Russian invasion of Ukraine to unify the Muslim Ummah.

In a series of tweets titled "Talk Of The Week: The Great Powers' War In Ukraine And Opportunities For The Islamic World," Hizbut Tahrir Afghanistan, which strives for the establishment of an Islamic caliphate, reminded Afghans that Russia, China, and the United States have no sympathy toward Muslims.

The group said that the invasion of Ukraine has given Muslims a chance to work to unify the Ummah. "The Ukraine crisis has given a special chance to Muslims to work for the unity of the Ummah and the establishment of the Caliphate because there is a huge possibility of the emergence of a new world order due to the fall of the ruling international system," it said, adding: "Islam emerged at a time when the new world order was established and the governments in Persia and Rome were on the verge of collapse."[1]

In another tweet, Hizbut Tahrir Afghanistan said: "The Ukraine issue made it clear that unlike the past, democracy, capitalism, and the world order cannot be trusted because China has said that we should consider polarizing the world and creating new values in the economic and world order."[2]

In another series of four tweets titled "Talk Of The Week: What Russia And China Are Looking For In Afghanistan," Hizbut Tahrir wrote: "Both China and Russia are the worst enemies of Islam and Muslims. China has been killing, torturing, and displacing Muslims in East Turkistan or Xinjiang for decades and has been working systematically for the elimination of Islamic values and thoughts. Similarly, Russia during communism and also now had [and has] a policy of suppressing Muslims."[3]

"China and Russia have no sympathy toward Islam... and want to turn Afghanistan into the center of their strategic interests," it said, adding: "These two countries are also taking illegal advantage of the current economic crisis in Afghanistan and using it as political pressure against the United States and NATO."[4]

In the fourth tweet, Hizbut Tahrir advised the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Afghan Taliban organization) that their foreign policy needs be based on the interests of Islam, not on the interests of world powers.

"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's foreign policy should not be based on the interests of world powers or regional countries and their international political views, but on the sacred religion of Islam, the political agenda of Islam, and the interests of Muslims," the tweet stated.[5]


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