German- And Turkish-Speaking Twitter Users Promote Jihad, Praise Recent Attacks In Israel

April 27, 2022

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In March and April of 2022, Turkish- and German-speaking Twitter users promoted jihad. The users: celebrate the March 27 ISIS-affiliated attack in Hadera, Israel, in which two people were killed; praise Raad Fathi Hazim, who killed two more people in a Tel Aviv bar on April 6, as a hero and a martyr; praise Mohammed Deif, commander of the Izz al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, which is the military wing of Hamas; post images of Hamas fighters with rifles and RPGs; promote Taliban fundraising efforts; encourage others to support the widows of the mujahideen; share nasheeds calling on muslims to unite against the "people of unbelief";  and pray for Allah to "destroy Russia and the Western powers."

This report will review some of those posts.

Selçuk Al-Hanafi

Twitter user "Selçuk Al-Hanafi," whose handle is @einfachermuslim,[1] posted on March 28 a tweet responding to video footage posted by the Syria-based jihadi news outlet "On the Ground News" featuring a convoy of vehicles honking their horns with Palestinians shooting in the air with firearms and shouting "Allahu Akbar" in celebration of the ISIS-affiliated attack in Hadera on March 27. The tweet states: "Those who want to win over the hearts of this ummah, they should always strive to liberate Palestine!"[2] The account has 405 followers.

On March 25, Selçuk Al-Hanafi wrote a tweet promoting the collection of monetary donations for iftar food packages during upcoming Ramadan for families in Syria and the so-called "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan." The tweet reads: "Currently donation collection for Ramadan food packages: Approx. 200 families in Syria; approx. 100 families in IEA. 2k have been collected online, 6k were receive privately. Alhamdulillah, Allah always opens doors." Donations can be submitted via PayPal.[3] The post included a link to a PayPal fundraiser that has raised over 10,000 Euro.[4]

Selçuk Al-Hanafi wrote on March 24: "Ya Allah blind the unbelievers, so they destroy each other! Amen!"[5]

Selçuk Al-Hanafi wrote on March 18: "We were able to distribute 500 Qur'ans in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan today, Alhamdulillah. May Allah accept from the donors. Allahumma amin."[6]

Al-Hanafi wrote on March 14: "We are ready to side with the Mujahideen, however when it comes to care for their bequeathed amanah [that which has been entrusted] we are heedless, negligent and stingy. So many widows need our help, yet we are asleep..."[7]

On March 5 Al-Hanafi reposted a tweet responding to the reposted tweet by user "Sulaiman Al-Lubnani" stating: "Victory comes, solely, through Allah, therefore, it requires those who strive for it to have a solid foundation, and aspiration to please Allah!" The original tweet by user "Sulaiman Al-Lubnani" states: "If the Muslims unite on the correct aqa'id, Allah will grant them victory by his permission, hence without tawheed there is no victory. However, if the Muslims unite on the unbelievers and the shirk [idolatry]... Allah will continue to humiliate them and deny them victory. Step with your feet on the nationalist flags implemented by the unbelievers, and hoist the only true flag, the flag of tawhid [Islamic monotheism]!"[8]

Selçuk Al-Hanafi posted on March 4 a rhyming verse: "Muslims, unite / against the the people of unbelief / Tawhid is the truth; compromise / [do what is] halal, make peace..."[9] This is a verse of a Turkish nasheed called "Muslims, Unite."[10]

On March 24, Selçuk Al-Hanafi wrote: "May Allah destroy Russia and the Western powers! May Allah protect the weak and oppressed, may he grant them the only justice through his laws!"[11]

Bekir Sıtkı Şirin

User "Bekir Sıtkı Şirin," whose handle is @bsirinn,[12] wrote on March 25: "A resistance fighter who gave his wife and children as martyrs, who was subjected many times to assassination attempts, who devoted his life to the freedom of Palestine, and who is the nightmare of the occupying Israeli regime... Mohammad Deif, leader of the Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades."[13] Şirin's Twitter profile says that he is a journalist and includes a link to a page of his articles on the website of the Turkish daily Milli Gazete.[14]

On March 28, Bekir Sıtkı Şirin wrote: "If you ask me 'Who is the person the Israeli regime fears the most on earth?' I would say Mohammed Deif. Diyab Al-Misri, who generated such a monument of resistance, was blessed with mercy in the past few days. Throughout his life, Al-Misri has always supported his son, and stood by him. With mercy..."[15]

Şirin wrote on March 25: "Even though Muslim countries are in the line of 'normalization' with the Israeli regime, there are also brave people who embellish the frightening dreams of the invaders. Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades..."[16] The post includes a photo of fighters bearing RPGs and rifles.

On April 1, Şirin wrote: "During this Ramadan, they will fast for Allah, fight jihad, and become Israel's nightmare. Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades..."[17] The post includes a photo of Hamas fighters.

Şirin wrote on April 3: "We must take precautions now! 'Passover,' which is considered sacred by the Jews, falls between April 16-22, that is the third week of Ramadan. Templar groups are planning to sacrifice an animal at Masjid Al-Aqsa on Passover."[18]

The same day, Şirin wrote: "'Imam-i Rabbaani has a letter. He explains what the ordeal and troubles suffered for the sake of the cause mean. After hearing it, whether in front of me is the U.S., local enemies, murderers, or monsters, I can't see any of them [i.e., it makes no difference].' Martyr Bayram Ali Öztürk."[19] Bayram Ali Öztürk was a Turkish imam who was stabbed to death in September 2006.

Şirin also wrote on April 3: "Time is short, the road is long, and the ground is slipping under our feet. We have to show the maximum performance on the battlefield, which it is not our right to spectate. We should be aware of our duty, recognize all the 'despites' as a blessing, and strive to turn the tide."[20]

On April 8, Şirin wrote: "Last Ramadan, the Palestinian resistance hit the northern part of the lands under Israeli occupation, and started a new equation. The action taken in Tel Aviv is the herald of a new equation. From now on, no one will be able to walk comfortably in Tel Aviv or other occupied areas!"[21]

Şirin wrote on April 8: "Good news, the Palestinian resistance is now in the heart of the enemy! Two occupiers were killed and some occupants were injuried... in the armed attack carried out in the evening in the city of Tel Aviv..."[22]

The same day, Şirin wrote: "You can see all the details of the glorious action of the Palestinian resistance in Tel Aviv, the heart of the Israeli regime... The developments say: 'The Third Intifada is coming!'"

On April 9, Şirin wrote: "The moments when Palestinian hero Raad Fathi Hazim, who was martyred after killing two invaders in Tel Aviv, was practicing with weapons..."[23]

Şirin wrote on April 16: "A march prepared for the 'Operation Sword of Jerusalem,' which was carried out last year, and signifies one of the turning points in the history of the Palestinian resistance..."[24]

On April 18, Şirin wrote: "Today, I meet a very valued elderly... Mr. Saban Abdurrahman, one of the leading journalists of the Muslim Brotherhood. When he learned that I was a reporter for the Millî Gazete, he recalled his memories with Professor Erbakan and Recai Kutan [former leader of Saadet Partisi, the Turkish Islamist party]..."[25] Millî Gazete, at which Şirin is a reporter, was closely associated with late Turkish Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan.

Şirin wrote on April 17: "'Wait for us, Israel, everywhere that you expect us! Wait for us, Israel, everywhere that you do not expect us!'"[26] The post includes a photo of Hamas fighters bearing rifles.

Other Users

Twitter user @Tewhidedawet wrote on March 24 an excerpt from a poem written by Saudi Sheikh Hafidh Al-Doseri condemning the Balfour Declaration: "Where are the millions of people? I'm sincerely asking, where are the Muslims? Where are the weapons? Where is the army of Muslims?"[27] A video included in the post shows a rifle and gives an audio of a recitation by Al-Doseri of the poem in Arabic with Turkish subtitles that begins: "Give me my weapon! Give me my weapon, I am tired of talking. Give me my weapon! Give me my weapon, I am tired of talking. Oh Arab, you do nothing but talk and issue Fatwas!" The user's handle is @Tewhidedawet.[28] The user has 1,171 followers and the profile links to a YouTube channel[29] that also promotes a Telegram channel that has 64 subscribers.[30]

User "Dede.ak" wrote on March 22: "Israel is definitely more than an occupying power. It is the injustice that eludes whatever morals and value it embodies. Reacting to Russia with sanctions in case of an invasion of Ukraine. So is the equal answer to Israel – war!"[31] The post includes a link to a video posted by TRT World, the English-language wing of the Turkish state-run news network TRT.[32] The user's handle is @dedeoaka and the profile has 35 followers.[33]

Dede.ak wrote on March 22: "The Israelis are people of injustice, they are not able to lead a country with people of other faiths, which is of essential importance on this soil. They are provoking the resistance, just wait for the Commander of the Faithful to liberate this sacred ground!"[34]


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