#FightForHim: Campaign By Media Groups Affiliated With Islamic State (ISIS) In Support Of Paris Shootings And Calling For More Attacks

January 13, 2015

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On January 11, 2015, Al-Battar and Al-Ghuraba, two media groups affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS), operating under the Media Front umbrella, initiated a campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #FightForHim. The hashtag was used over 3,000 times in less than 12 hours following the campaign launch, with messages of support for the Paris terrorists Amedy Coulibably and the Kouachi brothers.

The campaign is meant is to stress the importance of fighting in the name of the Prophet Muhammed in order to protect his honor and spread his message. The tweets and re-tweets threaten the West with more attacks and fighting to come, and incite Muslims in the West to emulate the examples set by the Paris attackers to strike against Western targets. The tweets were mostly in Arabic and English. The campaign was launched through the Al-Battar Media account (@ProphetsKhilafa) and included messages users could share, as well as infographic images with quotes from the Koran and from Yemeni-American Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki.

Official jihadi groups have been known to regularly use hashtag campaigns to spread information and distribute material rapidly on Twitter.[1]

Following are the original calls to participate in the campaign as well as a selection of tweets containing the #FightForHim hashtag:

(@ProphetsKhilafa) The Al-Battar media account initiated the campaign with the following tweet: "Attention Please. Tonight at 9 PM (Mecca [time]) a campaign on #Fightforhim will be held to support the Kuachi brothers and Coulibaly [Paris terrorists]"

"#Fightforhim fight for your prophet and leave those who hinder people. Are you satisfied with the fact that your religion is insulted?"

"#Fightforhim revenge for him! Cut the tongues that do not have anything to insult except Allah and His Prophet! O descendents of the companions [of the Prophet Muhammad]!"

"#Fightforhim Where are the Islamic State supporters who made the west mad?! Tell your friend and be ready at 9PM (Mecca [time])

"In the name of Allah. #Fightforhim"

"#Fightforhim In #CharlieHebdo blessed operation, 12 killed, and the coming will be bitter!"

Above are some of the banners and infographic images posted by Al-Battar media for users to share. "The heroes of #CharlieHebdo taught the world that the descendents of the Prophet's companions are still here! And ready to clean the earth from the filths of disbelief, to defend the prophet." … "You are a Muslim? Living in the West? Being a city wolf is your task! For you are the only ones to do so! You are already 'citizens' and no doubt you are the suitable ones to be chosen for such task. You are sharing the same land with them! The same business and trains! The same neighborhoods!" … "If you claim that you follow the prophet and his companions, then show us that! Saying without working is a distinct characteristic of hypocrites!"

Mujahideen Times (@Mujahideen_IS3) is a supporter of the IS on Twitter. Here is an example of him sharing the images and propagating the message: "We'll #FightforHim, we'll instigate, we'll bomb and we'll assassinate"

(@moouslima123) "#France Hey, Europe. Your jets killed these. #Fightforhim #JesuisKouachi" The user added an image of dead bodies of children, allegedly victims of Western bombings.

"You are a #Muslim? Living in the west?! You're the suitable person to be a #CityWolf #FightforHim"

"When you slander Prophet Muhammad O! infidels, you leave us no choice but to #Fightforhim" … "#Fightforhim with your sword or your word to make the word of Allah the highest"

"#CharlieHebdo attackers (#Kuachi & #Coulibary) taught the world how a Muslim should be like! #FightforHim"


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