On Facebook, Indian Muslim Youths Express Support For Charlie Hebdo Attackers

January 13, 2015

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After the attack on French weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the Indian Muslim Ekta (Unity) page on Facebook attracted some comments from Indian Muslims approving of the attack. Following is a selection of these comments made by Muslim youths:

* Naseem Ahmed – facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005342387014 – wrote in Roman Urdu: "allhamdulillah.bahut nek kaam kiya subhaanallah.dil khush ho gaya" ["All praise be to Allah, extremely pious work was done, all praise be to Allah, heart is gladdened"]

* Sohaa Ali – facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008409370258 – wrote: "very good news"

* Tauqeer Ahmad – facebook.com/touqeer.ahmed.7739 – wrote in Roman Urdu: Nhi ye glt tarika h kuraan hme ye nhi shikhata ki hm.kisi ka khon kre ["No, this is the wrong way; the Koran doesn't teach that we should murder someone"]

* Sara Khan – facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008708640162 – wrote: "Very good"

* Aadil Pathan – facebook.com/rehanpathan.aadil – wrote in Roman Urdu: "beshaq ye to hona hi tha....today m so happy......... Aakhir charli abdo uske anzaam tak pahuch hi gyi....:-P:-P i'm proud to b on i.s.i.s....:-*:-*.....really thats so great tanzeem" ["Without doubt, this had to happen; today I am so happy. At last, Charlie Hebdo has reached its conclusion. I am proud to be on ISIS; really, it's a great organization"]

* Mohammad Asif Ansari – facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006262080087 – wrote in Roman Urdu: "Aaqa ki shaan me gusthakhi karne walo ka yahi anjam hona chaiye" ["This should be the end of those who commit blasphemy of the Lord, i.e. Prophet Muhammad"]

* Faiz Anwar – facebook.com/tariq.ziyad.923 – cited an incident in which a man approached the second Islamic caliph Umar regarding the fatwa concerning someone who had committed blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad. Umar became angry and replied: "You have come to ask for a fatwa, why didn't you kill him first?"

* Taslima Noor – facebook.com/taslima.noor.7 – wrote in English and Roman Urdu: "very goog work...sari office ko udado" ["Very good work; blow up the entire office, i.e. of Charlie Hebdo"]

* Masoom Ahmad – facebook.com/masoom.ahmad.568 – wrote in Roman Urdu: "ye bahut acchi khabar hai sun kar dil khush ho gaya.aisa hi hona chahiye gustakhe rasool ke saath hume naaz hai unpar jinhon ne is kaam ko anjaam diya hai.shabash" ["This is a very good news; my heart was gladdened hearing of it; this should happen to the blasphemers of the prophet; we are proud of those who carried out this act; well done"]

* Sameer Ansari – facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008437847832 – wrote in Roman Urdu: "Dekh lo duniya walao jo islamc ke bar me kuch bhi bolega ushka yehi anjam hoga..." ["Look, people of the world - one who criticizes Islam, he will meet this end..."]

* Aashique Ali Khan – facebook.com/md.salmankhan.739 – wrote in Roman Urdu: "Har hanth ko kat dalo jo huzoor ke khelaf ho" ["Chop off every hand that is opposed to the Prophet"]

* Mustaqeem Ansari – facebook.com/mustaqeem.ansari.1422 – wrote in Roman Urdu: "Gutakhe rasul ke yahi saja hai" ["This is the punishment for one who commits blasphemy against the prophet"]

* Owaish Sadik – facebook.com/owaish.sadik – wrote in Roman Urdu: "12 log bhot kam hai 1200 ko mar dena tha" ["12 deaths/people are very few, 1,200 should have been killed"]

* M Umar Khan – facebook.com/mumar.khan.5059 – wrote in Roman Urdu:  "Inko saja milni hi thi koyke kuda ko bhi nbi ki saan me gustakhi pasnd nhi" ["Punishment had to be meted out to them because God also does not like blasphemy against the prophet"]

* Zakir Yung – facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008589127974 – seconded the above statement by M Umar Khan saying: "without a doubt/"

* Kausar Ali – facebook.com/kausar.ali.5891 – wrote in Arabic: "subahan allah" ["All praise be to Allah"]

* Sagir Shah – facebook.com/sagir.shah.374 – wrote: "I'm proud of muslim warriars" ["I am proud of Muslim warriors"]

* Jafar Khan – facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006418695749 – wrote in Roman Urdu: "Agar kissi editor or cartoonist ne aisa cartoon banaya to un keliye ye bht choti saza h.bht acha kiya unhe mar kr unhe unke sahi jaga pohcha diya" ["If any editor or cartoonist drew such a cartoon then this is a very small punishment for them; killing them was good and made them reach the right destination"]

* Rajib Ali – facebook.com/rajib.ali.7758 – wrote in Roman Urdu: "Allah hifazat farmaye.... marne walo ko" ["May Allah protect the killers"]

* Shaikh Ikram – facebook.com/shaikh.ikram.73550 – wrote in Roman Urdu: "sub bardash karenge huzur ki badgumani bardash nahi karenge" ["We will tolerate everything but will not tolerate blasphemy against the prophet"]

* Faisal Khan – facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002240364017 – wrote: "Very good hum apne nbi ki bejati bardast nhi krenge" ["Very good, we will not tolerate disrespect for our prophet"]

* Merajul Hak – facebook.com/meraj.hak – wrote in Roman Urdu: "Gustakhe Nabi ki yahi saja hai. Jin logo ne aisa kiya woh Hero hai. Maut to ek din aani hai to kiu na hum Nabi ki gulami me mare. Sabaash shero sabaash." ["This is the punishment for the blasphemer of the prophet. Those who have done it are the heroes. Death has to come one day; so why not we die in servitude to the prophet. Well done hero, well done"]

* Mohd Mustafa – facebook.com/mohd.mustafa.1656 – wrote: "V good" ["Very good"]

* Hafeez Khan – facebook.com/hafeezkhan878 – wrote in Roman Urdu: "Bhut achcha huwa" ["Good deed happened"]

* Ashraf Ashraf – facebook.com/ashraf.ashraf.507679 – wrote in Roman Urdu: "Allah ki lanat ho us par jis nae gustakhi ki" ["May Allah's curse be on those who committed the blasphemy"]

* Adil Afsar – facebook.com/killerqureshi – wrote in Roman Urdu: "jo hamare deen se khelega hum use duniya se rukhsat kar denge......AllahU akbar" ["The one who plays with our religion, we will make them depart from the world. Allah is Great"]

The above comments – a random selection from nearly 400 comments – from Indian Muslim youths drew fiery and abusive responses from non-Muslims.  Following are screenshots from the Indian Muslim Ekta page:


The selection of comments above has been taken from the single page whose link is below:


Source: Facebook.com/IndianMuslimEkta, accessed January 10, 2015.

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