Exploiting Unrest In Jordan, ISIS Supporter Calls On Protesters To Wage Jihad Against Hashemite Kingdom's 'Evil Filthy Regime'

December 19, 2022

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On December 16, 2022, a supporter of the Islamic State (ISIS) shared a post on ISIS-operated server on Rocket Chat, discussing the protests against rising fuel prices which erupted in several Jordanian cities, including Maan. During one of the protests, a senior police officer was gunned down.

The ISIS supporter perceived the protests against Jordan's Hashemite Kingdom as an opportunity to expand ISIS presence.[1]

Wage Jihad

Expressing his support for the protesters, the user published a post in English which reads: "Jordan, Muslimeen [Muslims] in various cities of Jordan (Karak, Maan, Aman and Az-Zaraqa) are protesting the criminal Taghuti [tyrant] regime due to [the] worsen[ing] living conditions of masses there." He went on to urge protesters to wage jihad to topple the Jordanian "evil filthy regime," describing the protesters as "heirs" of ISIS founder, the Jordanian national Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.

Archival Photos

The user also posted archival photos, including one dated June 20, 2014, showing locals of Maan city holding a banner that reads: "The Friday of showing support to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – Maan, the Jordanian version of Iraq's Fallujah, supports the State Of Islam."

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Other photos showed ISIS flag raised in several places of the city.

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Back in 2014, after taking large swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq, ISIS tried to extend its presence into Jordan by exacerbating domestic tensions.


[1] December 16, 2022.

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