In Effort To Foil 'American Siege,' Lebanese Hizbullah Distributes Financial Aid To Locals

September 30, 2021

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On September 29, 2021, Al-Ahed News, an online magazine affiliated with Lebanese Hizbullah, reported that the group distributed food and financial aid valued at 1,450,000 Lebanese pounds (nearly 10,000 USD) to residents of Tyre, southern Lebanon.[1]

The report quoted the group's representative in the Lebanese parliament, Hussein Jashi, who sponsored the distribution operation, as saying that the financial aid is aimed at helping locals purchase school supplies for their children.

Jashi said that the distribution of financial aid marks the anniversary of the death of Imam Husayn,[2] who "reached the highest level of generosity when he sacrificed himself, his family, and his companions –  a sacrifice for the nation and free people throughout history [...] therefore, it is no surprise that the brothers in Hizbullah launched this [initiative of] educational aid to coincide with this great anniversary."

Jashi went on to say that the financial aid is part of the group's effort to foil the "siege" imposed by the U.S. and its followers.

"The resistance and its people are inseparable, and betting on the creation of friction between the resistance and its people through the siege sponsored by the U.S. and its followers is a losing bet."

He then warned that Lebanese people should not expect any assistance from the U.S., citing recent developments in Afghanistan following the U.S. withdrawal as a lesson for those who work for the Americans.

"Those who count on the Americans should consider what happened in Afghanistan recently, and learn from what the Americans did to those who cooperated with them."

The report included photos documenting the distribution of financial aid and food.


[1], September 29, 2021.

[2] The grandson of Prophet Muhammad, widely revered by Shi’ites.




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