Editorial In Urdu Daily 'Roznama Chattan' Warns Kashmiri Youths Not To Join Jihadi Organizations: 'Young People Still Dream Of Picking Up Guns And Establishing A Caliphate'

December 2, 2022

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On November 22, 2022, Lt.-Gen. Upendra Dwivedi, the chief of the Indian army's Northern Command, revealed that at least 300 jihadi terrorists are active in Jammu & Kashmir.[1] "According to our data, 82 Pakistani terrorists and 53 local terrorists are active in the hinterland, while the area of concern is the criminal activities of 170 others who are not identified," he said.[2]

Every other week, Indian media reports Indian security forces killing terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir, which has experienced Pakistan-backed jihadi terrorism since the early 1990s. In a recent editorial, Kashmir-based Urdu-language newspaper Roznama Chattan noted the continued attraction of jihad for Kashmiri youths.

The editorial, titled "Ghost Of Militancy Still Continues," warned youths not to join jihadi organizations in Jammu & Kashmir, adding: "It is not difficult to guess that a large section of the public has gotten behind mainstream [Kashmir political] leaders. Rather, more and more people are supporting the [Indian] security forces."

A screenshot of the editorial.

Following is the full text of the editorial, as translated from Urdu:[3]

"It Is Very Difficult To Dissuade Young People Who Think It Necessary To Pick Up Guns – There Is Such Enthusiasm And Madness For Religion In Them That They Do Not Consider This Practice To Be Wrong At All"

"Pakistan has completely surrendered. Its politicians, military commanders, journalists, and religious leaders are hoarding wealth outside the country to protect themselves in case the country collapses.

"The present [right-wing Indian] government has accepted [the idea of] Akhand Bharat [Greater India] as a reality and is working to finalize it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, India has pushed China to the wall. Until yesterday China was showing eyes [i.e., enmity to India], but now the situation has changed.

"Despite this, the people here [in Kashmir] are not understanding the real situation. Young people still dream of picking up guns and establishing a caliphate. For the past three years, the security forces have been cutting the gunmen like you cut carrots and radishes.

"The [federal] Delhi government thought that within half a year the number of militants would be zero. This could not happen. However, it is not difficult to guess that a large section of the public has gotten behind mainstream leaders. Rather, more and more people are supporting the security forces.

"Whenever the militants emerge from anywhere, it does not take long to annihilate them. The only reason for this is people's cooperation in anti-militant operations. These are facts in the light of which strategy should be made for the future. It is not the right way to pick up a gun with your eyes closed. It is important to think about [the situation].

"It is very difficult to dissuade young people who think it necessary to pick up guns. There is such enthusiasm and madness for religion in them that they do not consider this practice to be wrong at all. It is a different thing that the people who taught them such a lesson are themselves living a very comfortable life. They have collected wealth and property for themselves and their several generations and left [the path of terrorism]."

"A Few Youths Still Leave Their Homes And Disappear Suddenly [To Join Jihadi Organizations In Kashmir]"

"Now the emotional young men from unknown and poor homes have shouldered arms. No one is ready to explain to such youths that there is only one end and that is death. Earlier the slogan of such circles was: freedom and martyrdom. There is nothing like that now. The one who does this loses his life.

"Looking at the way things have been going here for the last three years, it is not expected that anyone would dare to pick up gun. Despite this, some crazy youths are still adopting this path. They themselves know that people are not ready to cooperate with them. Despite this, a few youths still leave their homes and disappear suddenly [to join jihadi organizations].

"No great achievement is impossible by their hands. Rather, it has become their destiny to be buried in some anonymous grave in a remote area. Such youths are caught in many misunderstandings. They believe that the situation will change and take a new direction in their favor. But that does not seem possible. No positive change is possible with the way people have changed their ways and turned their backs [on militancy].

"People are willing to go to any extent to counter the militancy. Anti-militancy people do this voluntarily. However, there are reports from some areas that militancy is alive. Even from [Hindu-dominated regions like] Jammu, there are occasional reports of [terror] incidents. Two time-bombs were seized there in the past few days. There are reports of IEDs being discovered on roads in Kashmir as well.

"In the background of such incidents, it is inaccurate to think that once again a situation like the 1990s [when the militancy was at its peak] will arise. In this entire region, the balance of power has altered."

"The Thinking Of Afghans [Afghan Taliban] Should Be Appreciated In That They Turned The Situation To Their Favor By Compromising With The [U.S.-Led] Allied Forces"

"In this regard, the thinking of Afghans [Afghan Taliban] should be appreciated in that they turned the situation to their favor by compromising with the [U.S.-led] allied forces. It is also very important that the work of India and not Pakistan is praised there [in Afghanistan].

"After 9/11, when America invaded Kabul and took Afghanistan under its control, India gained public sympathy by investing there instead of military cooperation. The people there believe that the surviving infrastructure of Afghanistan was restored because of India. Otherwise the whole country would have turned into ruins.

"We should not be saddened by these circumstances and sit in a corner. Very soon, political activities will get started. The interior minister has given the green signal to the election commission to conduct the polls.

"The coming days will be very important. The way political alliances are emerging makes one thing clear from which we may not benefit. Local political constituencies are dying and new players  are about to emerge. Instead of doing any good, such political leaders are sure to harm public interests. There is a need to think about this. We are not going to gain anything by picking up guns and killing."


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[2] TimesOfIndia.com (India), November 22, 2022.

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