Editorial In Issue 12 Of ISIS Magazine 'Sawt Al-Hind' Warns Pakistani Army: 'We Have Come To Slaughter You'; 'Soon Your Heads Will Roll Under The Feet Of The Mujahideen'

February 9, 2021

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The opening article in the latest issue of the Islamic State (ISIS) magazine Sawt Al-Hind declares that the government of Pakistan is apostate, vows to wage war against the Pakistani armed forces, and targets Shi'ites and Qadianis in Pakistan.

A screenshot of the opening article

Issue 12 of Sawt Al-Hind, corresponding to the Islamic calendar month of Jumada al-Akhirah 1442 (beginning January 15, 2021), was released via social media. The magazine is published by Ansarul Khilafah in Hind, or the Aiders of the Caliphate in India.

In a series of articles, the magazine expresses the view that Islam's victory will be in America's defeat, calls for fighting against the apostate rulers of Pakistan, and identifies two Iranian-backed armed groups in Syria, Fatemiyoun and Zainebiyoun, which comprise Shi'ites from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The opening article, which serves as an unsigned editorial, is titled "We Have Come To Slaughter You" and has the subtitle: "The Important Message To The Murtaddin [Apostates] Of Pakistan Regarding The Machh Attack And An Advice To The Muslims Living In Pakistan."

The Machh attack refers to the January 3, 2021 attack on coal miners from the mainly Shi'ite Hazara community at Machh in Baluchistan, a province of Pakistan. The magazine warns of further attacks against Shi'ites: "We slaughtered the Rawafidh [a pejorative term for Shi'ites] and we will again do so in the near future. We will slaughter you with the help of Allah..."

Following are excerpts from the opening article:

"We Have Told You Time And Again, And We Still Tell You That The Government Of Pakistan Is An Apostate Government"

"Praise be to Allah, al-Qawiyy, and al-Matiyn the powerful and [steadfast], and may peace and blessings be upon the one sent with the sword as a mercy to the world. To proceed, seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. Allah says: 'O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) Allah, he will help you, and make your foothold firm. But those who disbelieve (in the oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism), for them is destruction, and (Allah) will make their deeds vain' – Muhammad 47: 7-8.

"An important message for the people of Pakistan! We have consistently raised awareness among the Ahlu Sunnah [those following the traditions of Prophet Muhammad] living in Pakistan, and from time to time we keep reminding them, and with the permission of Allah, we will continue to do so. O Sunnis, recognize your real enemy, who are these people opposing Islam and creating obstacles in the implementation of shari'a?

"We have told you time and again, and we still tell you that the government of Pakistan is an apostate government, and that it has turned away from the religion of Islam. They are minions and servants of kuffar [unbelievers] and in order to please them, they sell their mothers and sisters and daughters for worldly gains.

"Did they not sell Aafia Siddiqui [Pakistani scientist jailed in the U.S. for collaborating with Al-Qaeda]? Did they not sell the innocent female students of Lal Masjid [referring to the 2007 military operation in the girls' madrassa Jamia Hafsa and the adjacent radical mosque Lal Masjid in Islamabad]? They have committed many such crimes and atrocities, which are themselves a testimony [to the fact] that the government of Pakistan has little to do with Islam, and they do not even know Islam and its fundamentals.

"O Sunnis, have you not seen how those who stood up, raised their voices, and made efforts for the honour of Prophet and his sahabah [companions] are killed and murdered? And do not be deceived into believing that they have passed some bill in the kufri [of unbelief, i.e., Pakistani] parliament to defend the symbols of Islam. It is all lies and deception to lead the people astray, and bear in mind that our deen [religion] is not in need of anything, it is not needing any bill or any manmade law. Our deen of Islam will always remain dominant, we don't beg someone to pass a bill for the honor of Prophet and his sahabah."

"It Is This Democracy Which Deems It Permissible For People To Abuse The Sahabah, It Is Democracy Which Regards It Permissible To Blaspheme Against [Muhammad]"

"O Sunnis, this is only a deception that these people are pulling you into again and again, so do not fall into this trap. These people want to conceal their kufr [unbelief] through it so that rebellions against them may subside, so that no one will stand against them. Years have passed on but the Islamic system could not be implemented in this country, why is it so? It is because this government and this unholy army always used their tactics and tricks and remained active against the mujahideen of Islam, so that the Muslims should be eliminated, so that the mujahideen of Islam are kept away from establishing the shari'a in Pakistan.

"Why don't we see our deen being implemented here? Because the present rulers have apostatized, open your eyes, and listen carefully about their apostasy. It is because there is a new system in place in this country called democracy, the meaning of which you comprehend very well. It is a system of disbelief in which everyone has the freedom of religion within the country. Today you seek to pass the bill, thinking that after passing this bill, no one in the country will insult the honor of the sahabah, no one will speak against the honor of the Holy Prophet, but you are mistaken. Bear in mind that this cannot be achieved except if we cut it off from its root which is democracy.

"Because it is this democracy which deems it permissible for people to abuse the sahabah, it is democracy which regards it permissible to blaspheme against Rasul Allah [the Messenger of Allah]. Why? Because of this so-called 'freedom,' due to which anyone's religion is free including that of Rawafidh and Qadianis [who are accused of not believing that Muhammad was the last prophet].

A page from the magazine

"All the enemies of our deen roam freely because there is a system in place that protects them and gives them the opportunity to exercise the freedom of speech, etc. Come towards the Islamic Khilafah [caliphate led by ISIS], and stand with it shoulder to shoulder so that the corrupt system of democracy is eradicated with ease. Recognize this root of disbelief because it is such that (if it is not removed) they may insult the sahabah and blaspheme against the Messenger [Muhammad] till the judgement day, Allah forbid.

"They are a group which is an open enemy to Islam; and they seek to destroy Islam, and see the armed factions which these Rawafidh and these Shi'ites have created in Iraq and Syria by the name of Fatemiyoun and Zainebiyoun which are involved in the mass killings of Sunnis in Iraq and Syria, and continue to murder Muslims. Did you not see how these Rawafidh went to a madrassa in Rawalpindi and slit the throats of innocent students, slaughtered them, and also martyred their teachers? Aren't these the same Shi'as who perpetrated heinous crimes inside Pakistan, the stories of which are yet to be told?"

"The Brave Soldiers Of This Khilafah Are Well-Settled In All Of Your Cities, Now The Time Has Come For Us To Force You To Come To The Ground, We Will Drive You Out Of Your Resting Places"

"So, wake up and recognize their disbelief. Have you not seen if someone stands up to defend the honourable sahabah and kills such a person who insults the sahabah, he gets sentenced to death? Try to understand that the present system is a system of disbelief and not an Islamic system, if there was an Islamic system in this country such things would have never happened. Islam is being attacked, yet you are indifferent and living your life comfortably.

"Wake up from that slumber! And if you have any love for the Messenger of Allah and for the sahabah in your hearts, then tread upon the path against this government which is the only way to safeguard your religion, the path of jihad for the sake of Allah. The message to the Murtaddin of Pakistan, you claimed to put an end to the Islamic Khilafah [i.e., ISIS] in Pakistan many times, but your claims are completely hoax. By the grace of Allah, the Islamic Khilafah's strength is increasing day and night.

"The brave soldiers of this Khilafah are well-settled in all of your cities, now the time has come for us to force you to come to the ground, we will drive you out of your resting places, and out of your places of comfort, out of your weak bases and outposts, and compel you to come out in the field and face the lions. Remember, O Murtaddin of Pakistan, the time for vengeance has arrived. Do you want to convey to the people by taking women and children hostage, by killing civilian Muslims or by martyring some prisoners in fake and staged clashes, that you have eliminated the mujahideen and have put an end to the efforts of mujahideen?

"The mujahideen of the Islamic Khilafah, with the help of Allah, are present in all their might, in their full strength, planning and preparing all the time to crush you, and very soon in every region and in every city of yours, the mujahideen of the Islamic Khilafah will intensify their attacks with the help of Allah, the Lord of the worlds. So, await your death. O the unholy Army of Pakistan, we want to convey it to you that you are a cowardly force, and you don't have the spine to face the mujahideen directly."

"Prepare The Graves For Your Coward Apostate Soldiers In Every City Of Yours As The [ISIS] Mujahideen... Shall Dispatch Them To Hell With The Help Of Allah"

"If you have any courage left, then make your way to the grounds. Now, you will be killed, and the people will witness your killing. You betrayed Islam and you betrayed the Muslims, now do whatever you want, gather all your powers and use them against us but this Islamic Khilafah will not stop by the permission of Allah, it will not bow down because it is the jama'ah [grouping] of Islam and it seeks to establish and implement Islam. And soon your heads will roll under the feet of the mujahideen, and your filthy bodies will be under the boots of mujahideen.

The magazine's cover page

"And Alhamdullilah [All praise be to Allah], with the permission of Allah we have shown you (the glimpses) of it [in the Machh attack]. We slaughtered the Rawafidh and we will again do so in the near future. We will slaughter you with the help of Allah, we have come to you with slaughter.

"We are full of eagerness and readiness to send you to your graves. So, listen and comprehend, if you want safety, security, and comfort then embrace the deen of Allah, which you have denied and rejected every time because you don't give preference to the deen of Allah and you are in love with kufr and apostasy, (so repent from it) but if you remain on your kufr, then await the ferocious and severe attacks of the mujahideen.

"Alhamdullilah, the mujahideen of the Islamic Khilafah are actively devising strategies and formulating plans against you with the help of Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Praise be to Allah, they are succeeding. Then prepare the graves for your coward apostate soldiers in every city of yours as the mujahideen of Islamic Khilafah shall dispatch them to hell with the help of Allah. So that the word of Allah becomes the highest and the word of the apostates and disbelievers becomes the lowest, Allah willing."

Source: T.me/Sawt al-Hind, January 19, 2021. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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