Cover Article In Issue 36 Of ISKP Magazine 'Voice Of Khurasan' Calls Indian PM Narendra Modi 'Staunch Enemy Of Islam' And Urges Indian Muslims To 'Choose The Path Of Jihad And Hijrah To Take Revenge On The Indian Polytheists'

June 18, 2024

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A cover article in the "Voice of Khurasan," an English-language monthly magazine published by Al-Azaim Media Foundation, a media outlet linked to the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), which defines itself as a supporting entity for the Islamic State (ISIS), calls Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi the "staunch enemy of Islam" and urges Indian Muslims to avenge insults to Muslim leaders by the politicians of his ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

The article, titled "Oh Polytheist Indian Kings! Be Ready To Face Mahmud Ghaznavi Again!" says: "We call upon the Muslim youth in India and the surrounding areas: You see the anti-Islamic policies of the Indian polytheists, especially Narendra Modi and the BJP party every day, and if you do not take action to expel the Indian polytheists in short order, then you will face such humiliation from which you will find no escape."

"Choose the path of jihad and hijrah to take revenge on the Indian polytheists. Invite people to jihad and hijrah in the safest possible way. Hit the Indian polytheists with cars, cut their stomachs with knives, burn temples, houses, cars, property, and crops, target crowded places, and show them that the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad is still alive," it says.

The cover article appears in Issue 36, which is dated Dhu Al-Qadha 1445, in the Hijri calendar, which corresponds with the lunar month ending June 7, 2024.

Following is the text of the article:[1]

"One Of The Major Oppressed Lands Of The Ummah Is The Indian Subcontinent, Particularly India; It Was The Land That Was Conquered Once Upon A Time [Muhammad Bin Qasim In 711 CE] ..."

"In this decisive phase... the war between truth and falsehood, the entire world of disbelief against the Islamic Ummah, has come to a head, and the desire of the disbelievers of the East and the West is to destroy Islam and the Islamic Ummah. The infidels have started an all-out war against Muslims. They are occupying the Muslim lands and besmirching the honor of the Muslim sisters, and they have even dared to mock Islamic shari'a.

"Because of the conspiracy of the infidels and their partners, the murtad [apostate] Muslim 'rulers,' Islamic shari'a has been completely removed from the Islamic world and in these lands, the Ummah has reached such a state of weakness that now the Quran, the Prophet [Muhammad], his Companions, the Mothers of the Believers [i.e., the wives of Muhammad], and the rituals of Islam are being insulted, and with all impudence, Allah is being insulted.

"Millions of Muslims are watching all of this, but they can't do anything. Just as the Messenger of Allah [Muhammad] had said: there is a (weakness) in the Ummah. From where does the weakness come? It derives from the love of earthly life and fear of death inherent in refusing to go to the battlefields of jihad. One of the major oppressed lands of the Ummah is the Indian subcontinent, particularly India. It was the land that was conquered once upon a time [Muhammad bin Qasim in 711 CE], but it is possible to pull out the claws buried in the chest of the Islamic world when the horses of Muhammad bin Qasim and his companions once again step on the land of Sindh [in present-day Pakistan].

"Muhammad bin Qasim and his Companions followed the path of the believers before them who came and conquered land after land and country after country. The companions of Qutaiba bin Muslim moved toward Turkestan [Xinjiang of China], and across the river, the grandsons of Khalid bin Walid, Saad bin Abi Waqas and Abu Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah such as Abu Bakr al-Sadiq defeated the Persian and Roman armies on the battlefield, started an all-out war with all infidels and apostates on all fronts.

"Along with the main tawagheet [tyrants], the infidels' henchmen and spies like those of long ago such as Ibn al-Qami, Abu Amer al-Fasiq, and others, who are more loyal than the infidels themselves in the field of service to the infidels, can also be killed. Then, on one side of the world, you will see the armies of Islam roaming inside the palaces and great forts of Andalusia [i.e., Spain and Portugal], and on the other side, their horses drinking water from the Ganges and Jamuna [rivers] of India.

"Praise be to Allah, it is for the fulfilment of this great dream that the Islamic State was established on the earth. This is a call to all Muslims to join this holy caravan and restore the past glory of the Ummah!"

"In India And The Surrounding Areas, Hostility Toward Muslims And Islam Reached Its Peak After The Extremist Hindu Nationalist Party (Bharatiya Janta Party) Came To Power, Led By Narendra Modi, The Staunch Enemy Of Islam"

"'India' is one of the strongholds of those belligerent to Islam and the Islamic Ummah. It is the same India whose kings and emperors have maintained their fierce enmity in every period of the history of Islam and has tried each time to oppress the Muslims and enslave them like Pharaoh did to Bani Israel.

"In modern times, their oppression of and aggression against Indian Muslims of the region and their desecration of Islamic sanctities are not hidden from anyone. But recently, the audacity of the Indian tawagheet against Muslims and Islamic rituals has reached a high degree and there is no other solution except for the children of Mahmud Ghaznavi [who invaded India] to come and bathe them in blood in their houses and cities and destroy their idols.

"Because now, instead of one Muslim sister from far and wide in India, thousands of Muslim sisters are crying out 'Wa Mutasima'! And every morning she wakes up with the hope that today her Muslim brothers will come to her aid and save her from the horrors and barbarities of the Indian troops. But... in the evening, a wave of despair spreads over her again and she thinks that the Islamic Ummah has died. Allah is the Helper.

The magazine's table of contents

"In India and the surrounding areas, hostility toward Muslims and Islam reached its peak after the extremist Hindu nationalist party (Bharatiya Janta Party) came to power, led by Narendra Modi, the staunch enemy of Islam. This Hindu nationalist party, which has a long history of hostility toward Islam, is also responsible for the subjugation of Muslims in the region. On the one hand, they are spewing poison against the Muslims, and on the other hand, they are mocking the rituals and sanctities of the Muslims.

"This party attacked the famous Babri Masjid in Uttar Pradesh, India, almost 30 years ago [December 6, 1992], massacred many Muslims, and turned the mosque into a Ram temple, which was inaugurated by the Indian taghut [tyrant] Narendra Modi a few days before the Indian election. Cows and idols are now worshiped on that blessed land of the mosque, and there also, vulgar songs, alcohol, and obscene parties are being held to further humiliate Muslims. Famous Indian film actors, the wealthy, politicians, and even Modi himself participated in the opening ceremony and called the decision to change Babri Masjid to Ram Mandir fair and full of justice.

"Some time ago, the leading member and spokeswoman of BJP, Nupur Sharma, also extended her tongue and insulted the Prophet. She spoke ill about our Prophet and uttered such disrespectful words for the mother of the believers, Ayesha, that my pen is unable to write those words. Sometime before that, another leader of the said nationalist party had insulted the Messenger of Allah and since the rule of this unclean party, no week has passed that this party's senior or low-level politicians have not opened their stinking mouths against Islam, Muslims and Islamic traditions."

"In General, The Indian Polytheists And Cow-Worshipping Fools Are Inexorably Hostile To Islam, And The Enmity Of Narendra Modi And The BJP Party Is Exactly Like The Enmity Of Pharaoh With The Bani Israel"

"Similarly, a leading BJP candidate publicly called Muslims 'insects' and two-legged animals.

Other members of the party then defended the words of the said candidate. I still remember the Al-Jazeera TV interview with the party spokesperson of the party. They asked him: 'Do you condemn such hateful statements of your party member and candidate against Muslims?' Arrogantly, he blamed Muslims and was not ready to reject such insulting words, and said that you have misunderstood, the common Muslims are not targeted here, but it is the Bangladeshi Muslims.

"However, Muslims do not know anything called borders, and addressing a single Muslim refers to all Muslims. The evil candidate also compared all Muslims to insects and animals. The evils of this Indian idolatrous nationalist party, however, grew stronger when the election and campaigns started in India a few days ago. The main theme of the campaign of each BJP candidate is to sow hatred for Muslims and spread propaganda against them. Its campaign for Lok Sabha [lower house of Parliament during April-May 2024 elections] is a campaign of insult, hatred, hate, and hostility toward Muslims.

"It is worth noting that last April, a candidate of the said party for ... [Hyderabad], Madhavi Latha Kompella, was arrested by the police in Begum Bazar after she made many insulting remarks against Muslims in her speech. This hostility of Modi's party against Muslims is not only limited to the lower-level politicians, but its senior people also harbor animosity for Muslims and Islam.

"Just a few days ago, Narendra Modi called Muslims 'infiltrators' in an election campaign rally to gain popularity among Indian nationalists and mocked them for having many children. Later, there were anti-Muslim posts on BJP's official pages on Instagram and Twitter, which were deleted after strong backlash.

"In general, the Indian polytheists and cow-worshipping fools are inexorably hostile to Islam, and the enmity of Narendra Modi and the BJP party is exactly like the enmity of Pharaoh with the Bani Israel. In India today, about 220 million Muslim people are spending nights full of horror and barbarism in slavery and subjugation to Hindus. Their fierce enmity against hijab, mosques, and Islamic rituals was not the first, nor will their extending their tongues against the honor of the Messenger of Allah, and the honor of the mothers of the believers and common Muslims, be their last crime.

"Rather, the establishment and foundation of this party have been laid to strengthen and rule the Hindu nationalists in the region and keep the Muslims subjugated, humiliated, and oppressed. The crime of the Hindu idolaters is well known, and they have a long history of enmity with Islam. What is surprising is that the so-called liberal Muslim leaders consider themselves Muslims or call themselves 'mujahideen,' when in reality, pleasing these Indian polytheists is important to them."

"The Taliban Militias Turned A Blind Eye To The Numerous Crimes Committed By The Hindu Polytheists Against Islam And Entered Into All Kinds Of Relations With India"; "From Tomorrow They Will Stand With The Jews In Exchange For A Few Sticks And Become Followers Of The Dajjal, Along With All The Crusaders"

"If you and I look at the situation of the apostate [Afghan Taliban] militias, then we know what the main purpose of the war of these nationalist militias is in the name of jihad? The Taliban militias turned a blind eye to the numerous crimes committed by the Hindu polytheists against Islam and entered into all kinds of relations with India, to the point of allying themselves with these Indian polytheists against the believers.

"They stood with them in the war against terrorism (Islam) and considered it their duty to protect their security. Not one single day did they ask: Why are you oppressing these millions of Muslims? Why do you mock Islam and Islamic rituals? Why do you insult the honor of the Prophet? They don't care about Islam, the Islamic Ummah, and Islamic sanctities. No, they only care about their interests! Now, instead of pursuing Islam-oriented policies, they have taken the tail of economic-oriented policies, and they don't care to what extent an infidel harms Islam, but on the condition that it will benefit their economy.

The magazine's cover.

"If today they are willing to compromise with the staunch enemies of Islam and great tawagheet like India, China, Russia, Iran, America, and Britain, to accept packages of pittances of aid and a few projects in return for being ready and happy to fight against terrorism shoulder to shoulder with them,... from tomorrow they will stand with the Jews in exchange for a few sticks and become followers of the Dajjal, along with all the Crusaders, atheists, and cow-worshipers of the world, including the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Qatar. The obvious reason is the level of communication.

"The Taliban militia is holding the tails of the Indian polytheists and spying on the believers to protect their security and they have directly or indirectly harmed Indian Muslims. They are also the friends in the fust row of the Indian polytheists, and their elimination is necessary the same as the Indian polytheists. On the one hand, the Taliban militias call themselves 'mujahideen,' but on the other hand, protecting the infidels is their priority. In particular, they call themselves strategic partners of the Hindus in the region.

"Even though the Indian polytheists are not involved in the Doha agreement, if they present the argument that Hindus are not military infidels because they have an agreement with them, and if they devise a trick to find a way around their disbelief, then we say to them: How is this a peace that cannot be broken? How is this a peace that cannot be broken by their besmirching the honor of thousands of Muslim sisters? The peace with the Jews of Banu Qaynuqah ended because of an infidel who mocked a Muslim woman."

"Hit The Indian Polytheists With Cars, Cut Their Stomachs With Knives, Burn Temples, Houses, Cars, Property, And Crops, Target Crowded Places, And Show Them That The Ummah Of The Prophet Muhammad Is Still Alive"

"What are the ordinary believers doing? The infidels have extended their tongues against the Mother of the Believers Ayesha... and have spoken ill about the Messenger of Allah. How is this a peace that cannot be broken by their mocking Islamic rituals and insulting Islamic sanctities? The main thing is that there is no difference between the apostate Taliban militias and the Indian polytheists, and the goal of both is to destroy the believers and keep the world order safe from collapse.

"We call upon the Muslim youth in India and the surrounding areas: You see the anti-Islamic policies of the Indian polytheists, especially Narendra Modi and the BJP party every day, and if you do not take action to expel the Indian polytheists in short order, then you will face such humiliation from which you will find no escape.

"O Muslims! You see that the Indian polytheists robbed the honor of the Muslim sisters, mocked Islamic rituals, insulted Islamic sanctities, and then slandered the Messenger of Allah. So, what else are you waiting to see from these Indian polytheists and then revolt against them? The only way to eliminate the Indian polytheists and Indian groups is to wage armed jihad and fight against them like your predecessors.

"As Muhammad bin Qasim and his companions had done, the cry of Muslim sisters 'Wa Mutasima' should be heeded, and Indian polytheists should be killed in every city in such a way that no polytheist would even think of besmirching any Muslim sister. As Mahmud Ghaznavi and his companions had done, turn every Indian city into a graveyard for the Indian polytheists and destroy the Hindu idols so that no polytheist can find an idol to worship.

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"Choose the path of jihad and hijra [migration] to take revenge on the Indian polytheists. Invite people to jihad and hijrah in the safest possible way. Hit the Indian polytheists with cars, cut their stomachs with knives, burn temples, houses, cars, property, and crops, target crowded places, and show them that the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad is still alive.

"If the Muslims in India are not able to overcome these polytheists, the gates of all the Wilayat [provinces] of the Islamic State are yours to advance. Make hijrah and prepare yourselves for revenge on the Indian polytheists. Soon the day will come when you will leave for Gaza with the convoy of mujahideen and you will make the Indian polytheists accountable for all their atrocities, InshaAllah."


[1] June 7, 2024. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization. 

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