Cover Article In Issue 22 Of ISIS-K Magazine 'Voice Of Khurasan': 'Britain... Is One Of The Forerunners In Enmity Toward Islam And Muslim'; 'They Are The One Who Laid The Foundation Of The Zionist State In Palestine'

February 28, 2023

The cover article in the latest issue of the "Voice of Khurasan," an English-language monthly magazine published by Al-Azaim Media Foundation, a media outlet linked to the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), which defines itself as a supporting entity for the Islamic State (ISIS), criticizes Western colonialism for plundering and dividing the Islamic world, and accuses the United Kingdom of being the frontrunner in enmity against Islam. The article, titled "Reality Of The Wild West: United Kingdom Of Kufr [unbelief]," calls Britain the United Kingdom of Kufr ("unbelief").

It appears in Issue 22 of the Voice of Khurasan dated Rajab 1444, in the Hijri calendar, which corresponds with the lunar month beginning January 23, 2023. The magazine is generally released monthly, but occasionally a second issue is released in a single month, as Issue 22 was.


Following are excerpts from the article:[1]

"[The British] Fought Crusade War With The Muslims, They Are Those Who Invaded The Indian Subcontinent And Persecuted Muslims Therein, They Are Those Who Destroyed The Ottoman Empire..."

"One of the leading western countries is Britain which is one of the forerunners in enmity towards Islam and Muslim. The list of their crimes against the Muslims is enormously long. The British Crusaders hardly left a stone unturned in their machinations against Islam. Ever since the Muslims had engaged in war against the Crusaders, Britain played most vital role.

"They fought Crusade War with the Muslims, they are those who invaded the Indian Subcontinent and persecuted Muslims therein, they are those who destroyed the Ottoman Empire and transformed it into the modern-day secular Turkey by putting their loyal puppet Kamal Ataturk therein, they are the one who laid the foundation of the Zionist state in Palestine and put their bootlickers al-Salul [pejorative reference to the Saudi royal family] into authority in the blessed Peninsula of Prophet Muhammad, and they are those who invaded Muslim lands Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on, and they are those who are playing crucial role in the war against the Khilafah [caliphate] upon prophetic method at this time.

"And now although they claim themselves to be the flag bearer of human rights and freedom of speech, if you take the name Islam and Shari'a in their streets you will have to experience the bitter taste being behind their bars, while no matter how much aggression one commits against Islamic values publicly, you will see them keeping silence about that.

"The British Empire began their involvement in the Indian Subcontinent in the late 1700s, when they arrived in India as traders and representatives of the East India Company. The company had a vested interest in expanding its reach in India, which was home to a large number of valuable spices and other commodities and was ruled by the Muslims.

"At the time, Britain was a small country with few resources. It needed India as a trading partner and a base of operations in the region. The British soon began to consolidate their power in India, stretching their control over the area to encompass not only trade but also politics and military affairs."

"British Oppressions During The Colonial Era Throughout Indian Subcontinent, Palestine, Arabian Peninsula And Egypt Were Chiefly Carried Out Through Taxation, Conscription, The Imposition Of New Laws That Discriminated Against Muslims"

"In the early part of the [19th] century, the British began issuing directives to their Indian administrators that aimed to regulate religious practices of the Muslims. The British thought that regulating Islam would make the Indian Muslims more amenable to their rule. In practice, this led to discrimination against Muslims and their suppression in many areas of life.

"Over time, the British expanded their control over India, annexing new regions and solidifying their hold on power. This process led to a series of conflicts with the Muslims, who fought for power and independence. The Indian Rebellion of 1857 was a major attempt by the Indian Muslims to resist British rule.

"The British responded with a military campaign that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Muslims. British oppressions during the colonial era throughout Indian Subcontinent, Palestine, Arabian Peninsula and Egypt were chiefly carried out through taxation, conscription, the imposition of new laws that discriminated against Muslims. And their crimes were massacres and mass incarceration of the Muslim masses throughout the Muslim lands.

The magazine's table of contents

"The key tools of British rule over the Muslim lands were mainly plundering of resources and cheating committed by British officials. The most significant examples of this oppression occurred during the 1857 Indian Uprising, in which the Muslim majority rebelled against British rule, while the hypocritical Hindus were only outwardly standing with the Muslims revolutionaries, but they [were] aiding the British imperialists against Muslims, being behind the curtain. But the prominent West-regulated history books will not testify to this chapter of the hypocrisy of the treacherous Hindus."

"The British-Backed [European] Indigo Planters Made The [Local Hindu And] Muslim Farmers To Plant Indigo Instead Of Food Crops On The Agricultural Lands"

"And in British-occupied Bengal, the indiscriminate British oppression led to the prominent 'Indigo Revolt,' when thousands of Muslim farmers refused to grow indigo due to millstone of British oppression. Indigo planting in Bengal dates back to 1777, when Louis Bonnaud, a Frenchman, introduced it to the Indian Subcontinent.

"The British-backed [European] indigo planters made the [local Hindu and] Muslim farmers to plant indigo instead of food crops on the agricultural lands. They used to provide loans at a very high interest. Once a Muslim farmer took such loans, he became indebted for his entire lifetime, until he passed it to his successors, while the wage offered to them was meager that accounted for only 2.5% of the market price.

"Under those circumstances, the Muslim farmers could not make any profit growing this crop (indigo). And they were totally unprotected from the British supported indigo planters, who seized their properties if they were unwilling to obey them. British Tawagheet's [tyrants'] rules favored the planters. Due to the law legislated in 1833, the tyrannical indigo planters were allowed deal with the Muslim farmers according to their wishes.

"So, all these evil practices, backed and devised by the British Tawagheet, forced the oppressed people to revolt... [against] these tyrants. And the history is full of such treachery and brutality perpetrated by the British Tawagheet, who – now – pretend themselves to be the global elite after they successfully robbed oppressed people, especially the Muslims, of their wealth. In Palestine, the British initially granted concessions to the Arab majority, but they later revoked these privileges in order to consolidate their rule.

"The British also used their military power to suppress revolts, particularly in Egypt, where they employed violence and coercion in order to suppress the Muslim community. These practices seriously damaged British relations with the Muslim masses, who viewed them as unjust aggressors. In the end, the British were unable to successfully rule the Indian Subcontinent, Palestine, or Arabian Peninsula, and they were eventually forced to withdraw from these regions in the early 1960s."

"The Colonial Era Taught The British Crusaders How To Tame People, Especially Muslims, Without Outward Display Of Coercion – They Truly Mastered The Art Of Killing Snakes Without Breaking The Stick"

"But before withdrawal from these parts of the world, they didn't forget to leave their loyalists in these regions as their successors who have been serving them till this day. And among the legacy of the centuries of British colonization area are the mindset of psychological subjugation to the disbelievers of the West and the establishment of English as the global language which has paved the way for the neo-colonization.

"In fact, the colonial era taught the British Crusaders how to tame people, especially Muslims, without outward display of coercion. They truly mastered the art of killing snakes without breaking the stick. The British Tawagheet have already robbed the Muslims of their wealth and developed a system of centralized global economy whose steering wheel is held by them in their hands.

"The British Tawagheet have been using same tactic of treachery, like the 'Indigo Revolt' incident, for bankrupting Muslims countries one by one, as they have been offering them development loans at surprisingly higher interest rates and ending up being the outward masters of the Muslim countries when they fail to pay back those loans. Consider the economic crisis that Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries are undergoing currently.

The magazine's cover

"And all these are direct or indirect outcome of the systematic enslavement of the Muslims, especially in the Third World countries, facilitated by World Bank, IMF, and other Dajjali [affiliated with the dajjal, a figure in Islamic eschatology similar to the Antichrist] institutions of the Wild West, while the comparatively stronger (but not sustainable) economies of the Middle East are the next targets of the economic Crusade in the row, although murtad Muhammad bin Salman and other Tawagheet of Qatar and UAE have been deceiving Arab Muslims by showing them fake dreams of 'Vision 2030' that by 2030, the Middle East will witness a European Renaissance-styled economic and cultural revolution, just as the historical traitors, like Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, Mir Zafar, Alchemy, al-Salul, and so on, showed Muslims treacherous dreams of prosperity and independence.

"And the Muslims must not forget the strange silence of the British authorities regarding the terrorism of the Hindutva thugs in UK and the blasphemous actions against Islamic values in the recent time."

"O The Zealous Muslims In The West, Especially In UK... Try To Understand The Machinations Of The Disbelievers Of The West, And Try To Understand The Outcome Of Their Kufri Laws With Which They Rule Over The People"

"So, O the zealous Muslims in the West, especially in UK, try to see true color of the western system of hypocrisy, try to understand the machinations of the disbelievers of the West, and try to understand the outcome of their kufri [associated with unbelief] laws with which they rule over the people, while our Lord the almighty says: 'The decision (ruling, legislation, or judgment) is only for Allah', and try understand that the being sincere Muslims, you will never be offered pure friendship by the infidels, unless you compromise your religion and the eternal Hereafter, in the saying of the almighty: 'O you, who have believed, never take Jews and Christians as your friends and protectors. They are friends to each other.'

"And O the Muslims in the West, wake up from the deceiving dream of slavery and stand with the [ISIS-led] Khilafah, for it is the only guardian for this Ummah that will bring back the lost glory and honor for this Ummah, and all other ways and methods are the ominous shadows of the disbelievers whose mercy toward you is even more poisonous than their wrath.

"And the world is being polarized and split into only two camps with no third one: the camp of iman [faith] and the camp of kufr [unbelief], which is paving the way for Dajjal [anti-Christ] which is the greatest tribulation in the history of mankind.

"So, remember! If you can't distinguish between right and wrong now, then at the time of Dajjal, it is highly unlikely that you will be able join the camp of iman, except [when] Allah the almighty decrees otherwise. So break free and strive for honor and eternal pleasure of the Hereafter, for the worldly pleasure is just a limited offer."


[1], January 17, 2023. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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