Claiming Hamas Captivity Improved Manners Of Israeli Child, Syria-Based Jihadi Cleric Asserts World Would Benefit From Muslim Domination

December 7, 2023

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On December 5, 2023, Muhammad Ilhami, an engineer and self-described "researcher of Islamic history and culture" based in Turkey and a member of the Istanbul-based Global Commission of the Prophet's Supporters, published a Telegram post asserting that humanity has paid a huge price in "blood and tears" for "the disappearance of Islam's power, domination, and the caliphate state." Claiming that today's world has "no religion, mercy, morals, or protection [of people's life and property]," Ilhami lashed out at modern politicians and secularism, asserting that "the rights of animals, plants, and insects […] are more solid and established – in teachings and practice – than human rights in this barbaric Western culture."[1]

Later that day, Ilhami followed up on the post by sharing a 29-second video clip, with subtitles in Arabic, in which the sister of released nine-year-old Israeli-Irish hostage Emily Hand said that since her captivity, the girl has begun to offer food to others and insist they eat before she does. The Arabic-subtitled video, consisting of an excerpt from an interview held on Israel's Channel 12, was posted on X (formerly Twitter) by an account which claims the clip demonstrates that the girl has "developed positive attitudes since being released."[2]

Linking the subject to his post, Ilhami described the clip as a "wonderful video, which explains the idea in unparalleled brevity," adding: "God spoke the truth: 'You are the best ummah [nation] ever raised for humanity' (Quran 3:110)."[3]

Saudi-born independent Syria-based jihadi cleric 'Abdallah Al-Muhaysini shared the same video clip, similarly commenting: "Do you know how much the world loses from the delay in Muslims leading the world? Even manners have real value under Muslim leadership."[4]

Issue 19 of the monthly magazine published by the Global Commission of the Prophet's Supporters, released on December 1, included an article by Ilhami titled "What Is the Path toward Defending Gaza?" which called to "get rid of the traitorous rulers" in order to effectively support Gaza.[5]

On the day of Hamas' invasion of Israel, Al-Muhaysini published a post urging Muslims to provide the mujahideen in Gaza with whatever support they request.[6] It is noteworthy that in March 2019, Al-Muhaysini solicited donations to Hamas via Bitcoin.[7]

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