Article In Issue Ten Of ISIS-K Magazine Voice Of Khurasan' Says Gun Violence In U.S. Is Divine Punishment For America's Foreign Policy: '[Americans] Never Considered That Their Pointless War On Islam... Will Be Answered in A Divinely Dictated Way'

July 26, 2022

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An article, titled "American Boomerang," in the latest issue of the "Voice of Khurasan," an English-language monthly magazine published by the Al-Azaim Foundation, which is the media arm of the Islamic State's Khurasan Province (ISIS-K) – says that increasing drug addiction, marital breakdown, psychological problems, and gun violence in America, especially mass shootings by individuals who are not Muslims, are a divine punishment from god for America's foreign policy abroad. The article reminds readers: "Most of the U.S. 'high paid' think tanks have drawn conclusion that the proliferation and availability of guns on the soil is the root cause for gun-related deaths. But they can't suggest a practical way of coming out of this vicious cycle."

A screenshot of the article.

The article says Americans never thought their foreign policy would be answered by divine power in such a way, noting: "The Americans will be paid back in such a divine way, from the Lord of the worlds [Allah], until they step back from their bellicose foreign policy." It also warns: "[Americans] should never forget that the reckoning in the hands of the mujahideen upon the truth is still remaining until the Khilafah [caliphate] soldiers invade their land, which is thousands of miles away from the conflict zones." The article appeared in Issue 10 of the magazine, which was released via social media and is dated Dhu Al-Hijjah 1443, corresponding to the month beginning June 30, 2022.

Following is the text of the article:

"More Than A million Iraqi Civilians Were Killed Due To Of The U.S. Invasion Of Iraq [In 2003]"

"There goes a proverb: 'Tit for tat.' America might enjoy every valid reason to brag about the gigantic size of its national budget allocated for military expenditure – an expenditure that is aimed at ensuring homeland security through high-scale engagement on international security prospects, to the extent that America has been also struggling die-hard for Americanizing the entire the world. The process of Americanization includes purporting America to be the epitome of freedom throughout the whole world.

"Apart from having the largest military expenditure, America has been purporting to be the best land of freedom – on the face of the earth – where everyone exercises rights for enjoying pseudo-freedom. To the contrary, nothing in this world comes free. Accordingly, this pseudo-freedom also comes up with a price, sometimes too high for the American laymen to pay for. And this price often comes up with the huge cost of American lives. This price, in other words, is known as 'American gun culture.'

"Before going deeper throughout this issue, let's have an overview of some countermeasures taken by America, as per their 'too curious over others' foreign policy in the recent years when America scored a systematic massacre of nearly a million of children in Iraq alone as a direct result of the sanction imposed on the Iraqi government. More than a million Iraqi civilians were killed due to of the U.S. invasion of Iraq [in 2003]. They also scored a death toll of nearly 2 million civilians alone in the Vietnam War. And the figure goes on like this."

"[Other Than Iraq] There Are Many More Evidences Of U.S. Genocide Throughout The World, Especially In The Muslim Lands, As Part Of America's Controversial 'War On Terror'"

"'U.S. military commanders established permissive 'rules of engagement,' allowing their troops to use 'deadly force' against virtually any perceived threat. Consequently, the U.S. and its allies killed Iraqi civilians at checkpoints and during military operations, on the basis of the merest suspicion. U.S. Coalition forces also killed many Iraqi non-combatants during military operations and air strikes. In this environment of permissive violence, some soldiers committed pre-meditated murder, and several shocking atrocities, such as the Haditha massacre, came to light,' according to GPF [Geopolitical Futures] report.

"Iraq war veteran Josh Stieber, whose company was seen in the infamous Wikileaks 'collateral murder' video shooting civilians in Baghdad, stressed that the massacre 'should not be seen as an abnormality' and that such acts in Iraq occurred on a daily basis. Stieber, who left the U.S. army in 2009 as a conscientious objector, believes that such shootings are the product of the rules of engagement set by the U.S. military, the deliberate dehumanizing training of U.S. soldiers and the 'very nature of the colonial-style war and occupation in Iraq,' as per report.

"Similarly, there are many more evidences of U.S. genocide throughout the world, especially in the Muslim lands, as part of America's controversial 'war on terror.' But the question arises regarding to what extent America has proved herself invulnerable to the repercussions as a result of their military policy. Statistical data shows that the most severe security crisis America has been facing – on its soil – owes to heavy casualties occurring on regular basis as a direct result of its gun proliferation as part of its gun culture. The recent shooting incidences in America show an alarming surge with no possibility of slowing down soon."

"What Could Be The Apparent Reasons Behind Such Gun-Related Deaths Within American Soil And How American Freedom Is Contributing To Such 'Unwanted' Population Control Program?"

"So far 309 mass shootings have been recorded in America this year, while the 4th of July Chicago mass shooting marked the 15th such incidence of the year and the 11th such incidence of the holiday weekend, according to GVA [Gun Violence In America] reports. Besides, more than 110 are being killed and more than 200 are being shot and injured on a daily basis, according to some recent reports. As of June 14th, a total of 19,723 Americans died by guns from all causes: homicide, suicide, and accident. That's about 119 per day, or five per hour, shot dead by a firearm.

"In addition to that, mass shooting incidents have marked significant surge in the recent years in America, while in 2021, the figure was 700 – a significant jump from 611 in 2020, 417 in 2019, and 400 in 2014. According to an FBI report, there have been recorded 345 'Active Shooter Incidents' in the USA from 2000 through 2020, counting more than 1,024 killed and 1,828 wounded.

Statistics produced in the magazine

"In the year 2020, 43% of the casualties, counting for 19,384, were homicidal incidents... This figure stands for around 34% increase from the year 2019 and around 75% increase over of the last decade. These figures are too alarming for a country, having highest military expenditure, aimed at establishing worldwide peace, leaving own home vulnerable to gun-related holocaust. These figures are also surprisingly higher than a war-torn country in the modern world.

"However, what could be the apparent reasons behind such gun related deaths within American soil and how American freedom is contributing to such 'unwanted' population control program? Findings suggest that every single incidence of gun violence owes to a unique cause.

"For instance, the Buffalo attacker found as a white supremacist; the El Paso Walmart shooter was found as a racist; the Oklahoma hospital murder might be a psycho seeking revenge on a surgeon; and the gunman of Sandy Hook was found to be mentally ill, and the professional gambler, massacring 60 at a Las Vegas resort hotel might be the seeker of 'some sort of infamy.'"

"[Americans] Should Never Forget That The Reckoning In The Hands Of The Mujahideen Upon The Truth Is Still Remaining Until The Khilafah [Caliphate] Soldiers Invade Heir Land, Which Is Thousands Of Miles Away From The Conflict Zones"

"U.S. experts may also pinpoint proliferation of violent video games, drug addiction, frustration, boredom (despite the revolution in the entertainment industry), complexities in the family matters, and so on. However, most of the U.S. 'high paid' think tanks have drawn conclusion that the proliferation and availability of guns on the soil is the root cause for gun-related deaths. But they can't suggest a practical way of coming out of this vicious cycle. This is because the gigantic defense expenditure of America requires some significant level of flexibility for the privatized defense industry of the country.

"And the [domestic] gun politics of America is another big hurdle for them to deal with for coming out of this situation, which practically seems to be a very complicated procedure. However, these materialistic U.S. think tanks and experts have failed to take other perspective of the gun violence issue into account. Here comes the issue of 'American Boomerang.'

"They never considered that their pointless war on Islam, in the name of 'war on terror,' will be answered in a divinely dictated way, when a shooter having nothing to do with Islam and 'radicalization' (in their words) welcomes a mass gathering of U.S. civilians with several rounds of automatic rifle, scoring death toll like the 'zombies' do in video games.

"They want to deceive themselves by persuading their ignorant minds that there is no god and no reckoning. If that were the case, they would have been transgressing whatever limit of oppression on the Muslim lands in Iraq, Sham [Syria], Khurasan [Afghanistan], and so on and yet, enjoying freedom and homeland security to the fullest possible extent. But the reality is quite different. The Americans will be paid back in such a divine way, from the Lord of the worlds, until they step back from their bellicose foreign policy.

"Besides, they should never forget that the reckoning in the hands of the mujahideen upon the truth is still remaining until the Khilafah [caliphate] soldiers invade their land, which is thousands of miles away from the conflict zones, and offer them unpleasant payback, by the will of Allah, for the innocent Muslim bloods they have been shedding in the Muslim lands, and Allah is predominant over his affairs, but most of the people know not."

Source: Telegram, July 18, 2022. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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