Article In Issue One Of New ISIS Magazine 'Voice Of Khurasan' Urges Afghans To Join ISIS To Establish Caliphate, Adds: 'Oh Apostate Taliban! We First Advise You To... Declare Yourself Free From Infidel Democratic System, Free Your Necks From Slavery Of Infidels And ISI'

February 14, 2022

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An article in the first issue of the English-language magazine "Voice Of Khurasan," published by the Islamic State (ISIS), urges the people of Khurasan (Afghanistan) to join ISIS fighters to establish the Islamic Caliphate in the country.

The article, titled "We Remain, Bi Idhnillahi [By The Order Of Allah]" calls on the Afghan Taliban to "declare yourself free from infidel democratic system, free your necks from slavery of infidels and ISI, repent from infidel beliefs, innovations, and other superstitions." ISI is the Inter-Services Intelligence of the Pakistani military, which is the main supporter of the Islamic Emirate (the Afghan Taliban).

A screenshot of the article

The article was published before ISIS caliph Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashimi Al-Qurayshi was killed February 3, 2022, in a U.S. military operation. It urges the people of Afghanistan to take the oath of "allegiance on the hand of Emir-ul-Momineen Sheikh Abu Ibrahim Al-Qurayshi."

The magazine, dated Jamadius-Saani 1443, which roughly corresponds with January 2022, has been released recently. The PDF of the first issue of the 37-page "Voice of Khurasan" magazine was released by Al-Azaim Foundation, the official media of the Islamic State's "Khurasan Province," which refers to Afghanistan and its surrounding region.

Following are excerpts from the article:

"Oh Power-Drunk Taliban! Remember That In Iraq, Syria, And Khurasan, Even Though Our Territories Have Been Taken Away From Us, We Are Still Engaged In The Fields Of Dawah And Jihad"

"After Iraq and Syria, the most important province is the province of Khurasan – Allah almighty also gave the privilege to the Muwwahid [Islamic monotheist, or jihadi] Muslims here that the rule of Koran and Sunnah [traditions of Muhammad] remained here for almost five years [unclear]. Besides Afghanistan, Pakistan, people from other countries, including India, the Maldives, Indonesia, Turkey, Jordan, East Turkestan [i.e., China's Xinjiang province], Russia, and many Central Asian states, continued to perform their religious duties..."

"Oh apostate Taliban! We first advise you to desist from your deeds, declare yourself free from infidel democratic system, free your necks from slavery of infidels and ISI, repent from infidel beliefs, innovations, and other superstitions. Stop unjustified massacre of Muwwahid Muslims, do not defile your hands with ruthless killing of honorable mothers, sisters, and infants during raids, torture of arrested Muslim men, women, and innocent children, forsake them and release them all at once, and acknowledge the sovereignty of one God alone.

"If you accept all these words of ours then you will become our brother. We will live and die together; we will give priority to you in every matter. If you do not desist and do not obey us, then know that the time of oppression is fixed, then the end of every oppressor would be like Nimrod, Pharaoh, Qarun and Abu Jahl. Then neither the aid of America nor the patronage of ISI will do you any good.

"Rather, you will be among the losers like them. As far as the hereafter is concerned, your case will be the same as Allah says: 'Enter the fire along with the 'evil' groups of jinn and humans that preceded you.' Whenever a group enters Hell, it will curse the preceding one until they are all gathered inside; the followers will say about their leaders, 'Our Lord! They have misled us, so multiply their torment in the fire.' He will answer, 'It has already been multiplied for all, but you do not know.'

"O patriotic and grave-worshipping Taliban! On that day [of Judgment] you will acquit America, ISI, and other infidels and apostates 'who are backing you today' and demand an increase in their punishment, but not to regret that day. Nor will any of your demands be granted, but the disbelievers and the apostates whom you have followed in this world will have the same end and your abode. That is why it is better for you to follow our advice than to do your own accounting.

"O power-drunk Taliban! Remember that in Iraq, Syria and Khurasan, even though our territories have been taken away from us, we are still engaged in the fields of Dawah [invitation to Islam] and Jihad with determination; and the grace of Allah almighty is involved, thanks to which we are [in] East Africa, West. Africa, Central Africa, Libya, Sinai and other countries including the Philippines, moving very fast and our numbers and strength are increasing day by day – Praise be to Allah on it.

"Oh false claimants of the 'Islamic' Emirate! Take the nails of consciousness and become realistic. Have mercy on your condition, keep yourself away from following falsehood and polytheism, recognize the truth and join the people of truth. There is no point in regretting the time, we have established an argument against you then don't say that, 'we did not know.' Here we would also like to send a message to the conscious and proud Muslims of Afghanistan to reflect on what is happening to the religion of Allah and his creatures in this country which has been in a state of war for decades."

"O Zealous Muslims Of Afghanistan! Let Us Once Again Resolve To Relinquish Our Responsibilities For The Establishment Of The Khilafah In The Province Of Khurasan"

"How long will apostate rulers and democratic institutions be allowed to do whatever they want with our religion and faith, honor and dignity and wealth and life? How long will their enmity toward Islam and their friendship with the infidels be tolerated? How long will they continue to resolve their issues under the system of 'religion of democracy' imposed by the infidels?

"Is not the religion of Allah and the law given by it to our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) sufficient for us? If the answer is yes, then what is the point of delay? Let us also join this great caravan which is based on Koran and Sunnah..."

"Oh zealous Muslims of Afghanistan! Let us once again resolve to relinquish our responsibilities for the establishment of the Khilafah in the province of Khurasan. Let us play our role in making the religion of Allah prevail in Khurasan by declaring freedom from all false systems and their followers and free from all kinds of national, patriotic, linguistic, regional, and organizational prejudices. Let us bring this spring of Khilafah back to Khurasan by swearing allegiance on the hand of Emir-ul-Momineen Sheikh Abu Ibrahim Al-Qurayshi [who is now dead; the article was written before Al-Qurayshi was killed on February 3, 2022].

"Yes! This is the only solution to the problems of the Ummah and it is our responsibility. Know that apart from this, there is no other way in this age by which we can save our lives from apostate rulers – this is the only way we can regain our glory. There is no other way that can be our source of success. Let us rely on Allah alone and resolve to follow his path from today onwards..."

Source: Telegram/Tamkin News, January 31, 2022. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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