Article In Issue Nine Of ISIS-K Magazine 'Voice Of Khurasan' Criticizes Saudi Crown Prince: 'Muhammad Bin Salman, The New Puppet Of America, Has Allowed Music Concerts In Saudi Arabia To Appease The United States And Other Secular Governments'

July 12, 2022

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Issue Nine of "Voice of Khurasan," a monthly English-language magazine released by Al-Azaim Foundation, the media arm of the Islamic State's Khurasan Province (ISIS-K), included an article titled "The State Of Al-Salul Is Inching Toward Democracy" criticizing Saudi crown-prince Muhammad bin Salman for introducing far-reaching changes in the country's orthodox society such as driving rights for women, music concerts, and pro-democracy reforms.[1] The article says bin Salman "has been trying day and night to eliminate the remaining signs of Islam from the holy land of the Prophet, and to establish the filth of democracy." The release of Issue Nine corresponds to Dhu Al-Hijjah, the Islamic calendar month that in 2022 began on July 1.

Following is the text of the article:

"The Saudi Tawagheet [Tyrants] Are Gradually Substituting, In The Shadow Of Reformation, The Relics Of Islam With The Westernized System"

"Many Muslims think of Saudi Arab as a sacred place, some of them think of it as the best of the places that nurture Islam! Certainly, there are holy places like Kaaba and the Mosque of the Prophet [in Medina], but the kings, Shaykhs, governors, and the transgressing ones should not be confused with the pious or righteous ones due to the existence of the holy places therein.

"Otherwise, Abu Jahl [an early challenger of Muhammad whose names means Father of Ignorance] was once sitting in Kaaba and Ubai bin Salul was once making long prostration in the Mosque of the Prophet, but the parameters for measuring the righteousness before Allah are iman [faith] and righteous deeds.

"Unfortunately, the people have lost their standard for measuring the truth and the right path, while they were supposed to judge everything in the light of the Koran and Sunnah [traditions of Muhammad]. To the contrary, the state of al-Salul (the rulers of Saudi Arabia) has been trying day and night to eliminate the remaining signs of Islam from the holy land of the Prophet, and to establish the filth of democracy therein, and it is inching toward that.

"The new reforms in Saudi Arabia are aimed at throwing dusts over the masses of people so that they can't distinguish between reformation and systematic distortion of their society – a society which is being void of Islamic norms and values day by day.

"The Saudi tawagheet [tyrants] are gradually substituting, in the shadow of reformation, the relics of Islam with the westernized system. These tawagheet are backed by scholars who supplicate for U.S. President Donald Trump and his brother King Salman. How can those people be the standard of truth when they give medals worth millions of dollars to Trump who massacred Muslims!"

"Now, The Question Arises... [As To Whether] The Saudi Tawagheet Are Really Going Toward Reformations Or Sowing Seeds For Secularism And Democracy On Saudi Soil"

"Now, the question arises... [as to whether] the Saudi tawagheet are really going toward reformations or sowing seeds for secularism and democracy on Saudi soil. The so-called shuyukh [sheikhs] of Saudi have already pledged to their masters that they are nothing more than cattle, and they are ready to support them, by putting the label of Islam, in whatever steps they take on the Saudi soil, as the evil scholar [and Kaaba Imam Abdul Rahman] Al-Sudais said in public: 'Today, Saudi Arabia and America are the leaders of the world, the custodian of the two holy mosques, and we pray to Allah that he the almighty blesses the leaders of America who call people, through their struggle and strives, toward humanity and peace.'

"Today, this scholar of Satan [i.e., Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais] deceives people through his position of being Imam and prays for Trump who has the blood of Muslims in his hands, then how can such a Shaykh become the true interpreter of Islam? When someone like him prays for the tyrants or Pharaohs of the time, then he can also attempt to deceive the people in the religion too.

"Then how will he have the guts to call democracy as kufr [unbelief] on the soil of Saudi? The seculars once hoped to have the sons of Bal'am bin Ba'ura [a scholar in the times of Moses known for mischief] at their sides. Accordingly, based on those plots of the hypocrite seculars, new laws, containing many corruptions, were introduced to the Saudi society time to time.

The magazine's coverpage

"First of all, they set up a committee comprising the sons of Bal'am bin Ba'ura (the shuyukh of the court) for the interpretation of the Koran and Hadith [sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad], and later on, they commanded the committee not to use references from the Koran and hadith, so as to prevent extremism or so called 'terrorism.'

"At that time, the ministry of Islamic affairs said that the committee would eliminate the fake narrations of hadiths that authorize extremism and killings. For implementing their misguidance, they allowed all imams to participate in that regard, while they fired or imprisoned all the scholars or imams who knew and preached the true Islam and were aware of the evil plans of America. Some of them were martyred and the whereabouts of some of them is completely unknown till today. Those envoys of evil also weakened the authority of the department of enjoining good and forbidding evil."

"Music Concerts Were Organized In Football Stadium On The Saudi National Day When Both Women And Men Danced Together"

"However, the purpose of those evil actions was not hidden at all; it was to remove the obstacles in the path of transformation of Saudi system into a pure democratic one in the future. Here are some recent examples of the so-called bold steps they took for preparing the ground for democracy on the Saudi soil.

"Women's Driving License Law

"The Saudi tyrants recently enacted a driving license law for women. Apparently, many people might see no issues in women's driving. To the contrary, on the very day the law was passed, tens of thousands of Saudi women rushed to the relevant authorities for applying for driving license, and the offices were filled with men and women; and soon it was turned into a suitable ground for free mingling of them, which was unimaginable in a Saudi society even a few years back.

"Afterwards, the institute for learning driving requires women sitting with non-mahram [non-relative] men in the car and learning how to drive. As far as traffic laws are concerned, a woman, driving car, will not be an exception, and they will surely talk to traffic police if they fail to follow the law or they might get arrested by police, which opens another door for corruptions.

"The Freedom Of Listening To Music

"Muhammad bin Salman, the new puppet of America, has allowed music concerts in Saudi Arabia to appease the United States and other secular governments. Now in different places of the country, the music concerts are openly organized. This taghut [tyrant ruler] has allowed singers from western countries to come and participate in concerts which is an effective platform for overcoming the barrier of the so called 'gender discrimination,' where free mixing of men and women is allowed.

"Owing to these developments, music concerts were organized in football stadium on the Saudi National Day when both women and men danced together. The country, which allows the corruption of music, must be planning to open schools and institutes for learning music, to the extent that this fitna [strife] enters every sphere of the life of the people of the Arabian Peninsula. Concerts and manoeuvres of Indian cinema actors have become widespread in Jeddah."

"The Prophet [Muhammad] Warned Us Of Corruption And Fitnah That Will Be Spread On The Earth Because Of Women"

"Reformation Allowing Women Travelling Without Maharam [Relative]

"The Prophet [Muhammad] warned us of corruption and fitnah that will be spread on the earth because of women. Therefore, the seculars (friends of Satan) take advantage of this particular point, as they bring women out of home to markets, bazaars, and other places with different names.

"Until recently, Saudi women were not allowed to apply for passport and visa without having a mahram [i.e., male guardian] with her, but now they have withdrawn the restriction and allowed any women, over the age of 21, to apply for passport and visa, and to travel abroad without any mahram.

"Announcement Of Women's Participation In The Army

"They opened this evil door for women too. Women willing to join the army can apply for it in the ministry of defense. I will prefer not go into details, but I will say it briefly that giving military training to women, or keeping them in military bases, or taking them with men in military operations was the biggest dream of Satan.

"In addition to the aforementioned steps, they have also removed the law of separate routes for men and women to enter hotels;... now men and women can enter hotels through the same way."

"Yes, The Tyrants Of Saudi Are Gradually Making Their People Habituated To The Charms Of Liberalization And Freedom"

"All these developments are clear indicators of the direction towards which the present time Saudi Arabia is moving. Yes, the tyrants of Saudi are gradually making their people habituated to the charms of liberalization and freedom.

"Once the inhabitants of the Peninsula of the Prophet become strongly habituated to such so-called freedoms of the western society, it will be easier for the tyrant Al- Salul to put forward the next play card – the card of democracy.

"So, O Muslim Ummah! The followers of Islam! Do not let the standard of truth and the history of righteousness left by the companions of the Prophet [Muhammad] be distorted so easily. It's an obligation upon all of us to revive the standards of the Koran and Sunnah in the Arabian Peninsula and also throughout the whole world.

"Don't be deceived by the long dress, red head-wrap or long clothes of the sons of Bal'am bin Ba'ura, who always deceived the sons of the Islamic Ummah with poison in the name of Islam [during the times of Moses]."


[1] Telegram, July 4, 2022. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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