Article In Issue Eight Of ISIS Magazine 'Voice Of Khurasan' Accuses Afghan Taliban Of Enjoying U.S. Support: 'America Puts Millions Of Dollars As Bounty On Our Leaders, And Millions Of Dollars Have Been Sent To The Taliban Leaders'

June 27, 2022

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A lead article in the latest issue of the Islamic State (ISIS) magazine "Voice of Khurasan" accuses Afghan Taliban leaders of dismissing ISIS as an "American Project" while at the same time enjoying American support from Qatar to Afghanistan. The article warns of attacks against Taliban allies, among whom it counts Pakistan, Iran, U.S., and China.[1]

The article, titled "American Project," appears in Issue Eight of "Voice of Khurasan," an English-language monthly magazine published by Al-Azaim Foundation, the official media wing of the Islamic State's Khurasan Province (ISIS-K).

A screenshot of the article

The article seems to have been written to answer the Taliban's labelling of ISIS-K as an "American project," and says that Taliban leaders have enjoyed luxurious stays and the support of the American intelligence agencies in Qatar, where the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Afghan Taliban jihadi organization) signed a peace deal with the U.S. It goes on to say that U.S. drones strike ISIS hideouts in Afghanistan in support of the Afghan Taliban.

Noting that the Islamic Emirate was established with the aid of Pakistani military's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the CIA, the article argues that the Taliban jihadi organization was an apostate outfit from the very beginning.

The magazine's latest issue, Issue Eight, is dated Dhul Qadah 1443, the Islamic calendar month that began May 31, 2022, while Issue Seven of the magazine was also dated Dhul Qadah 1443. This may be the first time the ISIS-K has published two issues of the magazine in a single month.

Following is the text of the article:

"[The Afghan Taliban] Fought The Islamic State By Their Master's Command [i.e., The Inter-Services Intelligence Of Pakistani Military] And Were Forced To Declare Openly Their Ties And Loyalty To The Kuffar [Infidels]"

"Apostate Taliban were humiliated from the beginning when their foundation was laid by ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistani military], CIA – as a result, the nullifiers of Islam were applicable on that organization from the beginning.

"Many youths sacrificed their lives for the sake of the establishment of the Islamic Khilafah [ISIS-led caliphate], and all praise is due to Allah that the sacrifice of righteous Muslims and mujahideen led to the establishment of the Islamic State. As, thousands of fighters from the ranks of the Taliban Emirate joined the Islamic State, with the establishment of it, the real face of the Taliban movement was unveiled. They fought the Islamic State by their master's command and were forced to declare openly their ties and loyalty to the Kuffar [unbelievers].

"America dropped thousands of bombs, cruise missiles, and mother of all bombs on Khurasan [Afghanistan] to destroy the Islamic State but failed to do so; then she turned its attention toward the Taliban. [Afghan Taliban's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sher Mohammad] Stanikzai, who is an old agent of the Crusaders, and other leaders of the Taliban, who were nakedly handed over to America by Pakistan, were given luxuries houses, high[er] educations to their sons and daughters, which cost more than millions of dollars for America. These Taliban leaders sacrificed many of their people to fulfil ISI's objectives in the name of jihad.

"[The] Taliban did [not] have any valid reason to fight the Islamic State from the beginning, so they labelled the Islamic State as Khawarij,[2] [a] U.S. project or some other name. But the Islamic State's conquerors clarified every of their suspicions practically and proved who they are, what aqeedah [creed] they have and for what purpose they are fighting for."

"[The Afghan Taliban] Brought The Apostate Pakistan Army, Shi'ite Polytheists, And Apostates Of Afghanistan Into Fight On The Controlled Territories Of The Islamic State In Khurasan [Afghanistan]"

"[The] Taliban militia brought their goons from north and south [of Afghanistan] to fight the Islamic State, and their forces saw the situation was different than what they were told. [The] Taliban militias had been killed for so many years and when their lies and propaganda failed to work anymore, they brought the apostate Pakistan army, Shi'ite polytheists, and apostates of Afghanistan into fight on the controlled territories of the Islamic State in Khurasan. And in the meantime, America was dropping bombs openly. Initially, she dropped bombs on the positions of the mujahideen, and then apostate Taliban fighters were commanded to march forth into battlefield.

"At that moment, many tribes and people witnessed that, but the apostate Taliban Emirate tried to hide the reality and continued calling the Islamic State as U.S. project. These apostate Taliban leaders think that they are in a U.S. military camp and the Islamic State is America's project, and people will believe them? It seems simply ridiculous!

"They think of themselves as true mujahideen while sitting in the an 'high security' camp for the U.S. intelligence in Qatar and their expenses are given by America. But on the contrary, we are being targeted, raided; and we are hiding here and there as fugitives, and yet we are [dubbed by the Taliban as] U.S. project!

"On the contrary, in the broad daylight, the apostate Taliban leaders are living in the luxuries hotels, giving interviews to semi-naked or almost naked women, drinking wine, and with full dedication pledging peace and security to America and their kufri [relating to unbelief] allies, and promising to fight and not allowing the Islamic State to pose threat to America. Yet the idiot youngsters of the apostate movement advertise that Daesh is a U.S. project! 

"They have become true mujahideen, making secret agreements with the Western Kuffar [unbelievers] and Russia, the murderers of millions [of] Muslims, while we, who have declared war against all the Kuffar, including Russia, and are currently fighting them, have become the beneficiaries of them!"

"[Taliban] Leaders – Like Mullah Baradar Who Walks Freely In The Diplomatic Areas [Of Kabul] – Are Mujahideen, But Our [ISIS] Mujahideen Brothers Are Hit By Drones In Nangarhar [Province]"

 "The apostate Taliban regime are the ones who let go of the agents, murderers of Muslims, Battalion 1 and 2 of Afghan national army, attorney generals, infidel institutions, and wrongdoers based on an agreement to implement another U.S. plan. [And] thereby, they prepared the ground for them [Americans] to flee, and they have sprinkled dust on their followers' eyes, they have become the mujahideen, but we, who want to kill the above-mentioned apostates, have become America's project and we are fulfilling their objectives!

"Their leaders – like Mullah Baradar who walks freely in the diplomatic areas [of Kabul] – are mujahideen, but our mujahideen brothers are hit by drones in Nangarhar. Our simple Facebook supporters are under surveillance while their representatives, spokesman, and ministers, who are free to walk wherever they wish and have been given higher positions in the taghuti [unbeliever tyrant] government, are true the mujahideen, but we are Khawarij or U.S. project!

"Our leaders are in the blacklists of United Kuffar (United Nations), but their leaders, who are free to travel and joyfully participate in the international kufri conferences, meetings, and interviews, are considered as true leaders – the leaders of Ummah!

"America puts millions of dollars as bounty on our leaders, and millions of dollars have been sent to the Taliban leaders, but our leaders are [criticized as] Khawarij or America's project while their leaders are the ones with full of wisdom and well-wishers of the Muslim Ummah!"

"America... [In Order To Support The Afghan Taliban], Attacks Our Mujahideen In The Jungles Of Kunar [Province], And For Your Support America's Drones Hit Hidden Mujahideen [Of ISIS] In Jalalabad"

 "O Talib! There goes a saying regarding you: 'someone went to judge himself.' You too should judge yourself.

"You think such propaganda and lies will deceive people, but now it has no effect on the people. Afghans have recognized us and your true face. The wind has blown away the white curtain from your dark face and the black curtain from our bright face. Now everyone knows who you are and who we are.

The coverpage of the magazine's latest issue

"Now, America, for your support [i.e., in order to support the Afghan Taliban], attacks our mujahedeen in the jungles of Kunar [province], and for your support America's drones hit hidden mujahideen in Jalalabad.

"And now America is afraid of the Islamic State, and soon it will openly attack the Islamic State for your support to protect your government, although with the coordinated information of the U.S. intelligence, you raid mujahideen in the cities, and our imprisoned brother and sisters have been investigated by ISI, and then they were handed over to CIA just like ISI used to do with you a few decades ago.

"Now you do the job as America's spy, now being commanded by America, you imprison mujahideen's women and children. Now just like America, you are not returning the dead bodies of our friends and honorable women. In order to protect America, you have started the raid game and are continuing the same terror, as you have assigned professional ISI agents in general directorate intelligence offices to serve US interest. Yes! For sure!"

"After The Turn Of Uzbekistan And Tajikistan, It Will Be The Turn Of China And Iran, Since Deadly Attacks Are Going On In Pakistan As A Warning From The Islamic State..."

 "You are that donkey which its rider has been changed...; rather, you are wilder than former apostates [who ruled Afghanistan led by President Ashraf Ghani]. It is the same democracy no matter whatever Islamic name has been given by you. Eventually, it will fall and be demolished and the only difference between the former apostates and you, is that the former apostates were clean shaved with shirt and trousers while you are bearded with turbans on your head.

"Now hear... A heavy account of us remains with you. By Allah, very bloody days are coming to you. Heavy attacks by conqueror tigers, in groups or individual, will be upon you, and we will not spare you, your taghuti neighbors [Pakistan], and your infidel masters easily without deadly attacks, by the will of Allah!

"After the turn of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, it will be the turn of China and Iran, since deadly attacks are going on in Pakistan as a warning from the Islamic State to above-mentioned countries. The dark days of deadly attacks and bloodsheds are knocking at their doorsteps, with the help of Allah the Almighty."


[1], June 19, 2022. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

[2] The Kharijites (literally, "those who come out"), were an early Islamic sect that advocated excommunicating Muslims for even minor sins and was proclaimed heretical by the mainstream Sunna. Today, the term is used to brand Muslim groups as extremist and is often applied to ISIS and to other Salafi-jihadi groups by their critics in the Muslim world.

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