Article In Issue 29 Of ISKP Magazine 'Voice Of Khurasan' Slams China's Repression Of Uyghur Muslims In Xinjiang, Warns Chinese Leaders: 'Beijing Will Soon Fall On Your Heads, Allah Willing'; 'The Flames Of War Will Soon Reach Your Doorsteps, Terrorizing You From Hong Kong To Harbin'

October 19, 2023

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A key article in the latest issue of "Voice of Khurasan," an English-language monthly magazine published by Al-Azaim Media Foundation, a media outlet linked to the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), which defines itself as a supporting entity for the Islamic State (ISIS), narrates the story of spread of Islam to China from 615 CE, the uprising of Muslims against Chinese "unbelievers" since 1933, and the persecution of Uyghur Muslims in "East Turkestan [i.e., Xinjiang province]," and warns of revenge and bloodshed in the streets of China.

According to a 2014 census, the population of Uyghur Muslims in China was 22.3 million. That year, the Chinese government incarcerated nearly a million Uyghur Muslims in camps, according to the article, titled: "Patience, Oh Muslims in East Turkestan! We Have not Forgotten You." By 2019, the population had reportedly dropped to approximately 11 million.

The article appears in Issue 29 of Voice of Khurasan, the magazine's edition dated Rabi-ul-Awwal 1445, in the Hijri calendar, which corresponds with the lunar month beginning September 19, 2023.[1]

Following are excerpts from the article:

"615 AD Marked The Beginning Of Islam In China, When Four Companions Of Prophet Muhammad Made A Tour To China For Dawah And Trading Purposes"

"As the Sino-Japanese war ended in 1945, it left the East Asian region in a state of four years long civil war. With the Chinese communist party emerging victorious and succeeding to the throne of China, the Muslims were about to be subjected to the worst and the most horrific persecution at the hands of the atheists. Let's take a look at the advent of Islam in this region and what the Uyghur Muslims are being subjected to for saying, 'My Lord is Allah.'

"Arrival Of Islam In This Region

"615 AD marked the beginning of Islam in China, when four companions of Prophet Muhammad made a tour to China for dawah [preaching, invitation] and trading purposes. Later in 651, during the reign of the third Caliph Uthman, a mission led by Hazrat Saad bin abi Waqqas was sent to the Tang dynasty. They were warmly welcomed and the foundation for the construction of Huaisheng Mosque was laid [in Guangzhou]. It is believed to be the first mosque in East Asia.

"However, the spread of Islam took place when Chagatai Khan Tughlaq Timur apparently converted to Islam and his son conquered Qocho. Similarly, during the Mongol era, Islam spread in the region at great pace, although its sole credit can't be given to the Mongols who, on many occasions, didn't rule by the shari'a of Allah.

"Uyghur Muslims

"The people of Xinjiang region were those among whom Islam gained most popularity in this part of the world. Being also known as East Turkestan, it is a vast barren rugged mountainous area situated in the northwestern China. The blessing of Tawheed [Islamic monotheism] was bestowed upon a large population in this area by Allah, the Lord of the heavens and the earth. These people are widely known as Uyghur Muslims. They are a Turkic ethnic group native to Xinjiang region.

"China officially accepts them as one of the total 55 minorities. However, the crimes of the communists against these innocent brothers and sisters in faith are so vile that even a mere thought of them is terrific enough to enrage the ummah against the steamroller of oppression they have been subjected to, given that the ummah is an awaken one, not one lost in the sleep of ignorance and carelessness.

"Alas! The ummah, whom Allah preferred over other ummahs [nations], has turned a blind eye to them. Alas! The ummah, whom Allah honored through the seal of Prophets, has forgotten them. To Allah we complain about the cynical silence and from him we seek help."

"The Sincere Uyghur Muslims Took Up Arms Against The Chinese Kuffar [Infidels] In 1933; Although This Campaign Was Halted In 1934 Resulting In The Massacre Of Nearly 8,000 Uyghur Muslims"

"Uyghur Muslims' Struggle For An Islamic State

"The Uyghur Muslims were given deep insight by their Rabb [Lord]. They understood that mankind has to be ruled by what Allah has revealed in his book. And they knew the rewards that the Almighty has promised the believers with. So, in an attempt to free their lands from oppressors and spread the light of Tawheed in this part of the world, the sincere Uyghur Muslims took up arms against the Chinese kuffar [unbelievers] in 1933.

"Although this campaign was halted in 1934, resulting in the massacre of nearly 8,000 Uyghur Muslims (according to the available report), this could not stop the brothers from striving in the way of Allah. So, they resumed their blessed struggle in 1944. Allah gave them success, as they established the shari'a of Allah wherever upon the earth their authority was established.

"The earth was being ruled by Allah's law and hudud (shari'i limits) were being implemented. Eventually, such a situation was deemed as a threat to communism by the enemies of Allah. As the Chinese communist party gained power on the 1st of October 1949, they unleashed every ruthless tactic and every form of oppression they could get hold of for extinguishing the light of Allah, while Allah refuses except to perfect his light although the disbelievers dislike it.

"Chinese Oppression

"Thus, the Chinese atheists began to record history of oppression, the example of which has not been witnessed by mankind in this age. They were oppressing Muslims because they said, 'There is no God but Allah.' Muslims were thrown into concentration camps. Children were being separated from parents.

"Kuffar laid their hands on the honor of Muslim women. Persecution became a routine exercise for the communists on the Muslims. Going for Hajj was banned till 1979. Women were not allowed to wear hijab. Muslims were forced to eat food in [the fasting month of] Ramadan during the days. They even tried to modify the words of Adhan [call to prayer]. They were even forced to eat pork.

"Every family of Muslims has been forced to host a Chinese atheist who would spy on them to make sure that the Uyghur Muslims don't have religious devotion anymore. They monitored every move and word of Muslims through cameras even in those gigantic incarceration cells. They are even forced to install apps in their phone so that the Chinese government can monitor their online and offline activities."

"In The Beginning, China Denied The Presence Of Any Such Mass Concentration Camps (Prison Cells) Till 2018; Finally, It Accepted That There Are Some 'Vocational And Educational Camps'"

"The lunatic level of mass surveillance and mass control has reached such a level that even knives in the kitchen are welded with shackles and fixed with the wall so that they can't carry the knives with them for stabbing the kafir [unbeliever] communists outside their homes. And such a picture only demonstrates immense cowardliness of the Chinese atheists.

"However, if anyone with the following reasons were found in Xinjiang, he would be detained by hell hounds of communists: Travelling or contacting one of the 26 countries that China considered 'sensitive'; Attending mosques; Texting with Quranic verses, and so on...

"Eventually, the mere reason for which Muslims were and still are being subjected to their cruelty is none other than following the religion of Allah. In the beginning, China denied the presence of any such mass concentration camps (prison cells) till 2018. Finally, it accepted that there are some 'vocational and educational camps' whose sole aim was to 'educate' Muslims.

"But in those camps, the sincere slaves of Allah were enforced to: Renounce Islam and pledge loyalty for ССР; Sing for the well-being of communism; Learn Mandarin, Chinese Law and vocational skills."

"Such hardline policy against Islam by the communist government has been reverberated through the words of the Chinese Taghut Xi Jingpin, in his saying: 'Islam in China should be Chinese in orientation.' This disastrous state of our brothers continues till this day. And if one would see what happened to the Uyghur Muslims' population, he would easily understand the depth of their miserable condition.

"According to a census held in 2014, the population of Uyghur Muslims was 22.3 million. However, it dropped to around 11 million in 2019. In 2014, the Chinese government incarcerated nearly a million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps, and this is the largest mass incarceration since World War Two, about which the disbelievers of the West resorted to bizarre silence, although we see them boasting about their concerns of human rights, freedom of thoughts, and so on.

"16,000 mosques have been demolished or razed. Hundreds of thousands of children have been separated from their parents. And the statistical data depicting oppression on the Uyghur Muslims kept on soaring. And there is no power and might except Allah.

"However, if we look upon the indifference of the Taghuti [tyrannical] rulers who have settled their dirty feet in the countries of the Muslims for alleviating the pain of Uyghur Muslims, we would be certainly astonished to see how they can sarcastically claim themselves to be the leaders of the Muslims and become so void of zeal regarding the matters of the ummah at the same time.

"We can clearly see the ongoing strengthening of ties with the Chinese infidels not only in the Middle East, but also in other countries of the Muslims, to the extent that you will see mentally retarded murtad [apostate] scholars for dollars labelling Uyghur Muslims as Yajooj Majooj with a view to becoming closer to the Chinese atheists. And the ever-increasing friendship of the jihad claiming the Taliban Emirate with the Chinese atheists is barely hidden to anyone. So, for the oppressed Uyghur Muslims, the only hope lies with the soldiers of Allah."

"Wait For The Torment Ahead, O Enemies Of Allah! Expect No Mercy From Us, Not Even Mere Offer Of Peace"

"Our Message To The Chinese Atheists

"Wait for the torment ahead, O enemies of Allah! Expect no mercy from us, not even mere offer of peace. Let go of your thoughts of security. For by Allah, we promise you that soon you will be confronted by an army to whom more dearer is death in the course of maximizing your corpses than comfortable life witnessing you being increased in oppression against their brethren in faith.

"So, we give you glad tidings of the wrath of Allah at the hands of the soldiers of Allah whose hobbies are shedding your blood and scattering your limbs. Neither your economy as strong as spider's web nor the multitudes of your soldiers can protect you from our revenge, bi'dhnillah [with Allah's permission].

"Soon, we shall flood your streets with your blood. Running will not benefit you, hiding will not save you, nor will you be able to daydream of peace. Chaos awaits you. Clouds of terror will cover your skies and your blood will soak your thirsty land just like rainfall soaks the earth after drought. By Allah, we will destroy your empire of tyranny from east to west and from ... [words missing in original].

"Remember, we never forget, never forgive! And we will continue to fight you until the word of Allah is the highest and his law is enforced from where the sun rises to where it sets.

"Message For The Chinese Government

"And as for what concerns the leaders of the atheists, cowardly Xi Jinping and Li Zuocheng [former chief of China's Military Commission], glad tidings to you, O enemies of Allah, for the nights of sound sleep shall not accompany you anymore, and Beijing will soon fall on your heads, Allah willing. You have already seen how we quenched our thirst for your blood in Kabul where the murtad Taliban militia could not protect 30 citizens of yours who became prey to the lions of Khilafah [ISIS-Led Caliphate]. And our brethren's breasts are healed every time your blood is shed.

"So, this flow will continue to the end, bi'dhnillah. And the flames of war will soon reach your doorsteps, terrorizing you from Hong Kong to Harbin. And these watch dogs, upon whom you have put your trust solely, will soon disappoint you through competing with each other in running away from the soldiers of Allah, Allah willing. The technology you boast about will be used against you for destroying your safe houses, for the soldiers of the Islamic State are the descendants of the Companions [Muhammad]. We shall return to you the battles like Bad and Yarmouk, Allah willing. So, die in your rage.

"And the day of worldly reckoning is near, Allah willing, while the ultimate reckoning in the hereafter remains, and the soldiers of Allah will show no respite to you, O disbelieving ones. So, wait indeed we are waiting with you. And the final outcome is for the righteous. And our final prayer is all praise is due to Allah the Lord of worlds."


[1] Telegram, October 3, 2023. The original English of the articles in this dispatch has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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