Article In Issue 21 Of ISIS Magazine 'Sawt Al-Hind' Castigates Reformist Islamic Scholars, Says: 'Terms Like Jihad – Which Is Beloved To Allah – Were Changed By The Tawagheet [Tyrants]'

October 28, 2021

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An article in the latest issue of the monthly English-language ISIS magazine "Sawt Al-Hind [the Voice of India]," which is published by Ansarul Khilafah In Hind ("the Aiders of the Caliphate in India"), criticizes Ulema-e-Soo ("the Evil Scholars") in the Islamic world for supporting the Western interpretations of jihad as terrorism. In the Islamic literature, there are distinctions between two types of Islamic religious scholars: Ulema-e-Haq ("the scholars of truth") and Ulema-e-Soo ("the evil scholars who deviate"). Issue 21 of Sawt Al-Hind was released via Telegram on October 15, 2021, corresponding with the month of Rabiul Awwal 1443 according to the Hijri calendar, which in 2021 began on October 7.[1]

A screenshot of the article under review

The English-language magazine contains several articles. An article titled "Taliban: Between Rafidiyat [a pejorative for Shi'ism] and Sufiyat [Sufism]" accuses the Afghan Taliban and Al-Qaeda of deviating from their principles and of supporting Shi'ites and Sufis. A coverpage article, titled "The Inheritors and the Bandits of Knowledge," criticizes "evil scholars" who support the West and un-Islamic governments of Muslim countries.

An article, titled "Ideological Warfare and the Evil Scholars" urges Muslims to follow clerics involved in jihad and warns that many imprisoned clerics were pressured to change their principles while in prison. Another declares "Allah will Surely Make Evident Those Who are Truthful and Those Who are Liars," arguing that only jihad, not nationalism or movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood or the Jamaat-e-Islami party, can help the Kashmiri cause.

Following is the text of the article titled "Ideological Warfare and the Evil Scholars":

"Ulema-us-Suoo – The Evil Scholars – And The Proponents Of Critical Thinking And 'Intellectual Awakening' [Advocating Reform] Are The Biggest Accomplices Of The Kuffar [Unbelievers]"

"From among the many misconceptions regarding the war on Islam and its people, the biggest misconception among the Muslims is: they consider this to be a military campaign that has nothing to do with our deen [religion, way of life]. The enemies of Allah, however, are determined to hinder the people from the path of Allah and to enslave the Muslims. And in this quest, they have left no stone unturned to weaken the Muslims. They have done everything in their power to fulfil their agenda. They have united to distort the pure aqeedah [creed] of the Muslims.

"Upon examination [of] this war, we find that the Ulema-us-Suoo – the evil scholars – and the proponents of critical thinking and 'intellectual awakening' [advocating reform] are the biggest accomplices of the Kuffar [unbelievers]. As the Kuffar realized... the principles of this deen are clear, its commandments are categorical, its terminologies are determined, thereby closing all the doors of distortion. The Kuffar then devised a wicked plan, seeking to distort the commandments by obfuscation, by complicating clear matters – replacing them with unclear and confusing terminologies. For this they sought the services of the Scholars of Palaces and paid Shayateen [devils], who sell the verses of Allah cheaply.

"They distorted terminologies and confused the people. Terms like jihad – which is beloved to Allah – were changed by the Tawagheet [tyrants]. They replaced 'jihad' with 'terrorism' making the two synonymous. And then their pet Ulema-us-Soo use this term on the pulpits and in their lectures. Using this smokescreen, they distort the matter of fighting for the sake of Allah and portray it as an ugly and hateful matter to the people."

"You... See Them Using Terms Such As Resistance Instead Of Jihad, Civilians Instead Of Warring Kuffar, Sinners Instead Of Tawagheet Who Replace The Shari'a Of Allah With Man-Made Laws"

"This did not stop here. Rather, more crookedness was introduced in this war of terminologies. To justify acts that incur the wrath of Allah such as atheism, attacking the honor of the Prophet Muhammad, slandering the Sahaba [i.e., companions of Muhammad] – May Allah be pleased with them, they came up with terms such as freedom of speech. They adorned these terms for the people and made it acceptable to them. Thus, usury became profit, alcohol became soul food, adultery became personal choice, and nudity became art.

"This matter is not restricted to the Kuffar alone whose reality is clear upon everyone except that Allah has obliterated his sight and hearing. The groups that claim to be fighting for shari'a are also infected by this cancer. In fact, it has eaten into their very existence. You, therefore, see them using terms such as resistance instead of jihad, civilians instead of warring Kuffar, sinners instead of Tawagheet who replace the shari'a of Allah with man-made laws.

"This is because they fear them as they should fear Allah, perhaps more than that. It shows in their appearance and in their outlook. They have accepted and internalized humiliation and slavery. Thus, whoever wants to be free from this mental slavery and humiliation needs to drink from the pure spring of Islam. Just as they refer to the Koran and Sunnah [i.e., traditions of Muhammad] in matters of meanings and interpretations, they also ought to refer to the Koran and Sunnah in matters of words and terminologies."

"Just As Misguidance Stems From Distortion Of Meanings And Interpretations, It Also Stems From Distortion Of Words"

"Just as misguidance stems from distortion of meanings and interpretations, it also stems from distortion of words. Thus, meanings and interpretations should be taken from their intended molds. As Allah says, 'an Arabic Koran, free from any distortion, so that people may be mindful' – (Az-Zumar: 28). Thus, if you walk upon the straight path, you will be saved from crookedness and if you divert from this path, you will be counted among the crooked and you will end up in the lowest pits of hell-fire.

"So, for those who seek the truth, return your matters to the scholars who are among the first rows on the battlefield and after that those who are known to them and agree with them, whether they are in prisons or outside of them.

The magazine's coverpage questions Indian clerics' support for democracy

"And remember imprisonment by the Tawagheet is not a proof of righteousness or scholarship. These Tawagheet imprison everyone in accordance... [with] the policy of their states and governments and whoever opposes them is imprisoned. A lot of times these people are given the title of Shaykh and thus a fabricated scholar is produced for the people, and this is the case more often than not.

"And remember, prisons are a trial from Allah and not everyone passes this trial. It may be that a Shaykh was hit with a trial, and he retracted his opinions and rethought his methodology. It may be that in prison he changed his beliefs from what he had before.

"So, whenever your Shaykh is released from prison, don't follow him blindly except in clear-cut matters. And if he is steadfast upon his beliefs that he had before going to prison and has the same proximity and love for the people of jihad, then follow that Shaykh. If he has watered down his principles and beliefs and doesn't feel the same way about the people of the battlefields, then the favored opinion is that the Shaykh has been hit with a terrible fitnah [strife]."

Ibn Taymiyyah[2] Said: "The Doors Of Guidance Are Opened Through Jihad As The Noble Verse In The Koran Points Out, 'Those Who Fight In Our Cause, We Will Surely Guide Them To Our Ways'"

"During the times where differences between the Muslims are pronounced, Islam directs them to seek guidance from those [the mujahideen] who are on the front lines as they are most deserving from Allah. They are the first ones to receive guidance from Allah. The Salaf[3] refrained from seeking knowledge from those are prone to fitnah. Fitnah, that is closer to them than their jugular veins.

"[Eighth century Islamic scholar] Sufyan bin Uyanah relates that Abdullah bin Mubarak said: 'Whenever there is fitnah, seek guidance from the mujahideen and those who are on the front lines, as they are the ones about whom Allah said, we will surely guide them to our ways.' Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said: This is precisely the reason that the doors of guidance are opened through jihad as the noble verse in the Koran points out, 'Those who fight in our cause, we will surely guide them to our ways' – (Al-Ankabut: 69).

"Therefore, those who fight in the path of Allah are guided by Allah. In their struggle, all the paths of knowledge are leveled for them by Allah. Thus, it becomes incumbent upon us to follow the teachings of the mujahideen and the scholars among their ranks, as they are ones calling towards the implementation of shari'a and making Allah's word supreme.

"Those in prisons are not a hujjah [proof] for anyone. Most of those lying in the cells and dungeons are but tissue papers, used and dumped by the Tawagheet. They earned the anger of Allah by pleasing the Tawagheet, and thus the decree of Allah has been executed against them. And they have no one to blame for it except themselves, for Allah doesn't commit injustice to his servants."


[1] VOH06_BOT, October 15, 2021. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

[2] 14th century Islamic scholar and Sheikh Al-Islam Taqi Al-Din Ibn Taymiyya, whom jihadis quote and reference frequently for, among other things, his anti-Shi'ite stance and his writings permitting the killing of those who insult Muhammad.

[3] Literally meaning "predecessor," or "forefather," salaf refers either to the first three generations of Muslims, or simply early Muslims,

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