Article In Issue 14 Of ISIS Magazine 'Sawt Al-Hind' Alleges Jewish Conspiracy Behind Global Music, Film Industries To Turn Muslims Away From Islam So Jews Can Rule The World

March 23, 2021

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The opening article in the latest issue of the ISIS magazine Sawt Al-Hind alleges a Jewish conspiracy behind the promotion of film industries such as Hollywood in America, Bollywood in India, and Lollywood in Pakistan to divert people's attention from serious issues and enable the Jews to rule over the New World Order.[1]

The article, titled "Lahw al-Hadith [idle talk]," narrates examples from the early Islamic history of how non-Muslims tried to promote tales of kings as well as music and dancing to divert early Muslim converts away from the religion.

"We know that the era we are passing through is the age of tribulations and severe battles (al-Malahim) where the arrival of Imam Mahdi, Prophet Jesus and Dajjal[2] is on our heads. And the Jews are ready to make their final moves, for which they have been preparing for years and are doing more, and want to bind the world to a New World Order where they rule, and the rest of the world is their servant," it states.

The English-language monthly Sawt Al-Hind is published by Ansarul Khilafah in Hind, or the Aiders of the Caliphate in India. A Telegram channel shared a PDF of its latest issue, Issue 14 for the Arabic month of Sha'ban 1442 (starting March 14, 2021). The article calls on Muslims to make jihad for Islam.

A screenshot of the article

Following is the text of the article:

"He Then Went To Iraq And... Brought The Stories Of The Ajam Kings And The Tales Of Rustam And Asfandyar And Started Holding Storytelling Gatherings To Divert The Attention Of People From The Koran"

"'And of mankind is he who purchases idle talk (Lahw al-Hadith) to mislead from the path of Allah without knowledge and takes it by way of mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment' – (Verse Luqman 31:6). While in preceding ayah [verse] Allah mentions about the blessed ones who are guided by the Book of Allah almighty and benefit from hearing it, here in this ayah, we read about the doomed who turn away from the Koran and do not benefit from hearing the words of Allah. Instead, they turn to listening to the music and songs. So, Abdullah ibn Mas'ud has commented about this ayah. He said, This – by Allah – refers to singing.

"There is another narration where he was asked about the meaning of this ayah. He swore three times and said that it means to sing and chant music and melody. This is also the view of [early Islamic elders] Ibn Abbas, Jabir, Ikrimah, Saeed bin Jubair, Mujahid Makhul, Amr bin Shoaib and Ali bin Bazima. [Early Islamic theologian] Imam Hassan al-Basri says that this verse has been revealed about the [acts of] singing and music.

"Qatadah says that it does not refer to only those who spend money on purchasing it, but it also means to like it. Ibn Hasham has narrated from [early Islamic historian] Muhammad ibn Ishaq that when dawah [preaching, invitation] of the Prophet (Muhammad) was spreading in spite of the efforts of the disbelievers of Meccah, Nadr ibn Harith said to the people of [non-Muslim tribe of] Quraysh: 'It will not work the way you are combating this person. You have seen him since his childhood to his middle age. And to this day, he is the best mannered among you. He is the most truthful and the most honest. Now when you say he is a priest, a sorcerer, a poet, a madman, who will believe these things? Have people not seen magicians and what kind of magic they cast? Don't people know what kind of things priests do? Are people unfamiliar with poetry? Don't people know the state of insanity? Which of these accusations even fit Muhammad that by attributing it to him you can prevent people from paying attention to him? I will deal with him myself.'

"He then went to Iraq and from there brought the stories of the Ajam kings and the tales of Rustam and Asfandyar and started holding storytelling gatherings to divert the attention of people from the Koran and get lost in these stories – (narrated by Ibn Hasham).

"This narration has also been mentioned by al-Wahidi in his Asbaab al-Nuzdl [Occasions or circumstances of revelation of the Koranic verses]... And Ibn Abbas added that Nadr had also bought female slave singers for this purpose. He would give his slaves to any such person about whom he heard that he was being influenced by the words of Muhammad and would tell them (the female slave singers) to sing to him and make him drink well so that his heart gets distracted by engaging with you."

"Slaves And Concubines Were Bought... To Sing And Dance, While In Present Times This Work Of Humiliation Has Been Embellished With Beautiful Words And Clothing [For Singers, Dancers, And Actors]"

"This tactic is similar to the one used by the criminals of nations in every time period. They try to engage people in sports, dance, and music so they do not retain the consciousness to pay attention to the important affairs and actual problems of life, and in that world of amusement they do not feel and realize the path of destruction they are being pushed towards.

"This Tafsir of Lahw al-Hadith (idle talk) has been narrated from many Sahabah [Companions of Muhammad] and Tabiyeen [those who knew at least one of the Companions]. Abdullah ibn Mas'ud was asked what is meant in ayah by 'Lahw al-Hadith? He insisted three times: Huwa Wallahu al-Ghina – By Allah, that means singing – (narrated by Ibn Jarir) And Allah knows how many Nadr ibn Harith are present in this age who cause people to turn away from the religion by engaging them in Lahw al-Hadith. Due to the technological advances in this age, the work of Nadr ibn Harith has become even more elegant and easy, from whose temptation and deception no house or human is safe...

"Today, many things that fall in the category of Lahw al-Hadith have permeated our society and environment in such a way that the intellect of human beings has been contaminated. While in past, it was a limited thing but today due to technology, it has evolved very much. To the extent that today Lahw Al-Hadith is embedded in in every part of the society in such a way that everyone appears to be from the descendants of Nadr bin Harith.

"In past times, slaves and concubines were bought and then made to sing and dance, while in present times this work of humiliation has been embellished with beautiful words and clothing [for singers and dancers and actors], which has led to a vast number of men and women including that of Muslims to make contributions to it. It has become a matter of pride and honor for them to take part in such activities. They are even praised by their parents for doing so... If we sketch the scale and the extent to which the propagation of Lahw al-Hadith is taking place, we see that Lahw al-Hadith is comprised of uncountable number of things today, all of which we may not be able to cover but we will surely mention some major things which will also point out the rest."

"Hollywood, In Particular, Is Such An Industry That Is Most Active In Spreading This Evil Work Of Lahw al-Hadith And It Is Also One Of The Greatest Obstacles In The Path Of Islam"

"We know that the era we are passing through is the age of tribulations and severe battles (al-Malahim) where the arrival of Imam Mahdi, Prophet Jesus and Dajjal is on our heads. And the Jews are ready to make their final moves, for which they have been preparing for years and are doing more, and want to bind the world to a New World Order where they rule, and the rest of the world is their servant. But before this can be achieved, the Yahud [Jews] and Nasarah [Christians] have already entangled this world with their global organizations, such as UN, World Bank, WHO, and Hollywood, etc.

"And Hollywood, in particular, is such an industry that is most active in spreading this evil work of Lahw al-Hadith and it is also one of the greatest obstacles in the path of Islam. This is a humongous industry where attempts are made to control hearts and minds of people all over the world and to add a certain style and color to their ideas and culture, habits, and abodes. Then, under this global satanic industry, certain wicked Kuffar [unbelievers] men and women are presented to the world as role models. Not only that, but each country has opened its own industry in line with this industry, which copies this institution or seeks to reach its level or is learning from it, such as India's Bollywood and Pakistan's Lollywood, and so on.

"In the same way, countless of these 'Woods' have come into existence in every other country to change the thoughts and ideas and beliefs of people, and paint them in the color of a satanic civilization which speaks about so-called freedom of speech and opinion, equality of men and women and countless other wicked principles and slogans such as 'My Body, My Choice' which are resounding everywhere today. So, this is the way how Satan accomplishes his work.

"The matter doesn't end here, but in every country and city there are so many music studios, companies, musicians, actors, etc, that are being celebrated, praised, and supported all over the a world, and all of it is actually related to Iblis [i.e., Satan] and the global agenda of Kuffar to change the mindset of people whose mentality has been shaped up to such extent that even at the individual level, people are seen making nonsensical, aimless, and stupid videos wasting all their time in 'fun' and entertainment."

"Today The Situation Has Become Such That Everyone Is Trying To Get Ahead Of Each Other By Picking Up A Microphone And A Guitar To Play Satanic Music"

"And the irony is that this is set up by the agents of Iblis in form of a trade which further facilitates this task, where everyone today is not just prepared but is actually competing to inherit the position of Nadr ibn Harith in this age and thus Satan becomes a partner in their wealth, and taints the hearts and minds of their children, and by spoiling their morals and character, he becomes a partner in their progeny as well.

"Today the situation has become such that everyone is trying to get ahead of each other by picking up a microphone and a guitar to play satanic music. And others make videos by insulting, mocking, and ridiculing people and then sharing those videos on YouTube, Facebook, etc, where thousands more idiotic men and women view it and laugh at it, desensitizing their hearts and buying an undue burden of sins.

Another article in the magazine demonizes Shias (Shi'ites) like Jews

"Similarly, so many institutions on global, national and city level are working on this, which has transformed this act of Nadr ibn Harith to a full-fledged manhaj [methodology] and a business which pulls the servants of Allah to its fold in order to turn them away from the light of Islam and to the dark and gloomy abysses.

"So, Muslims should not be a part of this deceitful and evil agenda of Satan, nor should they become the minions of Iblis and the descendants of Nadr ibn Harith by doing such things or by taking part in such events. Instead, they should work on spreading the Koran and the Sunnah [traditions of Muhammad], the Fiqh [Islamic jurisprudence] and the knowledge of Hadith [traditions of Muhammad], everything other than that are the whispers of Satan.

"[Early Islamic jurist] Imam Ash-Shafi'i (RA) is reported to have said, 'All the other sciences are frivolous, except for the Koran, Hadith, and the understanding of deen [religion]. Real knowledge is that which begins with the commandments of the Prophet, and everything other than that is Satan's whisper' – (Tabaqat 1:297, Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihaya 1:253)."

"So, O Muslim, Wake Up, Rise Up And Know Your Character And Return To Your Lord, Return To Your Deen, Prepare Yourself For Supporting And Assisting Islam And Jihad"

"Thus, time has come to destroy and dismantle this Lahw al-Hadith and all the other satanic instruments, and to adorn the Koran with our voices, and to hold gatherings and arrange programs of hadith and Fiqh, and to defeat Nadr ibn Harith and his heirs by strengthening our bond with the Prophetic methodology, bi'idnillah [with the permission of Allah].

"Therefore, my precious brothers and sisters in Iman [faith], ponder upon this ayah and read it carefully, and fear lest you fall into it. There are some of you who are not only preventing people from following the deen of Allah by disseminating Lahw al-Hadith, but are also spreading Fahasha [obscenity] in various forms publicly, secretly or through different social media applications. Often, you're seen dancing on Tok-Tok [sic] and sometimes your stories of Fahasha are shared on Facebook. And other times as well, you are seen calling others to Fahasha. In this manner, you are only making the work of Iblis easier and not just that, you are simultaneously open for yourself an unending chain of sins. And in addition to your individual loss, you are also contributing to the global agenda of Iblis.

"So, O Muslim, wake up, rise up and know your character and return to your Lord, return to your deen, prepare yourself for supporting and assisting Islam and Jihad, and wage war by announcing disassociation from the satanic and Tawaghit [tyrannical] systems and civilizations. Live a life of purity and piety and by responding to the call of Allah almighty.

"Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): 'Whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, while he is a believer, We [Allah] will surely cause him to live a good life and We will surely give them their reward (in the Hereafter) according to the best of what they used to do' – The Koran 16:97)"


[1] VOH04_bot, March 17, 2021. The original English of the quoted text has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

[2] Al-Masih Al-Dajjal is a figure in Islamic eschatology similar to the anti-Christ in Christianity.

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