Amazon Withdraws Issues Of ISIS Magazine 'Dabiq' Offered For Sale On Its Site

June 8, 2015

The online retailer Amazon has pulled copies of the Islamic State's (ISIS) English-language magazine Dabiq, which were offered for sale from anonymous vendors. The product was apparently added to the site in May 2015. Issues 5 through 9 could be purchased for $42.00, and individual issues for $8.00-$12.00.The author was given as "Al-Hayat Media Center," which is the Islamic State's media company for non-Arabic publications.

The product description was given as follows: "Dabiq is a periodical magazine focusing on issues of tawhid [monotheism], manhaj [religious methodology], hijrah [migration], jihad, and jama'ah [unity and consensus among Muslims]. It also contains photo reports, current events, and informative articles on matters related to the Islamic State. The name of the magazine is taken from the area named Dabiq in the northern countryside of Halab (Aleppo) in Sham (Syria). This place was mentioned in a hadith describing some of the events of the Malahim (what is sometimes referred to as Armageddon in English). One of the greatest battles between the Muslims and the crusaders will take place near Dabiq."

Images:, June 6, 2015.

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