Al-Qaeda Statement Hails Gaza Fighters For Their Heroic Acts, Calls On Supporters To Prioritize Jihad For Jerusalem, Instructs Fighters To Continue 'Jerusalem Will Not Be Judaized' Operations

May 17, 2021


On May 17, 2021, Al-Qaeda's central media wing, As-Sahab, released a statement celebrating the Gaza "fighters" who launched rockets on Israeli targets as "blessed mujahideen." The statement contrasts that of pro-Al-Qaeda ideologue Abu Mohammad Al-Maqdisi, who in 2009 declared Gaza-based Hamas military wing 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades to be apostates.[1]

The four-page statement began by hailing jihad in general, citing a saying of prophet Muhammad in which he warned that "any group who abandons it will certainly be humiliated."

Next, the statement celebrated the "Islamic victories" that it said Allah granted to Al-Qaeda and its branches during Ramadan, highlighting the group's activities in Somalia and the Islamic Maghrib as well as the "ousting" of U.S. forces from Afghanistan after occupying the country for two decades.

It then hailed "the jihad and uprising of the brave people in Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza, and the rest of the occupied territories, against the brothers of monkeys and pigs, the Jews of Zion.

It further claimed that the attacks against Israelis that had started to escalate over the last ten days of Ramadan "have destroyed all the plans that the Jews tried to market to the Islamic Ummah under the pretext of co-existence."

"Then the support came from Gaza when its blessed mujahideen hit the fortresses of Zionists with their rockets," said the statement describing Hamas's recent rocket attacks.

"They [Israelis] were betting that the generation that was raised after 1977 would influenced by Jewish culture, which tried to Judaize their minds and traditions. However, the heroic deeds during the holy month proved that this generation is even braver, stronger, and more determined. This generation is the one that stood up to the Jews in the Sheikh Al-Jurrah quarter and in the Al-Aqsa Mosque."

The statement continued to hail the sacrifices of the Palestinians over the past week, particularly those in Jerusalem and Gaza, saying that they are defending Islam with whatever power they have, even if that is only a "stone," and adding that they are setting an example for the whole Islamic nation to follow.

Addressing Muslims around the world, the statement urged them to show support for the Palestinians and to not be deceived by the plan of the enemies' – the "Jews and Crusaders" – who seek to isolate the Palestinians in order to avoid fighting more than a billion and a half Muslims around the world, it said.

"Therefore, we confirm with the strongest jihadi words of pride that the cause of Islam in Jerusalem and Palestine is not a cause for Palestinians only: It is a cause for all Muslims and the entire Ummah, because Jerusalem is the path of the prophet and his legacy."

Citing Quranic verses that encourage Muslims to prepare for battle against unbelievers, the statement called on Muslims to be ready and prepare for emergencies, saying that the Ummah needs to re-organize its massive resources to fight against Allah's enemies like "the Jews."

The statement condemned the Muslim governments and "their betrayal" to the cause of Palestine, describing the Arab governments that normalized relations with Israel as "the Zionist Arabs." 

It told Muslims to fight the Jews, even by throwing a "stone or a shoe on them,” and similarly to fight and expose the scheme of their allies, the Crusaders and the Arab rulers of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, and Morocco.

It concluded by permitting the group's supporters to join the ranks of jihad to defend Jerusalem, which the statement prioritized as "the first cause of Ummah," adding that Al-Qaeda fighters in all branches and fronts should continue their series of operations, called "Jerusalem Will Not Be Judaized."  It also asked supporters and fighters to carry out inghimasi ("deep strike") and preemptive operations, individually or jointly, on the military bases of Jews and to target Crusaders as well.  



[1] Telegram, Warith Al-Qassam, May 17, 2021.






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