Al-Qaeda Bulletin Calls On Muslims To Carry Out Attacks Against U.S. And Jewish Interests Worldwide, Support Mujahideen In Palestine Financially And With Weapons And Men

June 4, 2021

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On June 3, 2020, Al-Qaeda's central media outlet, Al-Sahab, published[1] Issue 35 of its Al-Nafir bulletin in which it called on Muslims to carry out attacks against U.S. and Jewish interests and urged wealthy individuals to support the mujahideen in Palestine financially and with weapons and men.

In the bulletin, titled "From The Battles Of The Swords Of Al-Quds To The Battle Of Mosques," Al-Qaeda praised the "mujahideen" in Palestine, the "martyrs" and those who hurried to defend the Al-Aqsa mosque and the people of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and stressed that "waging jihad and fighting against the enemies is the way to revive the ummah, bring it back to its religion and glory." It further noted that "rights can only be restored by the might of the weapon and by revolting against the usurping Zionist occupier and its allies [when] each one does what he can, [whether] launching rockets, [carrying out] martyrdom operations, [perpetrating] storming attacks, throwing rocks, taking part in demonstrations, and promoting the issue on social media platforms."

Al-Nafir then condemned U.S. president Joe Biden, whom it described as "criminal," and accused him of "rejecting" a ceasefire resolution "to give the Jews more time to spill blood and destroy properties." It then claimed that Biden had called for a ceasefire "not because he cared about the blood of the Palestinians ... but because he knew that if the fighting had continued, the Muslim ummah would have rallied behind its mujahideen and revolted against the tyrants, and the deceptive [Biden] insisted on announcing the truce before Friday because he knew that it is a day in which the Muslim ummah go out to protest from mosques [after the Friday prayer.]"

The bulletin then called on Muslims to continue fighting on the Al-Aqsa front and on all other fronts until they achieve victory or martyrdom. It suggested launching "the battle of the mosques," led by "scholars, jihadi leaders, and clerics, to safeguard the youth of the ummah from the policies of Westernization and corruption which are led by the Zionist Jews in collaboration with the Arab Zionists, who are waging an intense war against the religion and ethics." According to the bulletin, the "battle of the mosques" starts by "liberating them from the control of tyrants and by freeing their imams from the fear of authorities, and when mosque goers revolt against oppression and tyranny."

Al-Nafir then called on Muslim scholars, preachers, thinkers, and all the freemen of the ummah to "take advantage of the ummah's victories in Afghanistan, Mali, Gaza, Somalia, and other fronts and make them a turning point in the history of the ummah by reviving the obligation of jihad in the souls of the youth of the ummah through the battle of the mosques."

Calling on Muslims to support the people of Palestine financially, with weapons, and with men, the bulletin stated that Muslims "should not be satisfied with verbal condemnation or expressing joy when the people of Palestine are defended but should hasten to support them financially and with men and jihadi operations, as the interests of the Jews and the Americans are everywhere, and they are legitimate targets for every mujahid and every Muslim. In the name of Allah, we would be sinning if we did not take part in the jihad of our people in Palestine... we call on all the mujahideen to take part in the 'Jerusalem will not be Judaized' raids, each one doing what he can, until he attains victory or martyrdom."

The bulletin warned the people of Palestine about President Biden, saying that he is known for waging "soft wars" and that he will "lead an intelligence war against your mujahideen and their leaders using spies to locate your weapons warehouses and your trenches and will fund his malicious projects with money from the Arab Zionists to instill division among you, under the premise that reconstruction can be done only through the treasonous authority and the so-called democracy, peace negotiations, and disarmament."

The bulletin concluded by saluting the mujahideen of Gaza and particularly "their heroic leader Muhammad Deif," saying that he was outstanding in "responding to the call of Al-Aqsa and Sheikh Jarrah."

[1], June 3, 2021.

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