Al-Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Congratulates Taliban On 'Blessed Victory' In Afghanistan, Hails Them For Not Abandoning Al-Qaeda 'Brothers,' Urges Them To Implement Shari'a

August 18, 2021

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On August 18, 2021, Al-Malahim Foundation, the media arm of the Al-Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), released a statement[1] congratulating the Afghan Taliban for their "blessed victory" in Afghanistan, hailing their role in protecting Al-Qaeda, and urging them to implement Allah's shari'a in the country.

In the two-page statement, AQAP began by celebrating the Taliban's victory in Afghanistan with "Allah Akbar" or "Allah is Great." The group congratulated "Emir of the Believers, Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzada, our brothers in the Islamic Emirate, all mujahideen across the world, and the entire Islamic ummah [nation] on this manifest conquest and the blessed victory, which was achieved at the hands of our brothers in the Taliban movement."

Celebrating the Taliban's seizure of Afghanistan, AQAP stated: "After two decades of jihad, steadfastness, and willpower in the conflict with the crusader West and the global forces of unbelief, they were crowned with full power over the brave land of Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires and super powers, and the defeat of America and the crusader West."

AQAP further noted: "History repeats itself. After the defeat of the Soviet Union almost three decades ago, now comes the turn of America and behind it the NATO alliance, who are defeated in impotence, sorrow, and humiliation, as the victory of Allah has come and the conquest [Quran110:1]."

Praising the Taliban for protecting Al-Qaeda members and leaders, AQAP expressed appreciation of the Taliban's role in bravely "fulfilling their duty towards their brothers throughout the past decades," adding that their zeal and firmness in religion prevented them from handing them over, forsaking or disappointing their brothers, and led them to never abandon their principles, even when this caused them extreme suffering.

AQAP further said: "We are optimistic that this conquest, empowerment, historic event is the just the first fruit of the conquests that will ensue, with Allah's permission, and that this year will be the beginning of a crucial turning point in the modern history of the ummah, moving toward advancement and predominance, breaking the chains of subordination and servitude, getting rid of tyrants, and expelling invaders from the lands of Muslims."

Stressing that jihad is the only way to restore their rights and drive away invaders, AQAP emphasized that the Taliban's victory and empowerment demonstrate that jihad is the only religion-based and realistic way to restore rights, expel invaders and occupiers, exalt Allah's word, and bring glory to the ummah, as stated in the Quran. The Taliban's victory and empowerment, it added, show that "the game of democracy and the adoption of mere peacefulness [as an approach] is a deceptive mirage, a vanishing shadow, and a vicious cycle that begins and ends with nothing."

AQAP concluded by asking Allah to grant success to the Taliban and to others in implementing Allah's shari'a and establishing al-wala' wal-bara', a doctrine which mandates mutual loyalty and solidarity among Muslims and a hatred and disavowal of non-Muslims.


[1], August 18, 2021.

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