Al-Nujaba Spokesman: Golan Liberation Brigade Is Ready For Action; Any Violation In Jerusalem Will Lead To Attacks On Israeli, U.S. Interests In Region

June 16, 2021

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In an interview with the Hizbullah Alahed News website, Naser Al-Shammari, spokesman for the Al-Nujaba movement, which is a pro-Iranian Shi'ite militia in Iraq, announced that the movement's Golan Liberation Brigade is ready to embark immediately on a campaign to liberate the Golan, once the Syrian regime gives the command. According to Al-Shammari, the brigade's fighters have received advanced training and have weapons which can attack deep inside Israel.

Al-Nujaba announced the establishment of the Golan force in 2017, when the movement's spokesman at the time, Hashem Al-Mousawi, said that it "comprises special forces that have received training and equipment." This force, he said, "Has detailed plans" for action, but requires the authorization of the Syrian government to be present in the Golan.[1]

Al-Shammari expressed support for the proposal by Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah that the basis for a new equation should be that a violation in Jerusalem would mean regional war. In the speech he gave on May 25, 2021, on the 21st anniversary of Israel's withdrawal from south Lebanon, Nasrallah expressed his "personal opinion" that a new equation should be determined to deter Israel according to which "[a violation] in Jerusalem means regional war" in which all the resistance movements would participate.[2]

The Al-Nujaba spokesman also clarified that such a war would include all the territory which is controlled by the axis of resistance and would attack not only all Israeli interests, but also those of the U.S. and those in the region who collaborate with it and with Israel. He also said that the next campaign will be deep in Israeli territory and he repeated his belief that the end of Israel is imminent as is the exit of the U.S. from the region.

The olive-green flag above belongs to the Al-Nujaba Golan Liberation Brigade.

The following are translated excerpts from the interview:[3]

"The Golan Liberation Brigade was established by the Al-Nujaba movement to serve as its main pathway to participation with the brothers in Syria in the campaign to liberate the Golan, which is drawing nearer every day. Despite the fact that the Al-Nujaba movement took an active part in the confrontation with the takfir[4] terrorist organizations in Syria, this brigade is designated for, and will continue to be designated for, confrontation with the Zionist entity which oppresses the Arab land. The brigade comprises an elite group of outstanding fighters who have undergone the necessary high-level training for such types of wars and possess the appropriate equipment for them, which is capable of attacking deep inside the oppressive entity and not only in the region of the occupied Golan. The brigade is ready to participate in the campaign to liberate the Golan at zero hour precisely. The matter depends on the brothers in Syria and we will be with them always and forever in the struggle against this hostile occupying entity as all signs indicate that the time for its final disappearance is drawing closer…

"Today the resistance promises the occupying army, its government and its entity, that the era of deep defense is over and the lie of the Iron Dome has been exposed. [The resistance vows] that the swift and rapid actions and the transfer of the wars to beyond the occupied territories are a thing of the past and the next campaign will be deep within the occupied territories from the river to the sea and not even one region will remain safe from the weapons of the resistance fighter…

"Jerusalem is one of the holy places for the Muslims, the first symbol and the sublime objective of the entire axis of resistance, starting with Iran, continuing through Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and onward to the rest of the Muslim peoples in the region who live disconnected from their treacherous rulers, the normalizers [of relations with Israel] and the humiliated. Therefore, I understand the proposal from the leader of the resistance [i.e. Hassan Nasrallah, that a new equation should be established] according to which every violation of Jerusalem and its [Arab] residents will obligate a response not only in occupied Palestine but in the entire area [ruled by] the axis of resistance, and against all the interests of the Zionists and the Americans and their agents and servants in the region that can be reached by the resistance or its weapons. This is so that the deterrence will be more all-encompassing and stronger…

"Regarding the conversation about the strength of the axis of resistance – according to my modest knowledge, I can say that in all the confrontations in which the axis participated and in all of which it was victorious, it utilized no more than one percent of its capabilities. In most of the campaigns we did not use many of the capabilities at our disposal because the extent of the confrontation with the enemy at the time did not warrant it and because utilizing them when it is necessary will have much greater influence on the attainment of victories. The enemies are withdrawing, embroiled in controversy, sparring among themselves and changing their positions every day, while we are on the same front, in the same axis, and maintaining the same position. Our belief that victory is nigh and that the U.S. will be removed from the region and the Zionist entity will disappear is certain and unshakeable."


[2], May 26, 2021; in a speech he gave on June 8, 2021, Nasrallah said that "they are working seriously to establish [this] equation,", June 8, 2021.

[3], June 11, 2021.

[4] The reference is to jihadi organizations which declare that other Muslims are non-Muslims and thus it is permissible to kill them.

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