Afghan Taliban's Urdu-Language Website Marks Anniversary Of 1992 Revolution: 'The Islamic Emirate Will Try To Uphold The Aspirations Of The Afghan People's Jihadi Struggle [Against U.S. And NATO Troops]'

May 3, 2023

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On April 28, 2023, the Urdu-language website of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the ruling Taliban jihadi organization) published a short article marking the Islamic Revolution of 1992 and vowing to implement the objectives of the jihad against American and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, the phrase "the seventh of Saur" refers to the April 27, 1978 coup by the communists against the government of President Mohammad Daoud Khan, while "the eighth of Saur" refers to the April 28, 1992 Islamic Revolution led by a coalition of mujahideen groups against the communist government of Dr. Mohammad Najibullah.

Following are excerpts from the statement:[1]

"45 years ago, on Saur 7-8 [April 27-28], 1978, some communists revolted in Afghanistan at the behest of external forces, which caused many crises in the country. These usurpers committed crimes against the pious and Islamic values ​​of the Muslims of Afghanistan. But, all praises be to Allah, our Muslim and mujahid nation rose up against the communist ideology and their patrons and this jihadi struggle continued with countless sacrifices for 14 years [until the overthrow of the communist regime under Dr. Najibullah on April 28, 1992].

"During this difficult period, the Muslim people of Afghanistan also suffered a lot. About 1.5 million Afghans were martyred, and millions of others suffered many hardships. Finally, after 14 years all the tactics of communism and the Soviet Union failed, and they faced their worst defeat. The Afghan mujahid nation succeeded in overthrowing the last communist administration and liberating the country completely.

"April 28 [1992] is the day of freedom and salvation of the Afghan nation. The mujahid people of Afghanistan made a lot of sacrifices and freed the country from the influence of communism. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan remembers the April 27 [1978] uprising as a dark day in the country's history, while celebrating April 28 as the country's Independence Day.

"Since our country was recently freed from the American occupation and an Islamic system has been established here, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will also try its best to ensure that the sacrifices and struggles of the Afghan people for decades are not in vain and that the Islamic system is fully implemented in the country according to the dream of the martyrs.

"The Islamic Emirate will try to uphold the aspirations of the Afghan people's jihadi struggle and will lay a good foundation for the population and prosperity of Afghanistan under the shadow of the Islamic system."


[1] (Afghanistan), April 28, 2023.

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