Afghan Taliban's Mujahideen Forces Conduct Mock Drills, Video Says Of Afghanistan: 'The Sanctuary Of The Lions And The Heart Of The World; It Trained The Lions Of The History In Its Lap'

February 23, 2022

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In a series of videos posted on Twitter by the defense ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), the Taliban jihadi organization that seized power on August 15, 2021, and whose government is yet to be recognized, the Taliban's Special Forces can be seen conducting mock operations against enemy forces.

The string of military training and exercises is an IEA attempt to show the world that they have a well-trained, well-equipped, and well-organized military force that can cope with any situation.

The Taliban air force team conducting an exercise

The first of the three videos shows a Taliban member sitting in front of a laptop in an office. He informs command that a group of enemies is trying to enter the 207th Al-Farooq Corps of the Afghan army.

Upon receiving the information, the special forces operators take up their weapons, don their military gear, intercept a pickup truck on a road in a wooded area, and open fire on the people in the vehicle.[1] One of the special operators pulls a man pretending to be dead from the vehicle and kicks his body.

In the second video, a commander is seen briefing the special operators about a night raid against enemy forces in a compound. The commander calls the troops "mujahideen."

"Respected mujahideen, the compound you see on the map is housing the enemy. We want you to conduct a night raid on the compound. The operation will be divided into two groups. The first group would be dropped on the roof of the compound [from choppers] and enter the compound while the second group would be dropped [on ground] in the eastern side of the compound and would enter the compound to carry out the night raid," the commander says while briefing the troops with the help of a map of the compound.[2]

The commander asks the troops: "Are you ready?" The troops reply: "Yes, we are ready," before leaving their base for the operation. The special operators board a helicopter.[3]

The Taliban mujahideen carry out a night raid

In the third video clip, one group of the special operators, as briefed by the commander, are dropped by the helicopter on the rooftop of the compound while the other group enters the compound, engages the enemy forces, shoots some of them, and detains others.

The video's title song declares, "the sanctuary of the lions and the heart of the world. It trained the lions of the history in its lap. With the Islamic Emirate, beloved Afghanistan looks beautiful."[4]

Another video posted by the IEA's defense ministry features the IEA air force conducting exercises with choppers and fixed-wing aircraft.

In the video, the IEA forces show their skill in the fast-roping technique during the air force exercise with a background song, "We, the sons of Ahmad Baba,[5] defeated the world. We are the army of [the Islamic] Emirate."[6]


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